Super Bowl weather bravado disregards superstition

Italians love their superstitions.  On the first day of first grade, way back in 1971, my dad sprinkled salt in my shirt pocket, as I stood there wondering if he’d lost his damn mind.  A decade later, when I was handed the keys to the hand-me-down ’72 Volkswagen beetle, he put a bag of salt in the glove box.  Which made me worry that the cops would pull me over and search the car and think it was cocaine.

Of course, that never happened.  Possibly because I respected one of the most important superstitions.

The jinx.

I’ve been thinking about the jinx lately because I’ve noticed more that a little jinxing by NFL types regarding the weather conditions for Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey’s open-air MetLife Stadium.  Although the obsession with the possibility of a blizzard hitting the Northeast on the day the game is to be played already has become tiresome for the league, what did the NFL expect when it awarded a Super Bowl to an open-air stadium in New Jersey?

The league revels in its status as the “ultimate reality show.”  It therefore makes sense that, during the last February before the February in which a Super Bowl will be played outdoors in the dead of winter, folks will fret about what could happen if a storm dumps a bunch of snow on the region on the day of the game.  This has caused some league employees who apparently don’t respect the concept of the jinx to thump their chests on the February days when the temperature stays above freezing and the sky remains free from precipitation.

Our pal Brian McCarthy of the league office recently has been joking that the contingency plans include a possible asteroid hit.

Tread lightly, Brian.  Though some risks (like an asteroid strike) are too small to fall within the range of a possible jinx, concerns regarding a blizzard on Super Sunday are reasonable, even if the chances of it happening are relatively remote.

And one thing any Italian with more salt in his car and clothing than he has in a shaker knows is that declaring a blizzard won’t happen is the surest way to ensure that it will.

Do I seriously believe that the NFL can actually jinx its way into a Super Bowl blizzard?  No.  But if a blizzard happens, I’ll blame it on the jinx.

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  1. Could we keep this site for like, actual news, or maybe even actual rumors? there was nothing of substance in this story. this was like one of those personal musings that people post on a private blog that nobody really cares about. or maybe a facebook update for your family and friends. I know the offseason is slow and all, but c’mon Florio, can you at least keep your musings in a seperate section of the site? Florio’s Soapbox or something?

  2. The best scenario would be the Arizona Cardinals playing the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium. In a snowstorm in 20 degree weather .
    That would be legendary!

  3. I know we’re in a lull before the combine-but this was pointless.

    The 99% of us who aren’t corporate jags, or media members who complain every time they can’t get a dinner expensed, are really excited for an open air Super Bowl.

    If there is snowfall, it’ll make for great TV and a unique game. Sorry you might have to be minorly inconvenienced for a few days on vacation while covering the world’s biggest and best event. Will try not to shed to many tears for you.

  4. The weather issue is not about the players or the field conditions . It is about the ability for everyone to get to and from the game and all the extracurricular crap they put on. Conference championship games have not been an issue. It is the super bowl spectacle that may be problematic.

  5. desmond bishop failed to mention the 99.999% of the entire country that have exactly ZERO chance of ever attending a fn pro football game, let alone the fn Super fn Bowl.

  6. I think too much is being made out of this. It’s football. A game that is meant to be played in the elements. I could care less about the rich extended pinky finger crowd attending the game. If it snows, it will make for better television.

  7. I’ll be rooting for the blizzard I will be hoping for 40in of snow over a 4 day period followed by weeks of zero and below temps. with nobody able to negotiate northeast Jersey. It will be justice for the idiots that have assigned this or any cold weather site a super bowl. It’s February for gosh sakes.

  8. Why doesn’t the nfl schedule the game for Saturday night instead of Sunday and if the jinx causes a delay, they have an option to move the game to Sunday… There is two weeks between the chmpsp games and the sb, one less day won’t hurt, but moving the game to Monday night would be an issue for a lot of folks…

  9. Here’s the deal.

    The players arrive a week before the game. The media arrives a week before the game.

    Unless a storm wipes out power, 99.9% of the normal Super Bowl audience can still watch the game in case of a snow storm.

    But hey, I visited the rumor page and left a comment – two page hits!

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