Avril would love to get Mario money


When it comes to staying in Detroit, defensive end Cliff Avril pegs his chances at 50-50.

When it comes to getting a huge pile of money, Avril has a much higher degree of certainty as to what he wants.

Mario Williams money.

Which is, as a practical matter, two years at $40 million with a team-held option for the next four years, with a total of $56 million.

“Anything is possible,” Avril said Friday on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via MLive.com.  “I would love to get Mario’s deal.  Who wouldn’t?  Those are some great numbers.  My thing is I want to keep getting better.  I’m still young.  I’m only 26 years old.  The sky is the limit as far as that.  Those are some great numbers, hopefully we can get somewhere near there.”

Last year, the Lions reportedly offered $30 million over three years.  Avril opted to make $10.5 million for one year, to bear the risk of injury, and to hit the market again.

He made it through the 2012 season unscathed, and now he can make himself available to the highest bidder.  Unless the Lions can find $12.6 million in cap space for a second franchise tag on Avril.

50 responses to “Avril would love to get Mario money

  1. Like Laron Landry (Jets DB, FA) looking for $6 million, Avril has been talking to and taking his cue from his agent.

    It’s like when a lawyer sues for $2 million when his case is only worth $1 million, but since getting the most money you can is the goal, you start with the higher (outrageously so) amount and settle for a true market figure.

    I wish my team (Saints) could pick up one of these guys (or BOTH) but, even at a more realistic salary, we can’t afford them.

  2. nobody deserves mario money. it destroys your team, financially, and mentally. Mario did not live up to a first round rookies contract, let alone that ridiculous pile of cash the bills gave him.

  3. You want 2 make Mario Williams kind of money?Please tell me what u smoking. Fools like u should be glad ur seen millions in your life time. If it wasnt for football,u damn sure would be locked up or on the street with hella ass kids u wont be able to take care of. Be thankful to God and stop being greedy

  4. One trick, speed rushing pony. Dude, you’re not that great Cliff. Put some more weight on so you can actually play the run once in awhile. Did you ever stop and think for a second that you play next to Suh and Fairley and that they might be part of the reason you even came close to 10 sacks this year?

  5. As a lions fan let me say the guy isn’t even worth the 10M a year. Our scheme is designed for our DE’s to pick up a ton of sacks and get constant pressure and he couldn’t do that. The guy is worth something but not 10M a year and surely not anything close to what Williams got.

  6. well, it’s obvious he was playing the entire season with a head concussion believing he will get a mario “bust” williams contract…this guy is not worth 100M..LOL..keep dreamin’ Cliff.

  7. He’s a good player. Has a knack for causing fumbles but is a bit of a liability against the run. Not worth the tier of salaries which have been paid out to the top DE’s of the league.

  8. KC has 5 Pro Bowl players and ends up with the number one pick. Any team that invests more than $10m in a player deserves to be a doormat. Look at Pittsburgh and Roethalsberger’s contract. If the Ravens give Flacco $20m a year, 8 & 8 here we come. It was hard enough keeping players when he was making $7.5m.

    Avril is in dreamland. This year the league will be flooded with high-priced free agents who are going to be very disappointed. The Bills can only sign so many of them. Everybody else is smartening up. If he had 20 sacks I wouldn’t give him $20m. Flacco will get his money from someone, but there won’t be many more like him.

  9. Considering the playoff run the Bills made last year, teams should jump at the opportunity for Avril… wait a minute….

  10. I’ll start by saying , I’m an Avril fan. I think he is a pretty good (notice, I did not say great) DE. He seems like a true professional and I think for the most part, fans get upset with what he says because he actually understands that the NFL is a business and not a game. From what I’ve read and heard he seems like a very smart, very nice person.

    With that being said, Avril does not deserve that type of money. He doesn’t have a dominant defensive move to really set him apart, he is a speed end and that is it. He is a liability against the run (Although to be fair, that could also be because of the 9-wide system) He disappears for games at a time and you could argue a lot of his production is inflated because he plays with 3 really good DT’s in Suh, Williams and Fairly.

    I do wish Avril the best but I don’t think Avril deserves to get more than $8 million a year.

  11. You folks commenting are just jealous as hell. You have no problem with ownership casting these guys away like used tissue, routinely failing to “honor the contract” yet bitch about a guy recognizing he has a short window to maximize his perceived value all while knowing he likely won’t see all of the contract money. Why can’t you boneheads understand that?! Is it envy ? I’m guessing so. Don’t blame him. Blame you parents for giving you F’d up genetics. He is worth whatever ownership wants to pay. I mean, ain’t that what’s being said about Goodell’s contract? And he’s never played down. If he can get 30 mil a year then the players are entitled to get all they can. Live with it.

  12. Mario williams shouldnt be even getting mario money, no defensive player should ever be worth 100million, (maybe reggie white) om sure the Bills are regretting giving him all that bread, a QB should be the only one’s getting that type of money

  13. I don’t think I’d give him any more than 6 million a year. He disappears for long periods and is a liability in the running game. He is basically just a pass-rusher. Besides, I think some of his success has something to do with the fact that he has Suh and Fairley taking double teams which leaves him one on one most of the time.

  14. Honestly, let him walk.
    The Lions can’t afford to pay him “Mario” money when they have so much invested in Stafford, Johnson and Suh.
    I don’t see him as an elite pass rushing end and so I would rather see them use their resources more wisely given the number of free agents on their roster and limited cap space … draft a highly rated pass rushing end in April… rookie contracts are alot more affordable under the new collective bargaining agreement.

  15. Prolly was just as good as Mario last year cuz they both stunk it up. I don’t get it these players want all the money in the world but if there real goal in life is to hoist a Lombardy trophy. They’d all b happy playing for a couple million a year or less to build a decent franchise to take a shot at a Super Bowl. I do believe like pollard that the league will not exist in 30 yrs n not cuz of safety it cuz teams won’t b able to afford to pay every player what they want. It makes no sense these guys get paid more in 1 yr then I will my whole life n it’s do do what they love to do. I wish I can go home everyday n spend time with my lovely family everyday n enjoy playing call of duty on my spare time n get paid just 1 million a year. That would b wonderful. But ahh by the way Avril if u play like u did in 2011 want minimal money for a few years n want a Super Bowl right away come play for Seattle we’ll take care of u if ur not greedy

  16. When you sell your house you ask for more than it’s worth and more than you know you’ll get. You know it, the buyer knows it. It’s part of the game.

  17. I think his agent should be telling him to be far more realistic. The 8-10 million as others have stated is about what he will get. He will be sitting for a long time waiting for that $20 million a year pay day.

  18. This is totally delusional. He will not get Mario Money and I doubt that Mario would get Mario Money this year. The Bills overpaid; period. Never mind the fact that Avril did not have a particularly good year and especially for a contract year.

  19. Cliff, as luck would have it, Freeney’s availability just depressed the market for DEs…prolly cost you $3plus mil a year on your next contract.

  20. Someone will be willing to give him more than $10 million per year, but nobody will give him 20.

    As a Lions fan: Good luck wherever you go, Avril. It’s been nice having you in Detroit.

  21. Of course the “Mario deal” is quite negotiable if it’s a winning team like Baltimore, GB, SF, Denver, etc. that is interested in him.

    Not that Detroit is terribly bad as past years, but the promise of a Superbowl run is worth taking less money. Say…$5.5 million?…

  22. Avril would love to get Mario money

    He isn’t worth half of Mario money. Avril can’t play the run and his sack total is a natural consequence of playing on the same line as Suh and Fairley.

  23. Dont give this bum anything over 6m per. He doesnt stop the run, he rarely pressures the QB, and even more rarely sacks the QB. If it weren’t for the DTs he played with, he would be in the CFL….The scheme makes Avril what he is, which isnt’ much.

  24. Umm… Is there anything else that zeeman911’s comment ending with “N” could mean other than something a mod should have caught and that should have zeeman911’s IP address banned?

  25. Better call Ralph Wilson fast, Cliff. He probably has dementia and will think that you are Bruce Smith.

  26. lionsdraftguy says:
    Feb 16, 2013 2:56 PM
    Maybe big mouth Jim Harbaugh cant sign him as a WR, then he will have yet ANOTHER #1 wr. That a clown.


    I need writing lessons from this guy… Wait…

  27. There are about 2 defensive ends in the past 20 years who, in their prime would be worth Mario money… Bruce Smith and Reggie White (although JJ Watt seems heading to be #3- just lets see him do it a few more year – but he sure is goood)
    I dont know much about Avril but it seems as though that is where the market is headed… the marquis free agents will all soon be hitting 9o plus in their contract… sad but true

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