First-round draft trades could be less plentiful this year

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Last year, the Rams reeled in two first-round picks and a second-rounder in exchange for a flip-flop of the second and sixth overall picks.  Likewise, the Vikings pilfered from the Browns a fourth-round pick, a fifth-round pick, and a seventh-round pick for a one-spot jump from four to three, which allowed the Browns to draft a running back (Trent Richardson) whom the Vikings never would have picked.

There was other movement at the top of the draft, with the Jags moving up to get Justin Blackmon, the Cowboys climbing the ladder for Morris Claiborne, and the Eagles rising up to get Fletcher Cox.

This year, there could be much less activity at the top.

“If you’re a playoff team this year, you have to be laughing,” preeminent NFL draft guru Mike Mayock tells Peter King of  “First, I don’t see much difference between the fifth and 25th picks this year.  And I don’t really see the immediate difference-makers in the top 10.”

The one wild card in the flattening of the top of the draft pool is the fact that there’s a chance a team at the bottom will fall in love with one specific player who is creeping down the board.  That could prompt a trade up, especially if said player fills a specific need for the team looking to make a move.

Need is the key.  By late April, we’ll know what teams did, or didn’t, do in free agency.  Some needs will be filled, and other needs could arise.  And those needs could be enough to get a team to try to make a trade even though, when ignoring the positions the players play, the talent at the top is roughly the same.

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  1. I really dont follow the draft neither do i care, but wait the Browns traded away draft picks to the Vikings to draft a slot ahead (when it was quite clear the vikings werent going to take T. Rich obviously) wow. And there you have it folks why some franchises are consistently at the bottom of the barrel. No wonder Randy Lerner was like F this, i am out.

  2. I don’t care what anyone says, the Redskins did the right/correct call in trading for the eventual Rookie of the Year WINNER, Robert Griffin the 3rd. He lifted this entire city and won the division in just his FIRST season. Not to mention, the classiest individual you’ll ever meet off the field. Kudos to Allen/Shanahan/Snyder. What a great era to be in for RedskinsNation.

  3. I dunno, maybe the Redskins ought to actually win something before the “great era” tag is applied.

  4. what these idiots fail to see is the vikes couldve traded pick to another team to draft richardson…and browns wouldve been left hanging. vikes sold it wisely. come on people…use your head

  5. For me, I’m really curious to see what happens with the Raiders at #3 and here’s why…If the Chiefs don’t draft Geno Smith 1st overall, and the Jags draft DE the way I think they do-Smith is sitting there at #3. I doubt Oakland takes him because they still have Palmer/Pryor and too many holes that could be filled by trading down for extra picks. The question is whether Buffalo or Arizona make a trade up? I agree with pretty much everything that’s been said about this year’s QB class. Is Geno Smith worth picks to move up or would teams that need a QB be just as well off with Tyler Wilson and Mike Glennon?

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