Kiffin knows Cowboys are on a one-year plan


The Cowboys are hopeful about the Monte Kiffin era, but the simple fact they’ve had so much turnover at defensive coordinator makes you wonder how successful he’ll be able to be.

The 72-year-old Kiffin became the Cowboys’ fifth defensive coordinator since the beginning of the 2007 season, leading head coach Jason Garrett to an interesting choice of words.

We’ve settled on Monte Kiffin, and I use the word ‘settled’ and I kind of laugh to myself,” Garrett said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “This guy has coordinated this style of defense as well as anybody in the National Football League for the last couple of decades.”

Of course, Kiffin doesn’t have a Warren Sapp on this roster, and is changing established 3-4 personnel to a 4-3 set, for a coach that doesn’t particularly have a mandate.

“We hope we can get there as quick as we can — as quick as we can get there,” Kiffin said. “This isn’t like three-year plan right here. I don’t think we had that wherever we went. I don’t care where you coach. All I can tell you is there are no guarantees. I just tell you right now these guys are going to get coaching.”

If this Cowboys offseason has taught us anything, there’s little security for any of them, so those results better come quickly.