Vick’s cap number for 2013 will be $12.2 million


The weekend is the time when things slow down and I can go back and clean up the periodic messes I make between Monday and Friday.

When deciphering the mechanics of Mike Vick’s new contract with the Eagles, I originally believed that the three-year deal voids to one year early in the 2013 league year in order to nudge cap dollars into 2014, both from the $3.5 million signing bonus and the remnants of the signing bonus Vick received in 2011.

In reality, the voiding of the contract to a one-year deal will push the bonus dollars into 2013.

This means that, once the final two years of the contract go away, $2.333 million from the new signing bonus will hit the 2013 cap, along with $2.8 million in lingering bonus allocation from his prior deal.

Thus, while the cap hit for now is only $7.066 million, it soon will jump by $5.133 million to $12.2 million.  This means that the new deal ultimately will save only $4.7 million in 2013 cap space, since Vick’s 2013 cap number under the prior deal was due to be $16.9 million.

The convoluted three-year-down-to-one-year device was needed because the Eagles already had carried over all remaining 2012 cap space.  Thus, they had no way to absorb the bonus acceleration before the start of the new league year on March 12.

14 responses to “Vick’s cap number for 2013 will be $12.2 million

  1. “The weekend is the time when things slow down and I can go back and clean up the periodic messes I make between Monday and Friday.”

    -and then I write my weekly Vick-hate article

  2. That’s about 12.2 million too much. I can’t believe they kept him. His athleticism is eroding faster than the beaches of man made islands and he has more turnovers than a bakery.

  3. This is the only league where you can decline and earn easy money!!!

    First Jake Delhomme, Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck, and now Mike Vick.

    Delhomme in 2010 was the worst. He got a $12.7 million buyout from Carolina and a new $7 million salary from Cleveland!!!!!!

    Can I be given $7 to $20 million to suck????

    This team should get EJ Manuel in Round 3 and trade Nick Foles to Marty Morninweg and the Jets for a conditional 5th Rounder because it’s better to have all of the QBs be the same because the reserve who’s a “look alike” can adjust quicker than someone else with a different skill set. The Eagles will need to stock up on QBs this year because Vick is sure to get hurt.

  4. For the folks that can’t believe Vick was kept who else where they going to get to run Chip Kelly’s offense on the free market? He has experience as a starting QB. Has lead teams to the playoffs and despite what others may say he still has plenty of athleticism left.

  5. Vick can still get it done behind a good offensive line. Look at his numbers from 2010, his first year starting for Philly. He had 21 tds to only 6 ints, completed 62.6% of his passes, had a 100.2 passer rating and made the pro bowl. The next 2 seasons, the Eagles had offensive line issues and he didn’t do as well but that’s to be expected when you lose pro-bowl caliber linemen, which is also the reason why Foles isn’t as bad as you guys think he is. Our o-line last year couldn’t start for a d-2 school and you guys think Foles and Vick should’ve done better?? That just shows your ineptitude at properly evaluating the game. It should also be noted that in all 3 years starting for the Eagles, Vick’s completion percentage has been higher than ANY season with Atlanta and he also topped 3,000 yards passing twice, something he NEVER did in Atlanta. Just give the guy an o-line(which barring injuries, he’ll have a great one this year) and he can make it happen. Stop being so negative.

  6. Please keep Vick at QB. He is the answer just trust me. I really want the Eagles to win more than 4 pitiful games next season. With Kelly running that college offense, they can’t possibly fail.

    A very worried Cowboys fan LOL4getuisaDB

  7. Phillyphannn83- Please tell me what Offensive Line issues the Eagles had in 2011? Their offensive line was good enough with healthy Peters and Herremans. Mathis played well that year. And Kelce beat out Jamall Jackson for center. I think you way over estimated the issues with the Eagles offense line that year.

    If you are a true Eagles fan then you will realize that this year is not about winning but rather rebuilding. Vick had a great year in 2010 but that is looking more look like a fluke every day since. Defenses have caught up to him and so has his age. He will not last a season even with a good offensive line.

    The Eagles should start Foles. This way they can find out if he can play or not. I and everyone else really can’t tell what you have in Foles from the 7 games that he played. To me its a no lose situation. If you play Foles and he is good then you have your QB for the future. If you play Foles and he is bad then you will most like have a high pick in next year draft which will have a better class of QBs.

  8. This is a rebuilding year, so I don’t see why we kept Mike Vick. However, if you want to win more games and give folks some hope, though potentially false hope, he was the best choice for now. I think there’s a contradiction, here. Kelly is rebuilding, but still wants some wins, certainly more than 4. This is the way he thinks he can get there. Either you believe the competition is open at QB, as he has said, or you don’t.

    Reminder to all Vick fans (I am neutral) – Jay Cutler and Aarons Rodgers were both sacked more than Vick last year, and, possibly, hit more last year, or at least as much, as he was. Their teams had winning records, in spite of this. Why? Better defenses, perhaps? Maybe, but – They are both younger QBs who can read defenses better than Mike, are taller than Mike, are bigger than Mike, get rid of the ball a bit faster than Mike, and are more durable than Mike.
    2nd reminder – Mike fumbled the ball while going to ground, without getting hit, several times. Not good.
    3rd reminder – Mike had, like, 24 turnovers in his last 25 games. That can’t ALL be caused by a bad O-Line, my friends. Not good.
    4th reminder – Mike said, prior to last season, that he had spent the off – season in Philly, gettting healthy, working out, studying tape, getting coached up, etc. Then, he comes out in pre-season and early season and stinks, looks like a rookie. Not good. He did not really look good in most of his games, last year. Bad O-line? Bad coaching? Aging QB with declining skill set? ALL of the above!
    5th – Running the option will get him hit more often than not.

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