Report: Ravens, Flacco’s agent to meet in Indy

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Like the other 31 teams in the NFL, the Ravens will be in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine later this week.

And, like many of those other teams, they’ll be taking care of business beyond timing players in the shuttle run while they’re there. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that one of the items on their to-do list is a meeting with Joe Linta about a new contract for Linta’s client Joe Flacco. Linta told PFT last week that he expected to meet with the Ravens in Indianapolis.

It’s the first time the two sides have met face-to-face since August and it comes with the clock ticking on the deadline to use the franchise tag on their starting quarterback and the Super Bowl XLVII MVP. There’s no chance that the Ravens wouldn’t avail themselves of that option if they aren’t able to reach agreement on a long-term deal before the March 4 deadline to tag players.

Avoiding the tag could mean staying away from a cap-clogging figure — $14.6 million for the regular tag or more than $20 million for the exclusive designation — that would hinder the Ravens’ ability to do other things early in free agency. This week’s meeting could be a step toward making that happen or it could establish that the two sides are too far apart to get things done in the next two weeks.

48 responses to “Report: Ravens, Flacco’s agent to meet in Indy

  1. The Ravens better sign him to the biggest QB contract ever. He is the best QB in the NFL and is the proven leader of the Ravens. He will dominate the pathetic NFC north once again and bring another Superbowl Championship to Baltimore next season.

    Flacco = ELITE and now everyone knows it.

  2. I can see how his agent could justify him being the highest paid player in the league. Clearly he’s not the best or most accomplished QB in the league however you are typically paid based on talent, upside & longevity in the NFL. On top of that the results are very good if not elite.

  3. I can’t believe Cam Cameron kept this guy down for so long.

    …just like he did to Drew Brees…

  4. This is the sad thing about dealing with a number of Ravens fans that post on articles regarding their team or the Steelers’ franchise. They’re very insecure, and just wait to pounce on any type of negativity reported by the media regarding the Steelers’ players, or the front office. They also over-glorify anything that the Ravens do regarding success/prowess on the field.
    The reason they pounce, and the reason Steelers fans often respond/retort with the number of Lombardi’s each franchise has on their shelf, is because they’re second fiddle as a franchise. This is in establishing the type of tradition that has been around for the last 40 years, let alone 10 to 13 years.
    The Ravens also consistently use various social websites to use crude and vulgar methods of being disrespectful to the Steeler fans and the organization and its players. This pattern really comes out prior to a divisional game between them.
    Steelers players, not perfectly, but for the most part, don’t get involved with that crap. If they’re going to talk trash, they reserve it for the field when they’re actually facing the Ravens across the line of scrimmage. They also are more comfortable to let their violence and legal play on the field do the talking.
    So, regarding this specific blog post, Flacco has proven he is top shelf at his position in the NFL. But elite, used in the definition as it’s intended, keeps him out of the discussion. Brady is elite, Manning is elite, Rodgers is elite, Brees is elite. Montana was elite, as was Marino. They are or were virtuosos at their position, and took the position to another level. I wouldn’t put Flacco in that category. I wouldn’t put Big Ben in that category either. Ben’s simply a winner, but he’s not as polished and refined at his positions as these greats were or are. He probably never will be, but he’ll win ugly, and win more than most QB’s. Flacco’s just now showing that he can win ugly when the pressure’s on based on this past season. Couldn’t consistently say that for Flacco even in the regular season prior to this year.

  5. I’m a huge ravens fan, I was so happy when they won the Super Bowl this year. Major party but flacco should not be he highest paid qb. People need to take being a fan out of it, whee do you rank flacco in the qb right now? not number 1 I don’t think so. I got Brady manning Bree’s Rogers and sadly Big Ben. 6th best qb in the league. He is not worth 20 million a year more like 15 17 million. That’s still a lot per year

  6. great post by steelersare…however the fan trash talk goes both ways. lots of steeler fans have negative and crude things to say about the ravens and their fans. as far as the history goes the steelers obviously have the edge in longevity but the ravens have accomplished a lot in 17 years.
    i pretty much agree with the joe and ben analysis. at the end of the day results are what matters. and while neither joe or ben are statistically elite wins are what matter. that being said joe is in the perfect storm….he is the only free agent qb which a track record and he is the reigning sb mvp. he has more wins than any qb in his first 5 yrs and as many sb rings as peyton rodgers and brees. he is gonna get paid. and next year his contract will probably be fifth in value. its just how sports works. go ravens!!

  7. Has anyone else figured out that this is the biggest non story of the offseason? I’m not a Ravens fan but from what I can tell from Joe’s very boring interviews is that he is loyal. This guy will not leave the Ravens organization. As long as the Ravens do not insult the guy by taking advantage of this one fact, the deal will get done.

  8. Flacco will get a nice deal that will be cap friendly the first few years and allow them to keep some guys like Ellerbe, Boldin and maybe Reed? It will be interesting to watch Flacco and Caldwell together for a whole regular season. The days of the inconsistent Joe, are done for good.

    It’s almost funny how some of these insecure steelers fans have to comment on how (they feel) insecure Ravens fans are, even though they’re always the ones doing it. Bringing up the number of titles they have and creating multiple accounts with different (pretentious) usernames involving rings, or pig jen, all because their team (and probably their lives) are lame. Get a life! What’s truly sad is most of these people are just riding the wagon. It’s nice to root for a team that’s both successful and doesn’t have legions of phoney fans.

  9. Apparently Steeler fans have only 2 behaviors, gloating and sulking. Since they don’t have much to gloat about lately, they have been doing a lot of sulking. Mr. Steelersarewhatever, no one brought up Pittsburgh in this discussion but you. Naturally, since the article is about Joe Flacco the Ravens are mentioned prominently.

    After your whiney rant on the mean Ravens fans, why would you think that anyone would put much credibility in your analysis of QBs in the NFL?

    Personally, I think that Joe will get $20m a year. I just hope that the Ravens aren’t the team paying it. I love him, but they can’t afford him without gutting the rest of the team. We just won a Superbowl. Give him the non-exclusive tag and if Cleveland or someone else signs him, trade the #1 to SF for Alex Smith.His cap number is half the tag size. That still gives the Ravens 2 #1s next year and we can keep Reed, Boldin, Birk, McKinnie, and maybe even Ellerbe.

  10. Giving the Ravens two number ones for Flacco seems like a good deal for ravens and the front end cash for Flacco also good for the player. Ozzie with 4 #1s in 2 years could be trouble for AFC N.

  11. Don’t overpay for this guy. Slap a non-exclusive tag and take the draft picks and possible Alex Smith.

    I do remember many of the Ravens fans were ready to send him packing after the Cincinnati loss. Things really started to turn around when the changes were made in the offensive line, so don’t anoint Flacco to the likes of Brady, just yet.

  12. Ravens hope the refs award them another Super Bowl next year!!! Ha ha ha, they are destined for last place this year. Flacco did play well in the postseason, but come on, even ravens fans know there is an asterisk next to their Lombardi.

  13. how is there an asterik on the ravens lombardi? thats a joke of a statement. and i seriously dont see last place anytime soon. come back when you have something real to say.

  14. I think Joe has already made more money than he thinks he needs. He doesn’t have an ego and I don’t think he needs to be the highest paid QB in the league. He’s smart enough to realize it’s not the stats, money and commercials that are going to make him a hall of famer but it’s the Legacy of the WINNINGEST QB OF ALL TIME that he’s chasing and I think he’s smart enough to work with the team so he can be surrounded with talent.

    Slow joe is going to laugh all the way to the bank and Canton with the Ravens!

  15. Flacco is a game-managing, slightly-above-average QB that comes up with weirdly inconsistent performances against teams the Ravens should have no trouble with (e.g., the Chiefs and the Jaguars games come to mind over the past couple years as particular examples — there were other games where he’d disappear for half the game, such as the loss to the Eagles in Sept 2012). I hope the Ravens throw heaps of money at him because the investment isn’t worth it.

    Bigger picture, Ravens are going to fall apart this year. They looked like anything but a playoff-caliber team as of late October/November after they lost to a Charlie Batch-led Steelers, and then benefited from luck and calls gone their way in games following. Even before that, they looked nowhere near as good as a team with their record. Add to the fact that they’re not going to be able to retain the entire squad given free agency and the AFC North is looking pretty open.

  16. Asterisk next to their Lombardi? How so? Say what you will about the officiating in the Super Bowl (if that’s what you’re referring to) but at least it was even. Games aren’t won or lost on penalties called and they certainly aren’t won or lost on penalties not called! If the Ravens had lost the Super Bowl they certainly couldn’t have looked back to the late hit on Flacco or various other uncalled penalties and potentially “missed” calls as any type of excuse. The truth is that the 49ers lost that game because they deserved to lose. Prior to the blackout the game was shaping up to be one of the largest blowouts in Super Bowl history. Any complaints about the last drive should be directed toward the 49ers coaching staff for its absolutely abysmal play calling. They were great when they were losing but choked at the first chance of success. It was very obvious that it was a young team and young coaching staff that didn’t know how to win. I’m sure they’ll learn from the experience and use it as motivation moving forward.

  17. There will be No cap hell for the Ravens.. Joe will be signed…he Browns will have NO quarterback next year.
    The Steeler fans will be babbling about those OLD OLD ..OLD trophys with loads of cobwebs all over them and finish next year at 7 and 9. Their slide into obscurity continues.

    The falling apart of the Steelers is a forgone conclusion with Ben being unable to throw more than 10 yards…no Mike Wallace…no Casey Hampton…no Heath Miller…an useless Polamalu…a one legged Heath Miller…and fat and out of shape Woodley…and NO James Harrison. And a general manager who has announced that all the current running backs the Steelers have will be cut.

    This is why the Steelers are falling apart…not the Ravens

  18. He’s a steelers fan not surprising he doesn’t know the difference between the NFC an the Afc . # bandwagon

  19. Eating up all this criticism here in Baltimore… We love it. So as always: let’s educate some clowns and fix some fallacies.
    #1- “Joe is mediocre.” Wrong. Joe WAS mediocre. Biggest reason? Cam. Since he got the boot and Joe was unleashed he ended the season with a staggering 18-1 TD-INT ratio. Hardly mediocre.
    #2- “we need to let Joe go to keep Q, Reed, Birk,etc.” SOOO the Ravens should let a great QB in his prime go in order to keep a 32,34 & 38 year old? Hardly seems like the best way to start a youth movement and rebuild with guys who have 2 years at best left.
    #3- “Pay Joe so he can cripple the Ravens blah blah cap hell.” While it would make it tough, I’d hardly say teams like Denver, NE, NO (top 5 QB salaries) are struggling to stay afloat. It all starts at QB.
    #4- “Ravens are going to tank next year.” Aww.. Sweet. People forget the depth we have. Kruger replaced by Upshaw. Reed replaced by Christian Thompson. Birk replaced by Geno Gradkowski. Ellerbe stays put. Boldin extends. BOOM. Playoff bound again.

    So please- go educate yourselves before posting and sounding like a fool. Ravens aren’t going anywhere kids!

  20. The Ravens are one of my favorite franchises in all of Sports.

    But whhhyyy are they reporting soo much on this topic I understand it’s slow really who cares! Flacco will be a Raven story over report it when they sign a deal shesh all the were going to talk on this date is pointless. He is NOT going anywhere why is this such a big deal!

    JS do some interesting journalism on off season things that show players in another light but stop talking about what everyone already knows.

  21. The Ravens have always had success against Ben Roethlisberger who can no longer put any zip on his throws due to his damaged shoulder.

    Can’t wait until we win both games against the Steelers …AGAIN …remember all those brutal interceptions Ben loves to throw at the end of games that have been killers?

  22. The Ravens screwed this up. They offered Flacco $16 million last year. He turned it down. If they put the non exclusive tag, they’ll pay him less, about 1.4 million less. He isn’t going to be happy. It may be enough for him to entertain other offers. Ozzie may get two number ones, but before Flacco, the Ravens searched for years for their QB. Two extra number ones might not be enough to find a new franchise QB.

    So, allidoiswin55, that’s why there is all this reporting on this. And he very well could leave the team. If they insult him, he ought to go.

  23. This is the biggest mistake I ever saw coming. If the Ravens don’t franchise Flacco to see what kind of year they get out of him then they’ll be mortgaging their future in a big way. They have a great out. Franchise him and see if he can put together a really good season for the first time in his life or just pour the team’s money into what may be a worthless contract going forward…

  24. I am a lurker not a poster, but I will make an exception here. Steeler fans have taken snark, schadenfreude, sanctimony and backhanded compliments to an art form over the last few weeks. Nobody had even mentioned the Steelers before “steelersarewhatfootballisabout” hopped on the soapbox to pontificate about Ravens fans. Guys like him are so myopic and think all stories ultimately lead to their franchise. Incredible for a fan base whose franchise did not even make the playoffs. They cling to the four titles they won in the Nixon, Ford and Carter administration like they happened yesterday. I have no recollection of that era. Since the turn of this century (heck – since 1980) the Ravens have just as many titles as the Steelers. I don’t get this guy’s posture that somehow Steeler fans are the class of the NFL. Sure, they may travel well but they darn well don’t want you in their house. On my first and last visit to Heinz field, my brother and I parked next to Hyde Park Prime and started walking towards Heinz Field in our Ravens jackets. I can take good natured boos & jeers, but the cascade of racial slurs that rained down upon us (we are second generation Iranian-American) was unconsionable. We are good road fans (neither one of us drink, we don’t curse, we cheer for our team and don’t vocally root against the home team) and keep a low-road profile. We took so many uncalled slurs walking around the concourse during that game, and when Flacco threw the winning TD pass to TJ Housh in the closing seconds to win the game for the Ravens – the guy in front of us simply turned around a laid a gigantic wad of Skoal spit on my tennis shoe. To their credit – the couple sitting next to us did apologize that the Skoal spit and taunts were out of line, but everyone else stood by with that smug “yinz are in da Burgh’ whadja expect” smug look on their face. The Steelers have beautiful stadium, and a great franchise – but I am a little fed-up with this sanctimonious BS on the “class” of their fans from some of the regular posters on this forum, especially when I experienced their “hospitality” first hand.

  25. Better get that meeting in before Flacco’s agent has to get back on the road for the Motley Crue/Kiss tour.

  26. I don’t know how Baltimore fans and Flacco and his agent can really think he should be paid like Brady, Brees, Manning, Rogers. I can understand the being paid like Eli Manning and Stafford, both of which are overpaid and in Stafford’s case VERY overpaid. It seems like some teams really need to make their QB feel better about themselves by paying them too much. Flacco is a good QB. He is nowhere near “elite” and it is a travesty how badly overused that term has become for above average QB’s. A Super Bowl victory does make a QB “elite”, it is a big start but needs to be combined with NFL MVP’s, leading the league in many of the QB categories like %, yards, rating, TD’s (not INT’s see Eli).

    Ravens and Flacco should try and come to a smart deal to enable themselves to keep guys like Bolden. FYI Flacco and your agent if you push for $20 mil plus instead of $16-17 mil per year, you can kiss guys like Boldin goodbye. Hopefully Flacco and his agent can think about the big picture and not be so shortsighted for you Ravens fans. Unfortunately it is deals like these that become the team killers because everybody wants “mine” and the team is torn apart.

    Good luck Ravens fans. Wish my team had these issues to deal with because it is looking like a long time until the Jags even sniff the playoffs.

  27. As a 9er fan, here’s hoping the Joes ask for the moon, the Ravens don’t tag, while Jim pitches John.

    Result: dream = reality where dream/reality becomes: the Joes get their million$ somewhere else, Ravens get 19-5 Flacco-impersonator Smith*** + draft picks, 9ers acquire premier 5-tech DE/3-tech DT/0-tech NT in Ngata.

    *** Sorry John Clayton, but why should I trust your judgement re Alex Smith when you drooled over “NFL-ready” Brady Quinn , knelt before the Bradshaw-reminiscent magnifiscence & flawless “mechanics” of JaMarcus Russell along with countless other bloopers betraying your grossly overhyped rep?

  28. Bigger picture, Ravens are going to fall apart this year. They looked like anything but a playoff-caliber team as of late October/November after they lost to a Charlie Batch-led Steelers, and then benefited from luck and calls gone their way in games following. Even before that, they looked nowhere near as good as a team with their record. Add to the fact that they’re not going to be able to retain the entire squad given free agency and the AFC North is looking pretty open.

    This might be the funniest post I have ever read. The Ravens looked awful before they got lucky won four straight games (two by double digits) and the refs handed them the Super Bowl. ​Seriously, that is funny. THEY WON THE SUPER BOWL! Give it a rest already. Perhaps the guy that wrote the novel above about how bad the Ravens fans are should read this to recognize that it is not a Ravens fan specific issue. The bulk of the comments on this site are just ridiculous and lack any sort of rational or objective thought.

    I also agree with the post that this is a non-story. Flacco is coming back and in two years after some new deals are struck and the cap goes up, this deal will look like a bargain.

  29. He may be worth 20m / year in a vacuum, but that’s going to really hurt them in the salary cap reality of the NFL. Hopefully they can find some cheap vets and draft picks…

  30. As a preface to the next paragraph, I respect the Ravens and Steelers as franchises (like is another matter) and they are both tough opponents for my team.

    That said, am I the only one getting a chuckle out of the thought of LaMarr Woodley’s statement not long ago that Balt would never win a SB with Flacco juxtaposed with the recent “anonymous” teammate commenting that Woodley was fat and out of shape? If I were Flacco I’d almost be tempted to ask for Woodley to apologize to me on national TV (while running on a treadmill) instead of asking to be the highest paid player in the NFL. 😀

  31. “Fantasy Footballitis” has brainwashed us. Keep doubting Flacco. Thats fine. Either way he will just keep going to the playoffs, winning divisions, and beating all your favorite teams with his mediocre stats.

  32. To the Raven/Joe doubters out there. Be honest, how many playoff games did you predict the Ravens would win? The Colts, Denver, Pats, or 47er’s?

  33. Let me guess. You were 0-4 on your predictions. You are blinded by your doubt/hate. And, Ravens won all 4 games because they were lucky, right?

  34. @jacktheraven,

    I predicted zero. But in my defense, it’s hard to predict hail mary’s, and luck.

  35. @ravenmuscle says:

    Can’t wait until we win both games against the Steelers …AGAIN
    You apparantly slept through your SB season, such a shame. Though you did spare yourself watching Batch slap you around.

  36. Does Joe Flacco strike fear into you when he comes to your town? No. Do the Ravens as a team? Yes. Does Tom Brady strike fear into you when he comes to town? Manning? Bree’s? Rogers? Yes. These guys are elite, not Joe-yet.

  37. serious question to all steeler fans. how come when the ravens talk about regular season victories and playoff appearances we are made fun of because “only lombardis matter”. and when we win our 2nd in our 17th year of existence its “steelers have 6” which is all well and good. but on the flip side lots of steeler fans point to the batch led victory on baltimore as the highlight of your season and a way to somehow lessen the ravens sb season. sorry steeler nation….cant have it both ways

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