Chiefs GM not sure there’s a first-round QB this year


The Chiefs have the first pick in the draft, and they have to pick somebody.

But the problem with the class of players at their biggest need position isn’t just that there’s not one worth the first overall pick, it’s that there might not be one worth their second pick, 34th overall.

There is no quarterback where personnel guys can definitely say, ‘He’s a first-round pick,’ ” Chiefs general manager John Dorsey told Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “There were so many inconsistencies in the collective group. There was not one guy that stood up and said, ‘I’m the guy in the position this year.’ There really wasn’t one clear-cut guy.

“There are too many technical flaws, scheme flaws. There are so many different variables that there are a lot of people all over the place on naming the top four or five guys and who those guys would be.”

Dorsey said he expected at least two quarterbacks to be drafted in the first round because of need.

That’s another way to say scarcity causes teams to vastly overestimate quarterback talent, which leads to the Blaine Gabberts and Jimmy Clausens of the world.

That’s a problem for the Chiefs, who might have the worst quarterback depth chart in the league (and it might not be close). As a result they might have to make do with a stop-gap free agent, or roll the dice on a later pick, and trust coach Andy Reid to polish them up.

That’s why Dorsey and Reid plan to attend most of the workouts of the top quarterbacks this year.

“I think Andy is a really good evaluator of quarterbacks,” Dorsey said. “I want him and I to go to as many quarterback workouts as possible and actually set our own up.”

And after he looks at all of them, he might decide the best answer is “none of the above.”

34 responses to “Chiefs GM not sure there’s a first-round QB this year

  1. I think Reid could develop Geno Smith more easily than he’ll ever develop Cassel. That said, someone like Alex Smith would be the best idea for what is basically already a pretty decent squad.

  2. Geno Smith could be a really good NFL QB, especially with Andy Reid’s coaching. He just may not be worth the 1st overall pick. The Chiefs are in a really strange situation.

  3. This is a great way to raise the value of your own first rounder.

    And it also tells other teams you aren’t going to pay big dollar in a QB trade.

    Some good tactics right here.

    Umm, wait…..

  4. Jimmy Clausen was projected to be a top 10 pick and fell to the second round. How is he a good example for this? It’s more of an example of “All we so-called experts know damn little about this stuff”.

  5. Worst QB depth chart in the league? Cardinals fans might disagree with that statement. What is the chiefs’ cap situation like? It makes more sense to go after Alex Smith than waste a 1st round draft pick reaching for a QB.

  6. Is Andy a great QB evaluator? Besides picking McNabb out of that draft class. His track record is pretty avg at best. He’s good at getting other teams to overvalue the QBs on his roster. If he was so good I wouldn’t be stuck watching Mike Vick (when he’s healthy)

  7. He’s absolutely right.

    There is no QB in this draft worthy of a first round grade.

    Even with the rookie wage scale, where you don’t have to commit a ton of cash to the #1 pick, you simply can’t justify drafting any of these QBs there.

  8. Does this mean they will take a QB with their first round pick, then trade their 2nd round pick to get back into the first round to take another one?

  9. Translation: “I hope Matt Barkley is still there when the 1st pick of Round 2 rolls around. Maybe I can convince every other team to skip drafting a QB in the first round if I say this.”

  10. 1) Blaine Gabbert was not a product of scarcity. There were several 1st & 2nd round QBs available.
    2) Andy Reid, while greatly flawed in some areas, is one of the few who can take below average QBs & help them become productive. Anyone remember AJ Feeley?

  11. At one point in time some scouts thought Matt Barkley was the best QB for last year’s draft, even ahead of Luck and RGIII. Of course he stayed for another year at USC, but imagine if he left early. He could have been a massive bust, if this year at USC is any indication. But what if last year at USC was an anomaly and he really is that talented? He could be a steal this year.

    That’s why the draft is so crazy. You never know until they suit up for their first NFL game.

  12. its more like the one good QB Aaron Murray didnt declare for the draft

    Geno Smith – system QB
    Matt Barkley – very efficient strong football IQ, winner, but not at the first round, had too many prospects around him and didn’t deliver enough big wins.

    Tyler Wilson – cannon arm, toughness , leadership (made it through two concussions, would be a lock for a 2nd round pick, with Alex Smith as a bridge/starter)

    Tyler Bray – talented, big, but too raw and may have made mistake coming out – developmental type that COULD surprise, but he had superior wr’s at Tennessee

  13. It’s like they’re trying to fake themselves out. They’ve got the first pick. Are they hoping that a QB falls to them at the first overall pick or something? What possible benefit is there to saying this?

  14. Being a Packer fan and knowing the way John Dorsey operates from his days with Ted Thompson, I find all this talk of KC taking Geno Smith, or any of these quarterbacks with the first overall pick laughable. None of these QB’s are top 10 worthy and may not even grade out as first rounders. My best guess is that Dorsey/Reid will:

    a. Trade down to acquire draft picks and restock the roster, or:

    b. Take the best available player, in which case I believe they will take the lineman Luke Jeokel.

  15. Nothing that come from the mouths of team officials can be taken seriously right now. It’s posturing season.

  16. This is a ploy to keep some of these QB’s around when the Chiefs pick in the second round. They don’t want to reach for someone like Barkley or Manuel, so they are hoping to snag one of them in the second or third.

  17. QB is most important position in the draft. Instead of being timid, it’s worth taking the risk, especially with the rookie wage scale. Designed to allow QBs to develop.

  18. Ok, here’s one off the cuff. The Buc fans and the Tampa bay media have been putting most of the blame for last season on Josh Freeman. So why not a deal to send him back to Kansas [ he went to Kanasa State]? Then the Bucs can use some of that extra cap on Alex Smith maybe.

  19. The Jaguars have the first pick in the second round, the Chiefs have the next pick; the Jags will take a CB there anyway- Rhodes, Alford, Banks or Trufant.

    Psst, hey tvguy22, KC, MO is on the Kansas line, you can’t get any closer.

  20. Since there are no (allegedly) “be all, end all” quarterbacks this year to rave about, does that mean the draft will be canceled?
    We are living in an era in which just about any quarterback not named Tim Tebow can show up and post big numbers his first season.
    If your favorite team has a veteran quarterback who isn’t throwing at least 30 TD passes a season, your favorite team is need of an upgrade at the position.
    Because of rule changes, quarterbacks are now a dime a dozen.

  21. All I have to say is, if Gabbert, Locker, Ponder, and Weeden were 1st round caliber prospects Geno Smith is a shoe in 1st rounder!!!! The first 6 weeks of the past season he was considered a landslide favorite for the Heisman and was considered the 2nd coming!!!! Showing ridiculous accuracy and completion ratio. That kid can flat out play, I think he fell victim to the pressure of having to over compensate for that sieve called the WVU defense. Anywho, the Chiefs will be pleasantly surprised if they take him and if he happens to fall they will live to regret it.

  22. “I Believe” that Geno Smith’s appeal will grow more as time draws near and he will be on the Chiefs short list. This will be interesting. I don’t think the Chiefs will be able to resist.

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