Cris Carter: Larry Fitzgerald is the only receiver with hands like mine


Newly elected Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter isn’t shy about proclaiming himself the receiver with the best hands in the history of the game. But he’s gracious enough to acknowledge that there’s one receiver who’s in the same ballpark.

In a first-person feature written with Bob Sansevere of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Carter says that Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is the one and only receiver whose hands are worthy of being compared to Carter’s own.

“Larry Fitzgerald Jr. is the only person I’d say is comparable. I have never said anybody had better hands than me. No, I haven’t seen that. Catching the football is a gift. You can’t teach that. But Larry is the only one that’s comparable,” Carter said.

Although Carter won’t win any awards for humility, the first-person feature is a fascinating look back at his career. He mentions, for instance, that he admires his old coach Buddy Ryan and thinks Ryan has gotten a bum rap for cutting Carter in Philadelphia and saying, “All he does is catch touchdowns.”

“If I can go back in time, I’d probably go right before Buddy Ryan cut me, to change it. I would do exactly what I did with the Vikings [get clean, which would have meant] I never would have come to the Vikings,” Carter said. “I knew exactly what Buddy was doing. He told me he would never reveal my past [drug and alcohol abuse] to anyone. Someone asked him a question, ‘Why did you cut him?’ And he said, ‘Well, he only caught touchdowns. He wasn’t a complete receiver.’ It was what he decided to do to try to protect me.”

Carter also puts the blame for the fact that he never got to a Super Bowl squarely on a pair of teammates who blew a pair of plays in the 1998 NFC Championship Game loss to the Falcons.

“If I can change one thing about my life, Gary Anderson would make that damn kick,” Carter said. “And then Jimmy Hitchcock would not get beat on a third and 9 on an out and up.”

Fifteen years doesn’t seem to be long enough for Carter to get over that loss.

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  1. Wow this guy just sounds like a complete jerk – not surprised he played for the Eagles and Vikings 2 of the worst organizations in the NFL. Way to call out teammates and proclaim yourself as the best hands ever.

  2. obviously this idiot cris has never heard or seen ART MONK 81. Hey cris your not in Canton yet. Loser I have no idea how you got the nod to be part of this special ceremony.???????

  3. You get into HOF based on your ability, not your humility. Not every guy in HOF is a stand up guy. He comes off a little self centered, but hey, you asked the question, the man answered honestly (according to him anyway)

  4. why does everyone else get to actually throw people under the bus and behave in this scumbag manner and Cutler is the one that people have an issue with ?


  5. This guy is such a fool. Hes about as arrogant as they come. I cannot stand to watch him on Sunday mornings so I always turn to the other broadcasts.
    Lots of players have better hands than this guy,,, its laughable!

  6. Johnny Jefferson back in his Charger days, had the best hands of any wide receiver that I have ever seen.

    IMO, Cris Carter is coming off as more and more unlikable every time he opens his big mouth.

    If you have to puff yourself up to be something, then in all actuality you aren’t anything.

  7. Well I still haven’t forgotten one of Cris’ more notable drops. Great hands huh? I’ll just leave this little nugget from 12/22/2002:

    The Dolphins also had a chance to take the lead late but had to settle for a 25-yard field goal by Olindo Mare to tie the score at 17-17 with 6:09 left. Cris Carter, in his return to the Metrodome, dropped a Jay Fiedler pass from 7 yards out.

    ”Have I caught passes like that before?” Carter said. ”Of course.”

  8. logicalvoice……

    Good to see your humiliated self back on the board. It’s been too quiet and humble around these parts not hearing about how epically good the ‘Skins are and how transcendent your QB is.

    BTW……Garcon….isn’t even a top 10 receiver much less top 3. Chris Carter NOW would be better than him!

  9. Carter acts like Buddy Ryan just made up the excuse that Carter only caught TD passes and wasn’t a complete receiver. IT WAS THE TRUTH! He caught 11 TDs that year, which is really good, but he only had 600+ receiving yards (and if ESPN’s stats are correct, he had NO receiving first downs)! Carter didn’t even have 1,000 yards receiving in a single season until his 7th year in the league! It took him 4 years in Minnesota before he even had great numbers (and I KNOW he wasn’t a locker room leader). Why this guy is getting HOF votes is beyond me. He was only really good for half his career. That’s not HOF worthy in my opinion.

  10. I am left wondering about the age of the commentators on this website. I don’t think that they have been watching Football for that long and taht they don’t know much about about the history of the game. Jerry Rice was the greatest of All-Time but Cris Carter’s hands were and are still to this dat second to none.

  11. Carter was an excellent WR but he has never been the most humble person and now that he has been elected to the HOF, he thinks it’s gives him a stage to talk trash. Shut up Cris Carter

  12. He was a great receiver, but not the best- did he forget Jerry Rice. Playing today , how about Megatron , Marshall. and Welker (although he is losing it) – they belong in the same conversation as Fitzgerald. BTW – why does Fitz want to stay in Arizona with dead end QBs? Warner was the only good QB they have ever had.

  13. Randy you forgot about Moss dropping 2 passes, 1 a TD and the other up the sideline that would have won them a game. Or about Griffith dropping the INT that would have won the game. He’s right about Gary Anderson. Still hate him.

    Don’t forget the passes you and Moss both dropped in the end zone of the 41-0 game against the Giants that would have pulled them within 7 with 3 quarters left to play. Moss dropped the chances for the SB in 98. Re watch the game if you don’t believe it.

  14. “This classless guy got in before Andre Reed?”

    Andre Reed? Dude was scared to go over the middle (See Super Bowl vs Giants) and was one of the biggest complainers of “i’m not getting the ball!!!” ever. Off the field, he was a complete jerk. Yeah, real classy guy there. And his numbers do not add up to Carters either. Stop being a Bills homer.

  15. CC was a good WR, and in my opinion his induction into the HF is a bit premature… But at his prime his talent was no where near Fitz’s… Fitz will go down as one of the greatest at his position of all time, if the Cards can find a good (not great) QB to throw the ball and right now to ensure that it happens… That ball’s in their court.

  16. The only details I remember about Cris Carter is he played for Thee OHIO State University and for some NFL teams. Did he ever win anything? If he did who cares.

  17. I do not know how to quote from my iPhone but to the guy who thinks Pierre Garçon is one of the top 3 receivers in the NFL needs to check themselves. There at least 15 better WR than Garçon. Top WR are CJ, AJ Green, Fitz. Then the next tier

  18. Glad Carter got in. I was never a big Viking fan having moved to Minny for employment decades ago, but Carter was something special.

    I’ve seen all the great receivers going back to the dinosoaric period and this guy had great hands. Some of the best hands ever. If you looked at how many balls were thrown his way that were catchable and how many he caught the numbers would be startling, he was that good.

    Maybe he doesn’t have the total yardage, or touchdowns but hands, this guy had hands.

  19. Tim Brown is better than both Fitzgerald and Chris Carter, and Carter’s going into the Hall before Tim.

    People crying about the QBs Fitzgerald is playing with. Tim Brown was unstoppable no matter who his QB was. Ran better routes, more lethal after the catch.

    Carter was nice, but the Hall of Fame is a joke.

  20. Haters. Pierre Garçon had clutch moment after clutch moment during this last season and is the most humble WR in years. Typical backlash from the rest because he wears Burgundy and Gold.

  21. Dez Bryant Is right up there and will be top 5 Reciever next year I think he reminds me of Chris Carter how he snatches the ball out the air ontop of that 224 yrds with a broken finger I think he’s up there

  22. Furthermore, Pierre is in his prime alongside the best QB he’s played with since he’s been in the NFL in Robert Griffin the 3rd. Expect Pierre to break records in the next 5 yrs.

  23. Not difficult to figure out why he wasn’t voted directly into the HOF. He’s not in a month and his obnoxious meter is registering TILT.

  24. Dez Bryant really…love these cowboy fans. Keep drinking Jerry jones cool aid. For all the hype JJ and his goons made on draft day about this guy, he turned out to be a bust. Just an average player. He should not be able to wear the convicts number

  25. I think of Cris Carter as a Donald Driver type of player. He wasn’t the #1 guy the other team worried about, but he did over achieve year after year. He had good hands, certainly not as good as he thinks they were, but they were good. I don’t think he was worthy of the HOF, but I think the HOF is getting too watered down these days anyways.. Players like Carter getting in, Warren Sapp getting in on the first ballot? The HOF doesn’t mean what it used to.

  26. Fitzgerald?? Please… What about Crabtree??? He has the best hands Jim Harbaugh has ever seen!!! :-p

    Seriously though, I do think 2013 is the year that Crabtree establishes himself as a top 10 receiver in this league. He’s no Pierre Garcon though.

  27. Look, he’s always been an arrogant jerk, but in his defense he was responding to a direct question. Well, wait a minute, those answers still make him an arrogant jerk — but a great HOF WR.

  28. Andre Reed? Dude was scared to go over the middle (See Super Bowl vs Giants)

    ok, your posts are from here on out irrelevant because this is one of the dumbest comments ever.
    For you to say that Andre Reed was scared to go over the middle shows that you know NOTHING about football.
    Reed made a living crossing the middle and running post patters. The fact that you can name one game in which he took a beating means nothing. Try knowing what you are talking about before you open your mouth and sh!t comes out..

    I wont even quantify why Reed should be in the Hall of Fame. The fact that you assume he shouldnt means you are a complete jackass.

    Even Mike Haynes, who has no reason to say otherwise believes Reed is a HOF..

  29. AJ Green has Fitzgerald level talent, but doesn’t get the hype because he plays in Cincinnati. Great players never get attention here. Corey Dillon and Ken Anderson should be in the HOF. Maybe Chad Johnson too someday.

  30. Carter’s hands used to catch footballs, but now they just point at people. Wish someone would throw a football into his mouth.

  31. Listen you bunch of twenty-somethings who don’t remember- Lynn Swann and Ahmad Rashad made spectacular acrobatic catches Carter could not….. Short memory big ego….

  32. Crabtree may not have the numbers to warrant top ten WR status YET – But this dude has a wide window the QB can throw around and he simply snatches the ball out of the air with relative ease.

    He makes it look effortless…so I can buy into what Harbaugh thinks of Crabtree.

  33. did logical voice really just say that Pierre garcon is playing with the best qb of his career in rg3? dude, ever hear of peyton manning? holy damn you are a full fledged moron… no wonder everyone hates skin fans as much as Dallas and jets fans…

  34. Anyone who blames Anderson for the ’98 debacle needs to have their head examined. If No-Neck doesn’t take a knee on third down, maybe Gary isn’t attempting that kick. Plus it’s not his fault we had the ball TWICE in OT and still couldn’t finish the job.

  35. Funny Saints fan toots Garçon horn honk honk. Not even in the top 10. Then the Dallas fans toot Dez Bryant,haha really. There has been and are some pretty good wideouts yes. Tim Brown,Jerry Rice then it was Terrell Owings and Randy Moss. Now it is all about Larry Fitzgerald and Megatron. Next up is AJ Green,he’s is a rising stud no doubt.. Crabtree are u serious my be a niners follower. Not even in these dudes league. Who in the right mind would pick Crabtree first pick in the draft over Fitz or Megatron?? Really,hahahahahahahahah

  36. Cris isn’t saying he’s the best receiver ever. He is saying he has never seen anyone with better hands -but Fitz is in the ballpark. I’ve never seen anyone with hands in the ballpark of Cris Carter’s either. It is a compliment to Larry Fitgerald. (I never saw Raymond Berry, but those who have might argue his hands were better.)
    As for Gary Anderson, Carter isn’t throwing him under the bus. What Viking fan can say they didn’t wish Anderson made that kick?!? He is just expressing that he wished Anderson made th kick and iced the game. But it isn’t Anderson’s fault that they weren’t in the Super Bowl. How can you fault a kicker for missing a field goal after going 100% for the season (wasn’t it like 38 of 38)? Although the kick would have iced the game, the Vikings still had the lead. They just needed to stop Atlanta. It’s pathetic to blame a player (and even “hate” him) for not being able to do something that was unprecedented at the time – not missing a kick through the entire season, including playoffs. Ridiculous. I guess Blair Walsh sucks too right? He missed three kicks this year.

  37. ok, your posts are from here on out irrelevant because this is one of the dumbest comments ever.
    For you to say that Andre Reed was scared to go over the middle shows that you know NOTHING about football.
    Reed made a living crossing the middle and running post patters. The fact that you can name one game in which he took a beating means nothing. Try knowing what you are talking about before you open your mouth and sh!t comes out..

    I wont even quantify why Reed should be in the Hall of Fame. The fact that you assume he shouldnt means you are a complete jackass.

    Even Mike Haynes, who has no reason to say otherwise believes Reed is a HOF..

    Look, another Bills homer. Hey dumb***, never said he didn’t belong in the HOF. What I did comment on though was some guy who said Carter was classless and then referenced Reed like he was some class guy and that Reed was better than Carter. Thats a crock. Bills fans are great, you hang onto that 4 year run like it was the best team that ever lived played. You all probably think Tasker belongs in the HOF too. Maybe someday the Bills will be relevant again, but I doubt it. “Wide Right!!! No Goal!!!” LOL!!!

  38. Garcon is a top 5 wr. His first TD and the one on Thanksgiving day were break away speed. I don’t recall any wr this season like those 2 TD catches. All this while being hurt and missing about 7 games. The eye in the sky never lies.!!!

  39. This guy treated me like dirt when I was about 13 years old. I had asked Chris for his autograph at training camp and he looked at me with a scowl and cursed at me for bothering him. This guy is a first ballot jerk.

  40. Joker65………….maybe you should think before you post………..the reason that particular Bills fan was getting on you is because of your stupid statement…..”Reed was scared to go over the middle”………this statement is pretty stupid since Andre Reed made a living going over the middle and is one of the best WR’s ever at doing it. He was also one of the best WR’s after the catch. And I have no idea why you think Andre Reed was a complainer on the field and a jerk off the field. Do you know him personally? I doubt it and what you are saying is the furthest from the truth. Reed was a class teammate and off the field an even better human being. Carter on the other hand is not………..was a jerk when he played and still a jerk today. You have no clue what your talking about.

  41. He was voted greatest hands of all time on
    Should have followed up a doesn’t know when to ride off into the sunset award.

  42. illogical voice says:

    “Top 3 WRs in professional football – C.Johnson, Fitzgerald and Garçon.”

    I am reminded of the great Meat Loaf song “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

  43. Let’s see, if I’m building a team who would I rather have at receiver, a Rice/Andre Johnson/Calvin Johnson or. Cris Carter/Larry Fitzgerald as my number 1 Target? I’ll take the all around talent over “good hands” only everyday.

  44. Carter had nearly 14,000 yards receiving, 130 TD’s and over 1,100 repections.. Time Brown had lest receptions, less TD’s and two more years in the league.. Carter’s numbers are better than Brown’s… now don’t get me started on Reed’s career… Fact is Carter should have been a first ballot HOFer

  45. I don’t know if he has the ‘best hands’, because there are many old school receivers that I never saw play to be able to make a fair comparison. But he did have the best pair of hands that I ever saw. Those acrobatic sideline and end zone catches that Carter made were epic and he made so many of them…

  46. Really do not know who is owner of the best hands, however, Mr. Unitas to Mr. Berry was pure magic. I am a Giant fan, and I watched those two break the hearts of all NYG’s folks year after year…magic.

  47. Kellen Davis has Best mitts, hands down!! … On Garcon, really? Really? And to reference he missed 7 games. Isn’t being healthy and productive part of being top3,5,10? Pierre Garcon is definitely NOT! Great speed. But always hurt. Reminds me of Willie Gault.

  48. So lets say the government discovered the fountain of youth, and they tested it successfully on Tim Brown and Chris Carter and brought them Back to their 22 year old selves and threw them in the 2013 NFL draft.

    You all know good and gotdam well that all of you would be pissed if your team picked Chris Carter over Tim Brown.

    Tim Brown can beat you with yards after the catch, can beat you deep, intermediate, and is deadly returning punts. Plus you know Tim Brown is going to ball out no matter who the QB is…All Chris Carter does is catch touchdowns.

    Hall of Fame is a joke.

  49. Cris Carter: Larry Fitzgerald is the only receiver with hands like mine

    Do you mean hands with fat stubby fingers controlled by an oversized ego touted by a big mouth?

  50. Or if Chris Carter had ” just caught (a ) touchdown” in that 98 game the Vikings would have won. Easy to point fingers but you did nothing in that game, dummy.

  51. He was a great wr. I have been a Viking fan since i can remember, Yes he was dependable hands were awesome and yes he was a jerk, he was honest about his opinion and he was self appointed club house lawyer and lotta players didnt care for him. Credit Jerry Burns picking this bum up and giving him a second chance. Sometimes hes hard to stomach but if you sit back some of his points are true and it hurts. As far as hitting the field goal It was changed when they took a knee in 98. I could feel it when it happened. the 41- bagel that was a team loss.

  52. He didn’t learn anything from Buddy Ryan. Coach Ryan protected him, and he STILL is throwing teamates under the bus.

  53. Congratulations for making the Hall, Chris. Now you should celebrate by having a few drinks and doing some blow.

  54. i don’t know why all you guys are calling him classless and without humility, etc., etc.

    i like hearing what the pro athletes think about the performance of their team and teammates. if he thinks that the game was lost because that DB got burned on that 3rd and 9 then i want to hear that.

    in fact i really wish peyton manning would say “yeah we lost cause our liquored up DB had a brain-fart on that desperation bomb to jacoby jones .. if he would have defended it properly then it might have been us in the superbowl”

    don’t you guys want to hear honest critique of teammates/co-workers??? i wish i could say “yeah we missed the date cause that coworker didn’t pull his weight” .. i soooo desperately wish i could lay out that honesty

  55. everything “logicalvoicesays” is completely insane, he cant be serious about anything he says, you would think they skins are coming off there 10th superbowl win in a row the way he talks about them

  56. Carter was a pleasure to watch, he made catches for first downs with precision, always knew where he was.

    He seems to hold himself in high regard sure, but he held himself to a high standard..

    Plus he practically invented the two foot toe tap while extending for a ball going out of bounds… I am not sure anyone to this day does it better.

  57. why is everyone saying “Carter sucked “random player from my favorite team” is better than Fitz and Carter”?
    I’ve heard a few but Brandon Marshal really takes the cake. Dude has had drop problems his whole career. Fitz is top 2 receiver but is stuck in the desert hell hole and Carter DID have the best hands of any relevant HOF receiver ever. Yes, and he did have better hands than Rice, but it didn’t mean he was a better receiver. Carter made some crazy catches and had very sticky hands.

  58. Is it bad that I was once a fan of Chris Carter until he left the NFL and started to give his opinions that have held no weight? This is the same guy that was talking crap on megatron LOL. Megatron, Fitz, Julio, AJ Green, Roddy White, etc are all better than you Chris Carter. Randy Moss opened the defense for you when he was a rookie…at least when Jerry Rice says dumb comments we don’t care because Jerry was a great football player LOL

  59. you hang onto that 4 year run like it was the best team that ever lived played

    Seriously bro? Thats your come back? Because 19 years after the fact seems as though you hang on to that 4 year run to knock down the Bills. Im over it. Perhaps you should be too. Ripping the Bills super bowl losses this far down the road is like “your mama” jokes. They are old, not funny and franky more people think you are a loser than dont think you are, when you say it.

    Its ironic how you claim Buffalo fans are ‘homers”, when most people would just call it being a “fan”. Buffalo fans thinking Reed should be a HOF’er are homers but VIkings fans who think Cris Carter belong in the HOF are not? Your logic makes no sense whatsoever…
    And face it, Cris Carter may have nice numbers but lets be honest, he was not the most dominant wr in the league, in fact, not even on his own team.
    Unfortunately, numbers are not the most important part of being a hall of famer….Vinny Testeverde has pretty impressive numbers too.. should he make it as well?

  60. @ pcarlson77– maybe you are too young to remember Raymond Berry. For my money HE was the one who perfected the sideline “toe tap”. It was said that he ran such precise routes that he could tell when a football field was too wide or not wide enough.

  61. I saw Raymond Berry, and he did have great hands. I also thought highly of John Jefferson, Jerry Rice, Megatron, and Larry Fitzgerald. Chris Carter had great hands, that’s true, but in terms of hands only, I’ve never seen anyone like Michael Crabtree.

    That dude has the biggest hands I’ve ever seen regardless of the size of the player. He snatches balls out of the air at more different angles more viciously than anyone I’ve ever seen. Balls disappear in his gloves like bees being swallowed by a snapdragon. Unlike other receivers on the Niners, he has no trouble catching Kaepernick’s fastballs. His much improved ability to separate and his increased productivity after the 2011 playoff games was one of the main reasons the 49ers reached the Super Bowl.

    Another couple years like 2012, and Crabtree will be more widely regarded as having great hands.

  62. Why is anyone surprised by this? Chris was a jerk previously, he’s just had to grovel the last couple of years to try to mend fences with the HOF voters.

    Now that he’s in, he’s got carte blanche to let his EGO, and mouth, fly.

  63. Jeez….does this ego-maniacal jerk ever shut up?
    With all do respect to his historical abilities as a wide out, he is one of the most self absorbed ex-players from the NFL. What’s worse is we’ve got to here him commenting for ESPN on a weekly basis…he’s a bad commentator as well. Total jerk!

  64. He’s right… Jerry is the GOAT, but you give me one play predicated on the WR catching anything thrown his way and I’ll take CC everyday..

    When a question gets asked by reporters and the player answers the question honestly from his perspective, how can you fault the guy? Everyone rips players for giving PC responses, then when a guy gives an honest answer it’s somehow blasphemy.. I’ll never understand fans who take this sh$t too seriously then complain when they get an honest answer.. Your life must suck!

  65. He lined up against reggie white in running formation. It was the most comical thing I’ve ever seen. Reggie one arm hooked him and literally tossed him 5 yards up the field like a rag doll.

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