Mayock sees a post-Combine climb for Nassib


The Underwear Olympics get rolling this week.  And so NFL Network’s Mike Mayock is doing a lot of talking about it, on a conference call.

And I’ve been doing a lot of listening.

Mayock pointed out early in the call that there are “a whole of lot holes in the quarterback class.”  One of those quarterbacks could benefit, once the Combine gets rolling.

Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib “will quietly climb” between Indy and Radio City Music Hall, Mayock believes.  “When coaches get involved,” Mayock explained, “they’re going to fall in love with his work ethic and intelligence.”

Mayock compared Nassib to Kirk Cousins in 2012 and Andy Dalton in 2013, both of whom have good but not great physical attributes but who impress coaches with their brains and their willingness to roll up their sleeves and work.

10 responses to “Mayock sees a post-Combine climb for Nassib

  1. The Bills’ new head coach was Nassib’s HC at Syracuse.

    The Bills’ new offensive coordinator was Nassib’s OC at Syracuse.

    …I don’t see Nassib falling past the second round for that reason, even if he’s”graded” as a third round pick.

  2. I am pretty sure that Bills Head Coach Marrone has faith in his old QB Ryan Nassib, enough to draft him come the second round. If Nassib doesn’t look like he is going to last until round 2, pick 8, I can see Marrone and the Bills doing whatever it takes to trade up and secure the Syracuse product. Nassib to Buffalo is so ideal, not just because he is good at what he does, not because he has played for Marrone, Its because he has played for the Bills new Offensive Coordinator before. That is what makes it so perfect.

  3. don’t matter the Bills will take him in the 1st round and then hear the explanation that him being at Syracuse had noting to do with it.

    hopefully you dont do the presser, seeing as though can’t use puncuation, nor can you use the proper words needed to convey your message…

  4. The Bills will draft this kid. Period. They will draft him in the first round because they’re going to panic and not want to take the chance and wait until the second round.

    If they’re smart (which has not seemed to be the case in a long, long time) they’ll try to trade down to try to get him without using the number eight overall pick (because even they know that he’s not worth that). But most other teams, sensing the stench of desperation on them, will not play ball. The Bills will be hard pressed to find any takers.

    Odds are 50-50 that he goes at eight.

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