Young’s release raises stakes in Amendola negotiations

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Though they have different specialties, with Titus Young being a field-stretcher and Amendola a slot guy, the presence of Young on the roster gave the Rams a little extra leverage in their negotiations with Amendola, who’ll be a free agent on March 12.

With the Rams saying, “Ta-ta, Titus,” the pendulum swings back to pint-sized paisano.  (It’s OK; I’m Italian.)

But that doesn’t mean a long-term deal is on the horizon between Amendola and the Rams.  In the same article in which Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Rams’ personnel decided Young was not “quite there” mentally, Thomas explains that the team and Amendola are not quite there financially.  In fact, Thomas says they are “far apart.”

Both Amendola and Brandon Gibson are headed for the open market, leaving the Rams with only three wideouts under contract:  Austin Pettis, Chris Givens, Brian Quick.

Predictably, coach Jeff Fisher says he’s not worried.  “Not a concern whatsoever,” Fisher said. “There’s options out there.  The free-agent market, there’s options out there, and it’s a great draft for a receiver this year.”

That’s fine.  But when the Rams already have a great receiver in Amendola, it’s hard to let him walk away.

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  1. Lol you guys love cherry picking quotes to try and make it “suit your needs.” Fisher also called the waiver claim essentially a “interview process.” Young had no effect on Amendola’s re-signing – a guy spending less than 2 weeks on the roster won’t affect that.

    They’re still having the same issue – Rams are worried about Amendola’s health (missed almost all of 2011 and atleast 6 games last season). They also don’t have a whole lot of cap room. Amendola’s agent clearly knows he is the best receiver on that team and wants to get the most money for his client – hence “the gap.” Value vs injury history.

  2. Rams select Rob Ryan, then change their minds…
    Rams select Titus Young and then….
    oh never mind, no cares about the Rams!

  3. Can we tone down using the word “great”? He’s a slightly above average slot receiver (who is small and not durable), and the only competent receiver on a team with a bad offense. He’s not that special.

  4. “…the presence of Young on the roster gave the Rams a little extra leverage in their negotiations with Amendola…”

    Wouldn’t Young’s absence work even better?

  5. Bubbybrister: you’re an idiot. Ryan came on board saying he was open to a 4-3 defense and changed his mind. There was no harm in making a waiver claim on Young. It wasn’t like they signed him

  6. Young’s release is meaningless in regards to the future of Amendola on the Rams. Especially when Welker, Greg Jennings, and Mike Wallace will all be in play!!! Duh. They sign any one of those guys and in St. Louis it will be like Amendola who???? LOL

  7. The Rams let Danario Alexander go because of injuries and look at him now.

    Dont make the same mistake again, don’t let Amandola Slip through your hands

  8. Taking a flyer on Titus Young was pointless!!!!

    Chris Givens is way better and a bargain in comparison to a loud mouth who’s worse than his ex-teammate injured with a torn ACL, Ryan Broyles!!!

  9. I think the Rams want Amendola but it is frustrating to constantly have him miss games every year for injuries. The Rams are a bit over the cap so an 8-figure franchise tag for Danny Amendola is unlikely. I predict that some team will overpay for Amendola and the Rams will have to look elsewhere for WR help.

    I don’t think kicking the tires on Titus Young was a bad idea. It cost them nothing, and they had his undivided attention for about a week. They decided that he was a beer or two short of a six pack and moved on. Certainly he has some pass-catching talent, but has a lot of growing up to do. The Rams can find a slot receiver at a reasonable price in free-agency, and will likely leverage their extra first round pick this year (thank you Redskins) to grab an extra WR or two in the draft.

  10. I don’t know the Rams cap situation, but is Danny Amendola really gonna be someone who a team will pay big money for? Sure he can catch a pass from 3 yards out, but I don’t see someone grossly overspending for him. Considering his injury history, I don’t think there will be enough interested parties to command a salary that is out of reach for the Rams. I think they may keep him and let Gibson slip (which by the way I think is the wrong move).

  11. “Great” being used to describe Amendola is a little laughable. He is a good receiver…obviously above average, but I wouldnt even come close to lumping him as a “great” receiver.

  12. For those saying “Amendola is average-to-good,” it’s just an indication that you haven’t seen any game footage from this season (or prior seasons). Amendola is a fantastic slot receiver. I think he’s as good as Wes Welker. The only problem is keeping him on the field due to his injury history.

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