Ravens could benefit the most from Ogletree DUI charge


Georgia inside linebacker Alec Ogletree was projected by some as a top-ten pick before his recent DUI arrest.  While it’s unclear how far Ogletree could drop due to the incident, there’s a chance it will take him all the way to No. 32.

And right into the hands of the defending Super Bowl champions who are losing a fairly well known inside linebacker.

Already, the speculation is beginning that Ogletree could slide all the way to the Ravens, especially since the DUI comes less than a year after Ogletree was suspended four games by the Bulldogs for a positive drug test.

Ogletree has plenty of time to try to minimize the loss of millions that will come from the failure to fork over a few dollars for a cab, and with last year’s defensive character risks all panning out pretty well so far (Janoris Jenkins, Alfonzo Dennard, and Vontaze Burfict) there’s a chance Ogletree will go higher than expected.

Still, if he makes it all the way down the the bottom of round one, the Ravens have more than enough goodwill in Baltimore to justify rolling the dice on a guy who with a visit or two from Ray Lewis could be inspired to stay out of trouble, permanently.

30 responses to “Ravens could benefit the most from Ogletree DUI charge

  1. Baltimore is a perfect fit.

    If he drives drunk and kills someone…no big deal.

    The Ravens have proven that being linked to murder fits their system.

  2. No way he falls that far. Helped ya write an article, which is great,but someone will take a risk on his personality earlier in the draft than this.

  3. Had no problem with stalworth who did (only) 30 days in jail for a DUI that killed a man, and we all know ray rays exploits…i’d say he fits right in

  4. Talent always trumps problems. He wont get that far down. There are too many teams that need an inside backer.

  5. Baltimore fans, are you tired of being mocked the character risk in the draft every year, because Ray Lewis will rehabilitate him? I would have thought it would be over by now, with Ray retiring. I was wrong.

  6. Seahawks need a LB to replace Hill, although with younger guys like Wagner and Wright, you’d think they’d want more of a veteran (that doesn’t have annual domestic abuse charges against him) as opposed to another player new to the league.

    Plus Seahawk (and Raider) fans know how Seattle’s last LB first round pick turned out.

  7. Sorry, if this kid falls to the Packers, his fall will be over. No possible way he gets past the Pack. This just allows them to kick Hawk out the door like they have been trying to do.

  8. How many times was ray disciplined after the whole Atlanta debacle. The answer is a bog fat Zero. Everyone in this world makes serious mistakes on their lives . The measure is ok hoe they respond

  9. must not have anything better to write about tonight. ridiculous claim that he would fall to the ravens. way too many teams above them would take a chance.

  10. The Ravens already have a better UGA linebacker in ellerbe that they are trying to resign and from the sources I’ve seen, he is priority #2 after Flacco. If they do sign him, the need for an inside backer is cut considerably. McClain will be back healthy and they really like their third inside linebacker in Josh Bynes who made the Super Bowl winning tackle on Ted Ginn. If Ellerbe is back in the fold, the Ravens have bigger needs than Ogletree, Minter, or Te’o if any of them fall that far.

  11. In spite of the predictable self entertaining comments this years draft is deep at DT and the Ravens have a history of finding LBs late in the draft or as FA. For example Josh Bynes, Jameel McLain, Danelle Ellerbe Bart Scott,……… A DT here is the most likely pick for need and value. Thats the sober football reality if you care about something like that.

  12. Positive drug test and a DUI? Not sure the Raven’s would be willing to risk a high draft pick for such questionable attributes. Perhaps they would for domestic violence or petty theft – but they surely can’t risk another “sleepwalking” tumble down the stairs to another high prospect.

  13. Ray Lewis’ advice to Alec, 3 ways to beat your case bro: Ditch your suit, testify against the passenger, and finally start mixing God/my Lord Jesus Christ/my Savior into every interview & you’ll be fine.

  14. hahaha look at all you haters. I can feel the jealousy through your posts. Ogletree would be an awesome Raven. The rich get richer.

  15. Its always funny to see some comments by Pats fans as if they dont have troubled players. I mean they did pick up Stallworth after his incident. Not to mention traded for Talib….players (who are human) deserve 2nd chances just like the rest of us. It is how they respond to those situtations and learning from them – thats what we should look at.

  16. You put this out there and made the not-so-subtle connection to Lewis knowing it would produce these kind of predicable comments. God I can’t stand your biased “reporting”.

  17. I used to be annoyed by all of the people calling Ray Lewis a murder/criminal. But now I find it amusing.

    I actually come to any thread that mentions Ray Lewis or the Ravens linebackers, looking for a good laugh from these people.

    Ray Lewis’ (and the Ravens’) success frustrates these people so much! It makes being a Ravens fan two times as fun.

    Please keep the comments coming, frustrated haters. You make my day! All I ask is that you try to make the murderer/criminal comments a little more a original, instead of parroting the same words over and over.

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