Barkley sends letters to team regarding decision not to throw

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It’s official.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, USC quarterback Matt Barkley has informed all NFL General Managers, trainers, and directors of college scouting in writing that he will not be throwing at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

The letter explains that it’s a medical decision, based on the Grade 3 shoulder separation Barkley suffered during the 2012 college football season.

The situation has created some confusion because Barkley strongly suggested last week that he would throw at the Scouting Combine.  Over the weekend, doctors advised him to wait until his March 27 Pro Day workout to throw for scouts.

As a practical matter, it puts all of Barkley’s eggs in his Pro Day basket.

23 responses to “Barkley sends letters to team regarding decision not to throw

  1. Honesty is worth something, right? Why didn’t he just release a statement saying he is more comfortable being judged while working with receivers he is familiar with instead of random bodies. This guy has made bad decisions for more than a year now. Seems like the next Leinart.

  2. As a non college player, I too will not be throwing. This is like that SOB that shows up at you 12 year old birthday and doesn’t bring a present. If you’re not going to do, what you will soon be paid to do, don’t even bother showing up.

  3. Isnt that cute, sounds like something a high school kid’s Dad would make him do….given his situation this will hurt his stock no matter how he spins it

  4. Usc QB are risky picks, the Chiefs have a huge selections of qb at #1 even tho those players dont deserve being picked #1, mediocre draft for franchise QB

  5. Convenient. A guy whose arm strength is a major question mark doesn’t want to throw. Jimmy Clausen version 2.0.

  6. Who cares? ….. anything is possible like a USC QB living up to the hype….. But with their track record and his pee shooter arm I doubt that anyone is looking at Barkley as a potential franchise QB so in the end he is probably doing himself a favor by giving an at best mediocre arm time to heal..he’s a third rounder but allowing for a good pro day he may be called in the second round and that’s a reach within itself..I’m thinking a Danny Wurefuel type of career in the NFL ….Good guy with marginal NFL talent…

  7. See I dont think Barkely has positive hype – he may have had it last year, but not this year. For that reason I like his chances if he gets out there with something to prove.

    It may be more about situation – as Rodgers didn’t have a lot of hype but ended up in the right situation where he could flurish.

  8. Classic USC QB move, classic USC QB. When all is said and done – Palmer > Leinart > Barkley > Sanchez. 0 rings, they all blow.

  9. He’s not gonna go high in the draft anyway.
    The only reason he would go in the first five rounds is due to the crummy selection of QB talent this year.

  10. Doesn’t really matter why he wont throw, he doesn’t have the talent to be a starting QB in the NFL. He’s a smart kid but he certainly doesn’t have the “it” that NFL teams are looking for. I want to let everyone know before they attack me for my opinion, that this is just my opinion and i definitely wish him the best with his NFL career. I want all players to make it at the NFL level, its what makes the NFL the greatest sport in the world. I just think he’s been over hyped and lacks the skill to get it done at the next level.

  11. Im so glad my team finally has a qb. I’m exhausted from worrying every time a guy like Barkley, Sanchez, or Clausen come around. Could you imagine 15 years of one of these guys at the helm of your favorite team? Manti Teo is in the same category now too.

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