Outlook still “positive” for Jameel McClain’s return


The meetings with doctors continue, but those close to Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain said the outlook is “positive” that he’ll be able to return after a spinal cord contusion.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens shared that view, with coach John Harbaugh saying “We’re very optimistic about that.”

McClain still has more tests in his future, including an MRI soon. He suffered the injury on Dec. 9, but said he no longer has any pain in his back and neck.

“What we’re focusing on is rest,” McClain said during Super Bowl week. “Right now, we’re just taking it slow and resting. The doctors talk about what they talk about, but the goal is to be playing next year.”

With so many other aging stars and pending free agents, the Ravens need McClain back on the field. But mostly, he needs to be well.

11 responses to “Outlook still “positive” for Jameel McClain’s return

  1. Yea. Undrafted Jameel McLain who hit FA last year and had no offers then came back to Baltimore for cheap is the key to our ILB success next year. Definitely not resigning Ellerbe or any of the other depth players we had. Give me a break…

  2. I think that if it comes to keeping Ellerbe or McClain, the Ravens will try to retain Ellerbe. If Flacco gets between 15 and 20 million, it would seem that one of them has to go.

    I love Flacco, but if we have to gut the rest of the team to keep him, I think I’d rather have the 2 number ones and start rebuilding from there. There are a couple of strong armed QBs that probably will be there at #32 and that would still give them a high pick for our other needs. The real question is if the compensatory picks are 2013 & 2014, or 2014 & 2015.

  3. For those who say Flacco isn’t worth it, you’re completely wrong. When you have a franchise QB you pay the man and build around him. Look at all the teams at the bottom, they all lack a QB.

  4. I like McClain, but at this point, he’s looking like a definite cap casualty. Ellerbe is clearly the better player and McClain’s cap number is VERY high for a player coming off of a spinal injury. It’s just too risky. My best guess is that he’s going to get cut and Ellerbe is going to get his money.

  5. Yes, psuravens, so when WILL the Ravens get a franchise QB?

    Baltimore had a great run with the fluke under-thrown Hail Mary heave in Denver. And with Flacco putting up exactly ZERO touchdowns in the second half of the Super Bowl, he can thank Jones again for bailing him out. And being the one who will collect the big payday. Ah life is sweet for Flacco!

  6. I’m a diehard ravens fan but how many teams have won the super bowl lately with a 19-20 million a year qb? Let me tell ya…its none cuz its a team sport and nobody can take that much cap space without jeopardizing the rest of the team….he should get 15 mill a year max….remember Q bailed Joe out a lot thru the playoffs and now there talking bout cutting him to pay flacco.

  7. The Ravens are not winning a SB this year WITHOUT Flacco. The other players are interchangeable. Watch the game gentlemen. Ravens & Joe’s agent are not going to agree on 15 mil per year. Get real.

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