Da’Quan Bowers arrested for carrying gun at airport

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Buccaneers defensive end Da’Quan Bowers has been arrested for carrying a gun at an airport.

NBCNewYork.com reports that Bowers was arrested at LaGuardia Airport on Monday morning after police discovered he was illegally carrying a handgun. Bowers had a loaded .40 caliber firearm in his carry-on bag as he was attempting to get on a US Airways flight to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Bowers was charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and is expected to appear in court on Monday evening.

A 2011 second-round draft pick of the Buccaneers, Bowers missed the first six games of the 2012 season with a torn Achilles tendon but returned in time to play in 10 games and record three sacks last season.

84 responses to “Da’Quan Bowers arrested for carrying gun at airport

  1. Nothing wrong with carrying a gun.

    That being said, what an IDIOT.

    How could you possibly think you would get away with bringing a gun in your carry-on bag?


    Does he not know what those machines are you feed your bags through?

  2. Reset the arrest counter.
    How stupid do you have to be to even thinking of attempting to carry a loaded weapon onto an airplane is a good idea? Seriously this is one of THE dumbest things Iv’e ever heard in my life.

  3. What a wasted of an pick. Thank God Buffalo Bills didn’t drafted this washed up. In other words,sometimes I am ashamed of being an African-American. Seriously. I wish their white never took our ppl from Africa,cause dis is a big time shame. People like him gave all blacks around the world a bad names

  4. Question #17:

    You are illegally carrying a loaded .40 cal in your carry-on as you approach a major airport.

    What do you do?

  5. In today’s day and age of airport security how dumb do you have to be to think you are going to board a plane with a LOADED gun?

    I can’t wait for the excuse of “I forgot it was in my bag”

  6. And he was arrested in NY? Yikes…..I’d be surprissd if he doesn’t see Plaxico jail time for him. Being from Buffalo I know how bad it is in New York regarding guns.

  7. I’ll say this: i gave my GF my butterfly knife. We went to NY to visit her family for the summer last year. Before we left Atlanta, i specifically told her, “make sure you don’t have the knife in your purse, like you always do.” she said she didn’t. got to NY, had a blast of a time.

    Time to fly back, we get stopped by security (in LaGuardia, no less) and her things were searched. Come to find out, the knife was still in her purse. Imagine that, we were able to fly out of ATL with a knife in the purse but not out of NY. So, i can definitely see how its possible that he didn’t know the gun was in his bag.

    Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse for the law, and this is also the same place where a man was jailed for 2 years for shooting himself, because he had a gun (see: Burress, Plaxico).

    I have a really, really bad feeling about this.

    This situtation benefits one person and one person only: Michael Bennett.

    1. How much more did his value to the Bubcs go up?
    2. How much more likely are they to resign him, now?

    [gotta look for the silver linings]

    GO BUCS!!!

    also, looks like its time to reset the ‘days without an arrest’ meter.

    for once, i would love for my Bucs to make it through an offseason WITHOUT making it to the slammer…

  8. So angry right now I feel like punching a f-ing hole in every wall in my house. Way to go Bowers, we draft you in the second round even though you were coming off a serious injury, you do next to nothing in your rookie season, you get a serious injury once again and barely play this season, now you go get arrested for illegal possession of a gun. BS. Bowers getting injured all the time and now getting arrested, Gerald McCoy finishing his only full solid season this past season, M.Bennett being a FA, our D-line is not looking good right now and im f-ing pissed. These athletes get paid so god damn much when they do these kind of things to there teammates and there fans, drives me crazy.

  9. Add it to the Wonderlic. “If you are traveling via air in the United States, how many loaded weapons may you transport in your carry-on luggage?”

  10. I’m all for guns but come on man. And in NY? Didnt NFL players learn from Plaxico? Home boys getting a couple years for being an idiot! And this guy somehow made it through a couple years of college.

  11. So now is Bowers going to be punished because he was an actual threat, a potential terrorist or is he just stupid and did something really dumb?

    I don’t really know Bowers, he doesn’t talk much or anything, but I’m guessing he’s not a terrorist. I understand the TSA has to do it’s job, no problem there, but does the guy need to be lynched for doing something stupid? Or should he pay a stupid people fine and be let off the hook with public humiliation?

    The politically correct answer is one size fits all, if you’re going to punish a Arab just for trying to blow up a building it’s only fair to punish an American the same way for just being stupid.

    BTW, my opinion goes for everyone — judge people based on their own actions and motivations and if someone just does something stupid in which no one was hurt they shouldn’t be treated as a potential terrorist.

    I’m guessing that he’ll get off fairly light with just a fine and public embarrassment – but the idiots in here talking like he just got arrested for driving dunk into a girl scouts van are just that, idiots.

  12. BTW – New information just coming out. Apparently he alerted police to the gun in his carry-on when he checked in.

    This could just be a case of not knowing the local gun laws, which would be a lot less of a story than how it first sounded.

    Hoping that’s the case, not that it will matter to all the anti-gun nuts.

  13. The bag was small enough to be a carry on, so there is no way you cannot tell you have a handgun in there! I can tell when my shaving kit is in mine, and my handguns weigh much more than that!

  14. Typical Buccaneer or Raider, so no surprise here. But in this day and age, post 9/11…How? Why? For what reason? Plain stupidity, like, Tom Brady would never do this, not cause he is white, because he has a brain!

  15. He does not live in NY as far as I know, so where did he get the gun?

    I wonder if he had a meeting at the front office? Now they have to be wondering if he brought a loaded gun to the meeting……

  16. Giving him the benefit of the doubt for maybe carrying the gun on accident (forgetting he had it in his bag) is one thing…..but there is NO excuse for carrying the gun ANYWHERE if you’re not legally licensed to do so. If you don’t have a license to carry a concealed weapon, THEN DON’T DO IT. Sure, maybe he forgot it was in his bag. (Still punitive, but whatever.) BUT – why was it in your travel bag to begin with if you’re not yet allowed to carry it legally? Schmuck.

  17. How can you not tell us if he had a permit or not. This is the difference between a slap on the risk and getting the Plax treatment.

  18. The laws surrounding carrying a firearm (or weapon of any type) onto a plane, are widely accessible by anyone with a phone, or internet access on the TSA website.

    The rules are quite specific, and cover virtually all forms of gun, or weapon, and how they can be legally transported on a plane. Ignorance is no excuse, and blaming it on NY’s laws is misplaced, these are federal restrictions (not that NY wouldn’t have them anyway).

  19. NY has pretty harsh gun laws so this isn’t like Smith at the Atlanta airport. He might be looking at a mandatory 3 year sentence.

  20. Football coaches MUST be the most intelligent of field generals. I always wonder when I read similar stories how in GOD”S name do these football coaches get these meatheads to carry out their individual assignments all together as a team at the second the ball is snapped, and SOMEHOW keep their pea brains focused for sixty minutes? How can they teach / instruct them to complete complex plays? These coaches MUST be geniuses!

  21. Are we saying they don’t read the paper or internet talk to no one never look at the news or turn on the radio to know the airport and guns don’t mix.

  22. Of all the states to get caught with a gun at an airport and he picks NEW YORK? This boy is in some serious trouble with Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo. Wow how stupid can you be….Loaded no less?

  23. justintuckrule says: Feb 18, 2013 7:00 PM

    How can you not tell us if he had a permit or not. This is the difference between a slap on the risk and getting the Plax treatment.
    Unless you’re a marshal a permit doesn’t mean squat. It has to be unloaded and in check on baggage only. Every state, every airport, same laws.

  24. Another one of those well-trained, “we need MORE citizens packing heat,” NRA folks leading the way! What say you Mr. Wayne La Pierre?

  25. This is so much BS! Check out what happens to an Airline Employee when they are caught. “Jaclyn Luby, a flight attendant for Republic Airways”. Google it. She got a Misdemeanor charge.

  26. Wait a minute. If I am correct, Da’Quan is not a resident of New York. Did he buy the gun in New York? Oh, no wait, he must have driven to New York with his gun. Um, wait. New York dosen’t have reciprocal conceal carry laws. Now how in the hell did he get it to New York, on a plane trip up there?

    There are some unanswered questions. Don’t ya think?

  27. Heard plenty of these stories over the years of non-athletes (and sometimes highly educated people) also showing up at the airport with a gun in their carry-on. Most common excuse is “I forgot it was in this bag.”

    Not being a gun person, I don’t quite get that…but definitely not a problem limited to “idiot athletes”. Kind of astounding how many illegal items (including firearms and other weapons) are seized in a year, most in the carry-ons of regular Joes who won’t get their names in the national media for it.

  28. Apparently the gun was not loaded, but NY laws consider a gun being transported in the same container as its ammo to be loaded.

    Bowers did not attempt to check the weapon, but alerted security that he had a weapon in his bag.

    This sounds all the world to me like Bowers going through one set of procedures to take the gun on the place to New York, and not realizing there would be a separate set of procedures to take the gun OUT of New York. Hardly idiocy or stupidity, and hardly malice or intentional wrongdoing.

  29. Meanwhile, the 4th.-most-hated athlete on the planet, Jay Cutler, just made it possible for a bunch of diabetic kids to attend a place called Camp Carson in Indiana, second year in a row his foundation has done this. Camp Carson is geared for children with Type I diabetes, to help them cope and not feel they are struggling alone.

    What’s sad is that the only place this is even mentioned is on the Bears website, apparently the mainstream media only cares about how Jay proposed to Kristin.

  30. Wonderful, so he earned his “Idiot Certification” in the process. This is too ridiculous to even report. I demand a drug test of his parents……..

  31. So of course the story turns out to be not nearly the story that the media wants it to be.

    Apparently he got to NY with a gun in his luggage, he flew in I believe. Anyways upon his arrival at the air port to go home, now having this gun with him and not knowing what to do, he went to the desk to find out how he should handle the situation. The gun is registered to him, but obviously not in the state of NY. He didn’t go through security or anything, he was asking how he should handle the situation. Then he was promptly arrested, all the news sites like this run stories saying he tried to take a loaded gun onto a plane (which wasn’t true) and now he’ll probably lose his right to carry a firearm and maybe go to prison. Once again for asking what he should do.

    Well I can tell you what to do Bowers, rent a car and drive somewhere else. You might have made a stupid mistake but you’re not a criminal, not that anyone on this moronic message board or in the media cares since as we all know, even owning a gun in 2013 America is a criminal offense.

  32. Right about now, I expect the NRA and other assorted gun-nuts to defend Bowers’ “right” to carry a gun wherever he pleases.

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