No franchise tag for the Eagles this year


The window has opened for every team to apply the franchise tag.  The Eagles don’t need the window to open, because they reportedly don’t intend to use it.
Or because they plan to fly into it.  Again.

Either way, Geoff Mosher of reports that the Eagles won’t apply the tag to anyone.

It’s not a surprise, as pointed out in last night’s team-by-team look at the tag (yes, I’ll be promoting the hell out of that 2,500-word manifesto over the next few days), only cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie merits consideration in a fairly small class of Eagles players whose contracts are expiring.

But he’s not nearly at the level that would justify tying up eight figures in cap space, and so the Eagles will let him hit the market.  Along with the rest of their free agents.  Along with a few guys who currently have contracts, especially if they won’t take reduced deals.

10 responses to “No franchise tag for the Eagles this year

  1. So, since everyone agrees the Eagles have nobody on their roster they would remotely use the tag on, is this basically just a link to your other article?

  2. I realize he hasn’t played well enough to warrant the tag, but I would have kept DRC. There’s still a chance the Eagles re-sign him to a new deal more reflective of his recent play, but I have this sinking feeling they’ll let him walk & keep Nnamdi at a reduced contract. Neither one, mind you, has made me a happy Eagles fan, but I’d rather roll the dice on a 27 year old who has shown flashes than the $60+ Million piece of toast. Here’s hoping we snag Dee Milliner with the 4th overall.

  3. DRC great speed, great size, average corner. Not even close to being a “shut-down” corner on his best day, and he has some REALLY miserable games. I’d keep him, but only at the right price.

  4. The Eagles have no player that would justify using the tag, so it’s a good non move. If DRC wants to re-up at a reasonable price, fine, if not, buh bye. I still remember the week FOXs John Lynch was doing color on the Eagles game and referred to the effort of DRC and his partner in gutless quitting, Nnamdi, as “disrespectful to his teammates, coaches and the game of football”.

  5. Quarterbacks had a 6.7 QB rating when throwing at Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie through the first 3 games of the season. Then the wheels started coming off big time and he, along with the rest of the defense gave up. If he can go somewhere with a good mentor I think you’d be surprised at what he can do. I’m a little biased seeing as he’s my favorite current player, but still, the dude has talent.

  6. DRC is physically gifted athlete with no head. Let some other team give him big up front money and suffer the consequences.

  7. As an Eagles fan I can honestly say there was not a more clueless secondary than ours, DRC and Nnamdi consatntly getting burned then looking for Nate Allen and Coleman for over the top help while those 2 were on a blitz smh the “McNabb” pick and 7th round pick Safeties need to go

  8. I’d much rather keep DRC than Naamdi. Everytime you see a wide open receiver Asomugha is jogging 10 yards behind him.

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