Still no progress on HGH testing

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In recent weeks, the NFLPA has made it clear that the players would accept a baseball-style approach to HGH testing.  In turn, the NFL has made it clear that the league would accept a baseball-style approach to HGH testing.

And yet nothing has been accomplished to finally enact HGH testing in football.  Per a source with knowledge of the negotiations, no progress has been made.

The problem is that HGH testing has become tied up in various other issues, and the players believe (rightly or wrongly) that agreeing to HGH testing should yield concessions elsewhere from the NFL.  The league believes that the players already agreed to HGH testing as part of a broader labor deal in which concessions were made by both sides, and that there should be no further concessions on the question of how the existing agreement for HGH testing will be implemented.

The union has persisted in its position despite a recent vow from Congress to conduct hearings that would entail players being called to testify.  For now, that threat apparently is being regarded as hollow.

It could be that the two sides won’t get serious about striking a deal on HGH testing until a player or union representative is asked to put his hand in the air for the taking of the oath to tell the truth.  Once testimony begins, both the league and the union stand to lose a lot, given the widespread belief that HGH use is something much more than a fringe problem in pro football.

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  1. Congress has better things to do. Like getting people back to work and cleaning up their own mess.

  2. The owners use the players like I use tissues, use them, and dispose of them. Why would they want testing?

  3. There was an article recently in the St. Paul pioneer press about the shocking number of inaccuracies in blood and fingerprint tests that have been widely accepted for court cases and convictions…

    You really cannot trust anything these days

  4. I think a more realistic reason for this not moving forward is that HGH use is probably rampant in the NFL, and the powers that be are afraid of the same bashlash and loss of popularity the MLB experienced.

  5. Pathetic that it’s taken this long. The NFLPA is doing it’s job to stall long enough for the HGH to leave the system of players before testing starts. Guys like Corey Fleener, Cushing, and Maualuga are loving this.

  6. I think they PA is ‘fighting it’ to give the players some time to come off it. If you fight it for 3-4 years, tell everyone ‘Hey, seriously, stop using this stuff, or you’re gonna get busted.’ in private, then in year 5 when the testing actually begins, you’ll have a MUCH lower incidence of positive tests. Neither the PA nor the NFL want that egg on their face when 75% of the league starts testing positive.

  7. “Ever wonder why no player has ever come back from an ACL injury as quick as Adrian Peterson?”

    Ever wonder why no players has ever been as big,strong,fast and agile as adrian peterson? Its all genetics, if HGH was all it took to come back from an ACL and rush for 2097, there would more than 7 2000 yard season in nfl history.

  8. Gotta love people. The reason you will test positive for HGH isnt because of tainted blood samples or damaged testing vials. It is because you are USING HGH. C’mon. We have eyes. Dont tell me superior knowledge of nutrition is why guys today are twice as massive as guys who played in the 80s.

  9. jrebar88 says:Feb 16, 2013 3:21 PM

    “Ever wonder why no player has ever come back from an ACL injury as quick as Adrian Peterson?”

    To me this is obvious. I feel bad for people who are choosing to be naive about it and then will act all shocked and betrayed when the truth comes out. These guys use HGH. It doesn’t make the games any less fun to watch or their feats any less impressive because I think a majority of guys are doing it.

  10. The NFL would be a worse product with strict drug testing. Instead of bigger, faster, stronger, it would be smaller, slower, weaker, and always injured.

    Drugs make everything better.

  11. “Still no progress on HGH testing.” In an unrelated report, Ray Lewis will return for another return.

  12. I’m not convinced either the owners or players want HGH testing (but they have to pretend they do). Fast healing and athletic players is good for business.

  13. nfl4days says:
    Feb 16, 2013 4:06 PM
    “Ever wonder why no player has ever come back from an ACL injury as quick as Adrian Peterson?”

    Ever wonder why no players has ever been as big,strong,fast and agile as adrian peterson? Its all genetics, if HGH was all it took to come back from an ACL and rush for 2097, there would more than 7 2000 yard season in nfl history.
    nfl4days still thinks Barry bonds was clean. Get a clue dude. AP came back in we’ll under a year to have the best season of his career and you don’t think he had help. Come on man.

  14. Someone needs to test the burrito I ate last night for HGH because, frankly, whats been happening in this hotel toilet today is not human.

    Way to suck, Detroit.

  15. The Vikings weren’t upset last year, and something tells me Dan Synder won’t be screaming for a testing protocol this year either.

  16. the players use natural alternative PEDs that gives them a competitive advantage in games…The union knows this and are fighting against HGH testing…a lot of teams will be exposed if HGH is enforced which it should be…just get it done and move forward.

  17. Because no one cares…What is the big deal?? Cocaine and amphetamines give you a bigger jolt of energy and adrenaline in the immediate short term. Common, are we all dumb to think Lyle Alzado was the only one in the 70’s that was juicing? The Steelers of the 70’s and Im sure countless other teams had it a part of their culture. How about Hollywood Henderson and LT with their coke use? Get over it, they all do it period end of story. If we are that concerned shorten the season to twelve games or expand the rosters. Just please stop protesting and act as if you are crusading. Because with out HGH there would not be football to write about

  18. Who isn’t a PED user in football? Start with Adrian Petersen and work your way over to Denver, say hello to Ray Lewis, ….

    This is a total joke. No one wants this rule to change … especially Goodell. All media and PR garbage.

  19. Good news for the football brand but mostly for the niners, steelers, and Ravens seeing how those are the most physical looking specimens in the nfl!

    Too big to be that cut without a lil something something . Not a coicendence there all on the same team. Ive trained people and seen and know many former professional athletes they sip a lil something for sure.

  20. HGH testing would destroy the league. I think it is safe to estimate that a third of the league is using for the main purpose of healing quicker so they can stay on the field and keep their jobs. If they open Pandora’s box and test and suspend players,the league suffers. I want to see the top players on the field because the bottom line is the league is entertainment. If the best can’t play, why watch?

  21. Who cares? HGH is being used in football and that’s that. Congress should be using it’s time more wisely than this. Maybe protecting the Constitution instead of violating it…just a thought.

  22. Don’t know if it’s 75% as mentioned, but it’s gotta
    be rampant – too many players are coming back in a few weeks from injuries that used to be season ending

  23. so the players want to force the league to give up certain things in order to agree to HGH testing? If how I am reading that is correct then I have little respect for the players.
    There is no respect for those who created the game into what it is today. Those players all paved the way for the league to be what it is now and todays players should be doing the same for tomorrow’s players. But that is what happens in todays era of inflated salaries- look, I dont begrudge their salaries too much considering how much money the league generates but if they give a damn about the NFL then they should look no further than MLB> ask new and young players coming up how tough it is to do something well and have fans question its authenticity..

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