For now, Eagles would want a “significant offer” for Nick Foles

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After Michael Vick signed a new contract with the Eagles, head coach Chip Kelly said Vick will compete with Nick Foles to be the team’s starting quarterback. But the talk that Foles would be traded began almost instantly.

The talk started with a report that Chiefs coach Andy Reid — who drafted and coached Foles in Philadelphia last year — wants to trade for Foles. That report was followed quickly by reports that the Eagles have no plans to trade Foles.

Now the Associated Press reports that it would “take a significant offer” to get the Eagles to consider trading Foles.

So what constitutes a significant offer? Would the Eagles want what a second-round draft pick and a good veteran starter? That’s what they got the last time they traded away a quarterback who had been beaten out by Vick, sending Kevin Kolb to Arizona for a second-rounder and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. That trade worked out better for the Eagles than for the Cardinals, and it might be more than any team would be willing to give up for Foles now. So if that’s what the Eagles are going to demand, Foles will probably stay in Philadelphia.

The reality, however, is that the Eagles’ demands could change significantly. If Foles struggles to pick up Kelly’s offense during organized team activities, minicamps and training camps — and if Vick looks like he’s ready to be a great starter while new acquisition Dennis Dixon looks like he’s ready to be a dependable backup — then the asking price could drop significantly. If Foles is no better than the Eagles’ third-string quarterback, they’d surely drop their asking price for him.

On the other hand, it’s still possible that Foles could beat Vick and Dixon out in the quarterback competition that Kelly has said he’s eager to watch this offseason. If Kelly concludes that Foles is his best quarterback, then Foles isn’t going anywhere.

So all the “significant offer” news really means is that right now, the Eagles want teams to know that if they want to trade for Foles, they better be ready to give up something valuable. That might or might not still be the case in a few months.

68 responses to “For now, Eagles would want a “significant offer” for Nick Foles

  1. Significant like 100 boxes of twinkies???.hey you cant get those anymore! Cmon, what has Foles really shown?

  2. C’mon Andy. Get us one more draft pick for a QB. KC 2nd rounder probably is a pipe dream. But their 3rd rounder….I mean, c’mon. They have the top pick in each round. I’d ship him out for 1st pick in 3rd round….

  3. Lil Debbie has “cream clouds” or something that are Twinkie “equivalents” for those that need the fix.

    Twinkies and such are the cornerstone to any healthy American diet.

  4. To me, they are making it obvious that he is NOT in their plans. However, the market is so bad that he has value. Before giving up a second rounder (anyone needing a QB would make that a pick between 33-48) needs to ask, “Would I give up a second rounder for Vick?” The smart answer is “No.”
    Well, Foles is his backup.
    I think the NFL has probably learned its lesson about the fool’s gold reserves who come in and have a good game or two. Cassels-bust, but showed me that Brady is a system QB; Flynn, where have you gone? Kolb?

    If I were interested in Foles, I would first consider veterans like Matt Moore.

  5. I don’t know if getting rid of Foles in Philly would be a good idea. Vick can’t stay healthy, and Dennis Dixon is unproven. You could make the argument that Foles is the best QB on the roster.

  6. Foles is a pocket passer and everyone knows that that is not what the Eagles want. On the other hand the Eagles can probably get a 2nd for him pretty easily since he’s still on a rookie contract. He might even be worth a 1st to someone but I doubt it.

  7. Foles and a 6th rounder for KC’s 2nd round pick. To me this would be an even trade, considering Foles has still not proved much yet. There is a boatload of great defenders that will still be sitting there come the first pick in the second round. If Chip Kelly was smart, he’d get this done. No way Vick loses the starting job to Nick Foles. That is why I believe this is Philly’s best scenario.

  8. Foles is the best QB on the Eagles roster. Vick may be more mobile but that’s the only advantage.

    That’s the sad thing about this offseason with it being a copycat league. This offseason it doesn’t matter how well you throw or how well you can read defenses. It’s how well you RUN as a QB, they figure they can fix the rest by coaching you up. It’s ridiculous.

  9. What really scares me as an Eagles fan is that the Eagles trade Foles and then Trent Edwards beats out Vick (a turnover machine) and Dennis Dixon (a 28 year old practice squad player). That scares me.

  10. Whatever happened to not believing what NFL teams said publicly? Foles will be the starter, if you read in between the lines.

  11. I don’t know if getting rid of Foles in Philly would be a good idea. Vick can’t stay healthy, and Dennis Dixon is unproven. You could make the argument that Foles is the best QB on the roster.
    Dennis Dixon is unproven??!!! Dude he was leading the Heisman race at Oregon before he injured his knee. With his mobility & passing skills he will be a beast in Kelly’s system and THAT’S the whole point. WHO can best run this fast-paced system affectively ! Foles is a basic drop back passer and not a viable fit. Putting a Pinto engine inside a Ferrari just won’t work !!!!

  12. Foles is a pocket passer that runs slower than most of us posting on this blog. I don’t see how his skill set will fit with Chip Kelly’s system. At some point they will be willing to take a 3rd or 4th rounder. They better not let him play in that system during the preseason or they might just have to cut him.

  13. What do Vick and Foles have in common ? Answer; they but got injured behind a line thats terrible. Fix the line first before you even try to run Chip Kelly’s system.If Kelly thinks he will run a play every 20 seconds like he did at Oregon he’s crazy it won’t work.All these guys aren’t 18-23 year old players with a 90 man roster and 60 on gameday. The Eagles Secondary need replaced with Rodgers-Cromartie a Free agent and Nmandi washed up.

  14. Forget what kind of passer Nick Foles is or isn’t.

    The question is, who do want backing up Mike Vick, because that guy is guaranteed to start at LEAST 6-8 games for you next year. Vick getting hurt is no longer a possibility, it’s a certainty.

    The idea that every QB on a roster has to have the exact same style is ludicrous. How did changing QB styles mid-season work out for the 49ers?

    What happened when the Redskins had to bring in Kirk Cousins, who has a completely different style than RGIII?

    Talent triumphs over style. If you think Dixon is better talent wise than Foles, so be it. But don’t just fill your roster with lousy QBs because they can run.

  15. I was shocked when Philly got a 2nd rounder and a quality starter for Kevin Kolb. I can’t see teams making that mistake again for another unproven QB. Although, there is a plethora of QB desperate teams as always.

  16. Way to show your hand too early Reid… Most overrated coach in the NFL.
    And since when did coaches make the trades? Isn’t that a GM’s job?

  17. It’s 2015, Chip Kelly has returned to the NCAA, Roseman has been fired, Andy Reid and Foles have just lost in the 1st round of the playoffs, and Eagles fans await yet another Mike Vick cut day.

  18. Who would buy the qb the eagles are selling this time, they ripped off the cardinals with kolb. I give it to the eagles, they always acting like they have some monster qb waiting to break loose, they never give him a shot, but your team can have him for a steep price.

  19. I can’t help but wonder with relatively high-pick, drafted QBs like Nick Foles, and Kirk Cousins, how much of their talent is going to waste sitting on a bench behind what apparently are QBs with equal (or even less) talent.

    There are lots of teams who could use a talented QB and just a few QBs that could pull off a starting role–but ne’er the twain shall meet because teams are sitting them as backups.

    If I were Foles or Cousins, I have my agent constantly drumming for me to be a starter. Sitting behind a starter, like Aaron Rodgers had to do, would drive me nuts.

    Good luck with a trade Nick, the league needs you to take a shot as a starter somewhere.

  20. props to cmarsh64.
    this is Steve Spurrier all over again. the Fun n Gun but instead of a weak armed qb throwing rainbow passes you will have an injury prone turnover artist who will probably misread the defense and keep every snap himself. I said this the other day everyone in the NFL is fast Mr. Kelly you won’t be going up against teams that use a lot of “I” formations like the schools your used to playing against up there in the north Pacific where you could hide from the SEC and the ACC where everyone is fast. except Maryland.

  21. I like Foles, but I would trade him for the first pick in the 3rd round if Reid offered it. It seems improbable to me that anyone would offer more than that for last year’s 88th pick, a guy who went 1-5 as a starter. People should be realistic about Foles’ ceiling. If everything breaks right, and he reaches his maximum potential, he could become a Matt Shaub-type QB. To me, that’s not good enough to build around if your goal is to win the Super Bowl. That said, Foles is better right now than Vick or Dixon. So I wouldn’t give him away for nothing. Realistically, Eagles fans need to accept that the next long term starter for this team is not on the roster yet, and probably will not be until April 2014 at the earliest. The good news is that the team’s moves so far this off-season seem to recognize this reality. If Kelly really believed in Vick as the long term solution, he wouldn’t be on a one-year contract.

  22. Hey Eagles fans, there is no way in hell you’re getting KCs second rounder. No way, it just isn’t going to happen.

    Second, the guy who fleeced other teams for QBs is now coaching the Chiefs. Why would he trade something as valuable as the 34th pick in the draft for Foles?

    Keep dreaming. It doesn’t matter anyway. You guys would screw up the 34th pick no matter what. Dream team my ass.

  23. Yes, Nick Foles is a pocket passer, but he ran a read option spread offense at Arizona. He never had a good offensive line, but always had good college-level receivers (Gronk, Juron Criner, David Douglas).

    Vick doesn’t read defenses or go through all the progressions before running and then getting hit. I don’t see him being successful in Chip’s offense, even though he can run.

    Foles on the other hand was successful with read option in college, and would have some of the best talent in the NFL to work with. If they upgrade the O-line, he’s got a shot to be a great starter for the Eagles.

  24. At the very least, Foles has demonstrated that he can be a good backup QB. It is still possible that he could develop into a legit starter. The Eagles just used a 3rd round pick on him last year, so trading him for anything less than a high 2nd would make little to no sense.

  25. Eagles didn’t bring Vick back to sit and the open competition talk is crap. Vick will start, Dixon who played for Kelly is no. 2 and Foles has 7 games with 6 td’s and 5 ints.

    Give up a 4th rounder for him maybe.

  26. Id do it if Andy was willing to swap the 1st overall for the 4th overall and Foles. Anything less then Andy kills two birds with one stone. He addresses his QB n probably takes Joeckel. Nice try Andy but this isnt gonna happen n if it does it will be post draft for that reason.

  27. LOL at the suggestion Foles could struggle to pick up Chip Kelly’s offense. He learned Reid’s playbook inside and out in no time. Vick is the one who struggles to pick up the playbook, and PFT doesn’t seem to be taking that into account!

  28. Love all the Eagles fans who think they will get anything higher than a 4th for this guy (lucky to get that).

    Think about it, Foles doesn’t fit Kelly’s system so he is a 3rd string qb. Most teams only keep 2. Why give anything for him if your KC because when he gets cut you have 1st pick in waivers. It’s not like he needs to go to camp to learn Andy’s system and the Cheifs are not going to win now so if you pick him up in the preseason or early in the season you save yourself a pick.

    Now that I think about it a 5th or 6th is more likely.

  29. Foles has proven that he is what? Worth a second round pick and a significant player? Has anyone looked at Kolb’s trade and wondered what NFL coaches are thinking?

  30. Bucha shrewd business men in here…

    Foles has shown at LEAST this – There is at least one coach in the NFL who loves him, and he coaches a team that has good draft picks, last time I checked.

    Just that right there is good enough to take this stance. We got a 2 and DRC for Kolb and a 2 for aj feely from teams/coaches that didn’t draft and start him repeatedly.

  31. And consider this in evaluating chip kelly’s opinion of foles- no coach knows foles better than the one who was actively coaching a team in the conference where foles set all the passing records last 5 years.

  32. Foles is worth a 4th and no more. The Eagles don’t just get to create the market, the market sets itself.

  33. superdave426 says:
    Feb 16, 2013 10:00 AM
    Who cares, as long as Vick is on the roster I have zero interest in the team, and am losing respect for Kelly.

    change your name to “supergirl” because you are far too emotional for professional football. smh

  34. Chips offense is not all about a mobile qb. Its a bonus, but not needed. You guys need to at least wait til OTAs and training camp before claiming superior knowledge to what Kelly will do in Philly.

    He needs someone who can complete screens, quick slants, change plays at the line, read defenses.

  35. Put a real O Line in front Foles and watch. Eagles better take a long hard look at Foles and see where the chips fall. Kelsey, Peters and Herramens are back. That’s a hugh difference in protection. Make a real all out effort to replace The fireman and watch.

  36. Flynn is a good qb. He did nothing to lose the starting job rw3 just took it cause he is a beast. Flynn should be a starter in new york 10x better than sanchez,tebow,and macklemore put together.

  37. I mis-read the headline and thought it said “significant other” for Foles and thought he was the first to come out of the closet!

  38. Buy low, sell high, eh?

    Only problem here is you have an unproven commodity……..KC shouldnt consider anything more than 3rd, straight up, and thats only IF the KC front office were out drinking the night before.

    Since I know everything, I cant dream of Philly getting anymore than a 4th.

    My gut feeling is KC bides their time, hoping Wilson is available in the 2nd, if not, then expect some draft day dealing.

  39. Who is smoking so much dope that they actually believe that Foles with a 5.9 40 yard time can fit in and have any success in any kind of spread read run read pass, read defenses and change plays at the line? Who thinks that Foles can really read defenses whose coordinators will be ready for his tendencies this time around. Just remember how much trouble Bradford, Stafford, Newton, Cassel, Dalton, and Locker had in their second year of full time playing when defense coordinators finally had time to analyze their tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses in-depth.

    As for KC, Reid would be much better off trading Cassel to the Cards for Kolb who would just step right without missing any steps back into Reid’s WCO.

  40. Any Gm that trades for a Eagles Qb should be fired, how many times have the Eagles gotten over on a team. Look at Kolb & Feely, they get traded and the team that trades for team ends up looking stupid…

  41. here’s my offer use Kelly’s so called gifted offensive mind and create an offense around Foles. use 2 backs at all times with 2 receivers to run your read and react portion of your offense but it is impossible to run that DUCK “o” as it is. a running q.b. will soon be an I.R. casualty.

  42. Foles will be gone on draft day. He is probably the best QB on the roster, but he just doesn’t fit the offense. It would be a waste to keep him. They will probably get Emmanuel (sp) from Florida State somewhere in the draft. If that’s the case, we have an injury-prone QB (vick), a QB that probably shouldn’t be in the league (dixon), and a rookie. Anyone else completely underwhelmed?

  43. I don’t know if they will get it but I can assure you this management will NOT trade Foles for less than the pick (88th) that they used. If they don’t get it, he stays. All pipe dreams about 4th 5th or 6th round picks. No GM would give up that quickly especially when Vick was given a one year contract and he always gets hurt. Seriously, some posters just have no clue.

  44. Tebow and a 2nd round pick. Tebow and Vick can be like fire and ice, thunder and lightning. They could sing duets.

  45. Dennis Dixon is the best option. Vick will start then get injured and Dixon will come in and outperform Vick. It’s a shame they don’t just start Dixon.

  46. See how the cards liked how well Kolb turned out after only a few starts. Not what they expected, was it. Voles is the same, not enough experience to have anyone in their right mind trying that again.

  47. KC would maybe give the Eagles a 4th rounder for Foles, but I think they will wait and see if Seattle cuts Flynn loose. They will also be waiting to see what the 49ers plan on doing with Smith. I think Foles would be a better fit for Reid’s offense but KC can use those two as possible leverage trying to deal with Philly. KC parting ways with 3rd pick would be almost the same as any other team giving up a 2rd pick, I don’t see that happening.

  48. Yeah, recent trades for Eagle QBs like Kolb, McNabb & Feeley have worked out so well…..not saying that Foles might not fit in somewhere else, but anything higher than 4th round is absurd….

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