PFT Live: Miami must say farewell to Bush

Mike Florio runs down Miami’s off-season to-do list and says while they need to acquire more weapons for QB Ryan Tannehill, RB Reggie Bush’s tenure as a Dolphin must come to an end. Florio also says letting LT Jake Long hit the open market is the smartest move for GM Jeff Ireland, and placing the franchise tag on CB Sean Smith can solidify Miami’s secondary.

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6 responses to “PFT Live: Miami must say farewell to Bush

  1. I’m not gonna lie, I’m going to miss Reggie Bush. He left some yards on the field, but he is one of the most explosive runners this Franchise has ever seen. Enough with the bs that Reggie isn’t an everydown running-back he averaged over 1,300 yards both seasons in Miami and should’ve seen the ball a heck of a lot more. Good luck 22.

  2. It amazes me that Miami will let Reggie go. He is a unique weapon that the team needs. Its not his fault the coaches weren’t smart enough to use him properly. There are few players more dangerous in the open field, so lets run him up the middle time after time……. Damn its hard being a Dolphin fan.

  3. The great organizations know when to let their veteran players go. The problem with the Dolphins is they have not proven to be a great organization since Shula left. Therefore, everyone doubts almost every move they make.

  4. They should let Sherman the OC go. He absolutely did not how to best use Reggie’s talents. He ran up the middle, passes up the middle or down the sideline when he should have had swing passes where he would beat any linebacker one on one and screens.

    Reggie will connect with a smart OC who will use use him properly and he will have great year.

    And I’m going to miss him terribly.

  5. 1) Someone please explain to me why Miami MUST let Reggie go when it’s entirely possible that he doesn’t find the deal/role that Florio claims he wants elsewhere.
    2) Use the tag on Sean Smith? Um, what exactly has he done to earn it? While he’s a good player, he’s been to erratic to be paid top five salary at his position.
    3) His first two points (getting Tannehill better weapons [although that’s a bit of a no-brainer] and letting Long hit the market), however, I agree with entirely.

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