Austin Collie wants to keep playing, draws inspiration from Pagano


Wide receiver Austin Collie said that he appreciated the way the Colts informed him that they weren’t going to be re-signing him as a free agent next month.

Collie said it “showed a lot of class” for owner Jim Irsay to tell him in person that Indianapolis was moving in a different direction. Collie plans to continue playing after a series of concussions and last September’s torn patellar tendon, although he admits he doesn’t know where or even if he’ll be plying his trade in 2013.

Collie also admitted to getting pretty far down in the dumps after the knee injury that ended his 2012 season in his first appearance. It was less than a week later that Colts coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia, an event that Collie said snapped him out of his doldrums.

“I learned a lot from Chuck,” Collie said, via Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star. “One of the biggest things is just when you think things can’t get any worse, you know, they get worse. After hearing about Chuck’s (diagnosis), I decided my situation was pretty minute compared to that. Just to see him come back and overcome that gave me hope. He was an inspiration to me.”

Collie says his knee feels better than it has in the last four or five years, but his injury history is going to make teams reticent to make any kind of guarantee when it comes to salary or employment. Collie’s going to have to show a lot of fight to get close to where he was before all the injuries, but he’s certainly picked the right inspiration for his quest.

17 responses to “Austin Collie wants to keep playing, draws inspiration from Pagano

  1. Dude….. do you want to remember your playing days 10 years from now? Do you want to be like Chris Miller and have to carry a slip of paper in your pocket with your address written on it wherever you go, because you often forget where you live?

    Hang up your spurs. Your brain isn’t something you can fix once scrambled, you don’t need to make it any worse for yourself. Life is **really** long, much longer than your NFL career.

  2. It’s refreshing to hear comments like this from a quality young man. Hang in the Austin, and I hope you can hook up with a quality team and enjoy some injury free seasons.

  3. Someone will give him a chance to come to camp, considering how productive he was before the knee injury.

  4. The thing I remember most about him was when the Saints beat the Colts in the Superbowl he and Clark were the only Colts receivers not to drop a pass that day. I remember thinking that if the Saints didn’t find a way to cover him I was going to be heartbroken that day because the Colts were going to win the game. I’m not sure but Peyton went away from him until the last part of the game. The kid is a baller, that being said I really hope his doesn’t put himself at risk if he doesn’t need to. I don’t know how much he’s made playing sports but if he’s been smart he should be OK

  5. Just hang em up collie.. Youve made more than enough money to survive and u want to actually remember ever playing. Play like flag football just to stay fresh

  6. Half of these comments and 100% of Collie’s/Irsay’s/Colts’ comments prove that people don’t have the slightest clue and regard for their health, as it pertains to Concussions.

    Austin Collie was damaged good two seasons ago – he probably averages more concussions per catch than Touchdowns.

    A LOT of people need a sobering dose of reality, and comparing a non-football-related disease to his extreme propensity to attract SEVERE football-related injuries that can cause SEVERE long-term brain damage, it is OBVIOUS the NFL as a whole is NOT thinking clearly.

  7. could you imagine how good a guy like Titus Young would be if he had the character of a guy like Collie….I hope he does what ever he wants with his future but this guy would make a great coach

  8. He will bounce back and he will get his opportunity to prove he still belongs in this league …. good player and character guy… with the difficulty of finding effective pass catchers he will have no problem… as long as he’s willing to except the veteran minimum for a season until he proves that the injuries and concussions haven’t limited his ability to be a contributor on sundays

  9. He could also take some inspiration from someone like Anthony Gonzalez. Once the injuries pile-up, take what’s left of the youth and money and go back to school and/or some other post-football field.

  10. Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff should throw a minimum salary contract his way.

    Matt Ryan knows how to pass the ball without leaving his receiver out to dry a la Peyton Manning.

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