Lacy injures hamstring, won’t work out in Indy


The top running back in this year’s class won’t be working out at the Combine this week.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Alabama’s Eddie Lacy won’t work out in Indianapolis “after suffering small tear in some tissue around his hamstring while training last week.”

The hope is he’ll be recovered by Alabama’s March 13 pro day, and able to show scouts his ability then. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said today he thought Lacy was the only first-rounder among running backs this year.

If scouts only watch his last two tapes, it won’t hurt his stock much, as he rushed for 321 yards and four touchdowns in the SEC Championship Game and the BCS title game combined.

11 responses to “Lacy injures hamstring, won’t work out in Indy

  1. He doesn’t want to post a slow time so he has a convenient injury.

    Funny how all we hear about during the season is SEC speed then they get to the combine and run times in line with top players from other conferences.

    We’ll see how good lacy is in the NFL when he doesn’t have a gaping hole to run through on every play. Mark Ingram sucks and Tent Richardson didn’t look so great last year either.

    I know, Richardson had a cracked rib. Did the cracked rib cause him to miss holes, and get caught from behind routinely?

  2. He had an amazing offensive line so it’s tough to know how good he really is but I could see the Packers, rams, Colts or Broncos taking him in the 1st round.

  3. @randomcommenter then why has the SEC dominated the past 7 seasons?

    In relation to the article, Lacy struggled with injuries at Bama as well (2011 in particular behind TRich). If I were an NFL team, I would stay away from him, especially given NFL RB’s shelf-lives. Not worth a 1st round pick (see: Mark Ingram)

  4. Not working out at the combine…the old reliable (and invisible) hamstring. Could this be a strategy to garner more attention from your pro day than joining in with a crowd at the combine.

    These games are getting ridiculous.

  5. And with the 18th pick in the first round, the Pittsburgh Steelers select…

    This guys has Steeler RB written all over him.

    In all seriousness, if the JETs knew what they were doing (Which the don’t) they’d grab him.

  6. He’s ending up in Pittsburgh if he makes it past Detroit and Arizona. There is a slim choice that Miami could take him, but they have bigger needs. With all of the running backs on the 2012 roster free agents this off season, the time is right to grab an every down kind of back.

  7. Watch the tape..who cares about a combine? Pittsburgh SHOULD gladly take him..Keyword being “should” but Colbert will probably screw this up too! lol Tragic

  8. All the arm chair GM’s on PFT make me laugh…Mark Ingram sucks? Trich sucks? Now Eddie Lacy isnt really the guy trucking Heisman runner ups, its the holes opened 5-10 yds behind the Ass kick Lacy was handing out every saturday. Do you guys even watch football?

    Put Ingram on a team with a competent coach, oline that run blocks and you will see what the Heisman winner can do, give him a tissue paper oline and and QB who likes to chuck it 40+ times and ill give you a power RB who is set up to fail.

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