Cowboys QB coach thinks Romo tried to do too much last year

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The Cowboys haven’t shown any hesitation about committing themselves to more years with quarterback Tony Romo, which means there will be plenty of discussion about what he needs to do to get the Cowboys back to the playoffs.

Quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson thinks Romo needs to try to do less. Although the coach acknowledged that Romo has a knack for making something out of nothing, Wilson said that Romo got himself into trouble in 2012 when he tried to do too much to make up for other offensive mistakes.

“It’s certainly a double-edged sword with him, because he will make some mistakes, and he can create some plays and really cover up for some warts that we do have and give us a chance,” Wilson said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Now, he has to balance that and manage that a little bit better than he did last year. That’s always going to be the emphasis.”

It would help the Cowboys a great deal if they were able to put together an offense that wasn’t so reliant on Romo to make the big plays every single week. That will take much better play from the offensive line than they’ve gotten in the last two seasons, something that should be a priority for the team this offseason.

Romo is who he is and isn’t likely to change much at this point in his career. If the Cowboys want better results, they’ll have to come from improvements elsewhere on the offense.

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  1. It completely baffles me how so many people can criticize what tony does or doesn’t do? It’s a TEAM game any of the greats will tell you the same. Airing the ball out every play can only do so much. Hey critics, can anyone point out a 1,000 yard rusher for Cowboys in past 5 years? No you can’t. Put AP or Alfred Morris inThe back field and our offense would be unstoppable. Running the football wins games.

  2. The offensive line has been bad for 4-5 years. Romo can disguise it at times because of his crazy pocket maneuvering, but he can’t do it all the time. When you’re constantly throwing the ball with dudes in your face, you’re going to make mistakes.

  3. In hus entire career romo has not come close to what Flacco has done in his first five years in the league including 5 straight years In Playoffs and winning at least one game. Three afc championships a Super Bowl and a 9-4 post season record with one of the greatest post seasons in history. I only post this because people always say romo is better than flacco. I think not

  4. That’s what I said..Cowboys get behind too much early.. Steelers and Big Ben did the same thing. Lack of a consistent run game didn’t help, so they feel they have to win it with their arms

  5. Can’t compare Flacco to Romo..Joe has a better O-Line..Ray Rice And Torrey Smith. without those 2 dudes the Ratbirds are dead in the water and Flacco looks like just another QB. Before that playoff run his contract was in question NOW Fokes sayin he deserves top 3 QB $..Maybe one day but not yet.

  6. Tony Romo is the most talented QB the Cowboys have ever had. Staubach and Aikman would not have won anything at all with these Cowboys teams Romo has had.

    Troy was a VERY average QB who tossed 24 more career td’s than int’s. But he was on GREAT TEAMS.

    Staubach was truly a great man and really good QB, but he also had some outstanding teams.

    One thing those guys always had was a great running game. I think in his career, Romo has had one or two thousand yard rushers and that is in a 16 game season. his wide receivers are made of glass altho Dez will be a monster if he stays healthy.

    Witten has really always been his one consistent offensive weapon. But it’s a team sport and others need to step up and maybe even learn to play hurt sometimes.

    If people open their eyes to see past their bias, they will realize these things.

  7. As a football fan, and giants fan, Romo stats are off the charts! I have to assume, since we play them twice a year, a better O-line, MUCH better play calling, and the Romo boys would be a threat
    every year.
    Since the coaching staff has changed going into 2013, I suspect they will add some plays using Romo talents giving the team a better chance to win.
    IMO, this is the year, he makes the team better!
    Remember Dez is brain dead, so Whitten, Austin, and maybe Ogletree become a bigger part of the over-all offensive?

  8. Put Flacco on the cowboys, with their offensive line and run game, watch him win 4 games… Jacoby jones had just as much to do with winning that superbowl than Flacco did

  9. I’m obviously not a Cowboys fan, but I do think additions to the oline would help Romo, as well as a 1-2 punch at RB. Murray & Reggie Bush could be interesting.

    Having said that, I think Romo only plays football to support his golf habit.

  10. I’ve saw more than once when the pocket was caving in on the sides, instead of Romo running it up the middle, he just fell down and surrendered. He’s good but he’s loosing his heart. He’s was really good when he had that kinda attitude when he wore his cap around backwards. He’s not the same now.

  11. I totally agree with Wilson. Yes the O line left a lot to be desired for sure but at times Romo pressesd too much and tried to make a play when there just isn’t one to be made. An incomplete pass or even a sack is not the worst thing that can happen. Romo is experienced enough to get that fact.

    Dallas won games when they ran the ball and Romo did less. Less passing and less INTs.

  12. By Cowboy fans logic, all you need is 5 pro-bowl O-lineman, a pro-bowl running back, TE and WR’s. Then your QB will be able to show you how good he really is

    Gee thanks for explaining why Romo is terrible because yeah sure every great QB has 10 pro-bowlers supporting him

  13. All you fluco fans calm down it was a joke that they even got that far. The team from Cleveland. As for Tony blame jerry’s world that’s who.

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