Jeff Fisher: Bradford’s struggles because of the players around him

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Rams quarterback Sam Bradford rebounded well from a rocky 2011 in Jeff Fisher’s first year as the head coach and Fisher thinks he knows what the Rams need to do to get an even better performance out of Bradford in 2013.

It’s a pretty simple answer: Get better players to fill out the rest of the offensive roster. During an interview with ESPN 101, Fisher intimated that a better supporting cast would solve some of the remaining issues with Bradford’s game.

“His play was directly affected by the people around him. There’s times when it’s difficult to step up in the pocket and make the good throw. That’s not the quarterback’s fault. That’s whatever’s going on out front,” Fisher said, via “We’re pleased with what Sam did. He’s got an exciting future. I know he’s really excited about coming back in here in April and getting started and not having to learn another offense.”

Fisher’s comments make it pretty clear that the team wants to upgrade the offensive line, although that’s not the only way to help Bradford out. The team’s brief dalliance with Titus Young shows they want to find some help on the receiving end of things. It’s not clear how they plan to go about that.

Don Banks of reports that the team isn’t expected to bid on Greg Jennings or Dwayne Bowe and they also run the risk of losing free agent Danny Amendola. Reports over the weekend indicated they are far away financially in talks with Amendola and losing him would step up the pressure to find players who can make their direct effect on Bradford a more positive one than Fisher thinks last year’s team provided.

21 responses to “Jeff Fisher: Bradford’s struggles because of the players around him

  1. Not enuff weapons? They used to say the same thing about Brian Shottenheimer’s last QB…

    Trust me, its Shotty’s fault!

  2. Bradford’s problem is that he can’t or won’t throw downfield. He is always looking for the check down.

    He’s lucky he was drafted before the new rookie cap was in place. He was paid a ton of money. That’s why they are still trying to get something out of him.

    If you draft a high first round QB, you are no longer married to that player for 5 years like it used to be. Now, you can move on after 2 years if you don’t think he has it, because his salary is not outrageous.

    Bradford will get yet another chance because this QB class stinks.

    Bradford has never really shown anything special. Even if his WRs stink, there should still be moments of greatness in there if he’s the real deal. Tanneyhill at Miami doesn’t have great WRs but he already has some great plays under his belt where you see the potential.

  3. 30+ Dropped Passes this year from the rams offense

    I say just draft Cordarrelle Patterson and Allen in the 1st round if they fall to the rams

    Fisher can mold 3-7th round offensive linemen into solid starters

  4. Tannehill at Miami doesn’t have great WRs but he already has some great plays under his belt where you see the potential.

    True that- Bradford just underwhelms.

  5. as a Redskins fan I can attest to moments of greatness from Bradford. surround him with some protection and weapons and he can be a top ten QB.

  6. As an impartial observer (ravens fan), I was really impressed with Bradford in his rookie year despite his lack of good talent around him. He made throws downfield as well.

    Perhaps his injuries have worse than advertised. I also thought he had a good bit of the “IT” factor.

    The rams are married to him because of his contract. What fisher needs to do is get him reliable talent at wr and TE and fix his OL. I think if that happens Bradford will be fine.

  7. I remember the good O-Line the Rams had back in the late 90s. It all started there for them. Then they acquired great WRs and got Faulk. Fisher is making a mistake bringing in these low character guys by the way. Remember Pac Man? Draft a LT like Pace and go from there.

  8. The Rams O-Line has been AWFUL since Pace was lost for the season with a torn bicep (whatever year it was). It didn’t help Adam Timmerman retired, Andy McCollum retired, Richie Incognito was a head case, Alex Barron was a scrub, and everyone else who’s been drafted has been pitiful.

  9. All it takes is a look back at the GSOT to realize that wideouts make an OL a lot better!!!
    Warner threw the ball to Az and Tory and the Rev off of 3 and 5 step drops and let them do the rest. Five guys named Joe can hold the line for 2 to 3 seconds if Bradford gets the ball out quick. Quicker WR’s get open quicker the ball comes out quicker bam…there is no need to waste a first round pick on an o lineman.

  10. For the Rams and with Jeff Fisher’s philosophical approach to mesh with the Rams needs and picks. The Rams may end up trading their first picks. They have the #16th and #22nd. If the Rams trade #16 to Miami for their 2 2nd Rd picks #43&#56 and #22 to Cincinnati for #22 for their #37&#55th picks. Then the Rams will have 5 picks in the first 56 picks. Then the Rams will have 6 picks in the 1st 80 picks. That will allow the Rams to reload, a lot of needed talent. If the Rams stay pat, then it will only be 4 picks without 2 extra picks they could really use. They need quality, but as much quality as possible.
    Having said that, at #37, #43,#48,#55 and #56 all in the second Rd. That makes for 5 picks instead of 3 picks. All in the 2nd Rd. Possibilities, are then for the taking. They need a very good draft. This is one way. They’re going to have many teams looking to trade up, even at the Rams 2 places. It just depends, on who will make the best trade. The Rams could even throw in Isaiah Pead with the trade to Cincinnati. The Rams could throw in Amendola with the Miami trade. He looks like, he may be too much for what the Rams want to spend on him. He’s injured most of the time.. He is a dependable receiver when he is in. But, it is a big chance he won’t be there all season. He is a walking gamble. They need to trade him to either Buffalo or Kansas Cit or Miami or someone the Rams could use somewhere else.

  11. While there aren’t more than three OT’s worth drafting this year, there are some quality guards in this draft class. Warmack, and Cooper among them. Barret Jones (Bama) looks to be a mauler who can play all down the O-line, including Center. Da’Rick Rogers of Tennessee Tech is an extremely talented WR, that lost his scholarship at Tennessee for smoking pot. He was the #1 WR there, before Cordarelle Patterson’s ascendency. While Rogers moved on to Tech, the level of competition is SEC-heavy, or a generally high level. He will go in either the third, and possibly fourth round. The first 3 picks must address one of the safeties, and two of the O-line needs. Safeties are deep in the draft so, there may even be some quality safeties in the third round. As fisher intimated, Bradford needs help out front. It’s GOT to happen in April!

    Remember, we plucked Amendola from Philly’s practice squad; there will be more free-agent quality receivers out there in the summer. We have a decent core unit of receivers, especially if Brian Quick comes together this season. Austin Pettis can certainly handle the slot position.

    It’s a shame Titus young didn’t workout; however, it’s time to forge ahead, not get too crazy, and pickup another one, or two decent veteran wide-outs, and an OLB that won’t require the entire bankroll to sign. Let’s not forget to scout Canadian Football for hidden gems there too.

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