With free agency looming, here’s a list of all of them

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Over the past two weeks, Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network has taken a close look at each of the various NFL divisions as free agency approaches.

Our producer, Matt Casey, teed up the discussion each day by putting together a list of free agents for each division based on information compiled by Rotoworld.com.  Now that all eight divisions have been covered and I have a list of all free agents saved onto the floppy disk residing in the official PFT Commodore 64, I could either leave them there or I could do what some would say we do best:  copy and paste.

Actually, the copying and pasting already has been done, with a file created for each division’s free agents.  And now I’ll do more copy-and-pasting by copying and pasting links to each division’s potential free agents.

Ideally, we’ll update the list to reflect guys who re-sign as they re-sign.  If you see any we’ve missed, let us know.

AFC East.

AFC North.

AFC South.

AFC West.

NFC East.

NFC North.

NFC South.

NFC West.