Report: Tannehill, others trying to get Matt Moore to stay in Miami


The conventional wisdom around the league right now is that teams looking for quarterback help in the offseason aren’t going to have much to choose from.

There’s no standouts coming out of college, no one’s sure what the 49ers and Seahawks will do with Alex Smith and Matt Flynn and there aren’t any clearcut starters headed for free agency other than Joe Flacco. Flacco’s not getting there, of course, which means that lesser names like Matt Moore could be in high demand due to the dearth of supply on the market.

Despite that, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Ryan Tannehill and others from the Dolphins have been reaching out to Moore to try to sell him on the idea of staying in Miami. Getting Moore to pass up at least a shot at a starting job will be no easy task, especially if Jackson is right about one of the teams that might have Moore on the radar.

Jackson writes that Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner is a “big fan” of Moore, a theory that has some support in the Chargers’ 2011 pursuit of Moore before he wound up signing with the Dolphins. That scenario is very similar to this one as Moore passed on a chance to back up Philip Rivers so he could play behind a far less secure starter in Chad Henne.

With Brandon Weeden’s starting status anything but secure in Cleveland, Moore could wind up trying the same route he took last time he was on the open market.