Report: Dolphins will not use franchise tag on Sean Smith

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Monday was the first day NFL teams could begin using the franchise or transition tag on players set to become unrestricted free agents next month.

For the Miami Dolphins, cornerback Sean Smith and left tackle Jake Long seemed to be possible candidates to be tagged if the Dolphins look to take advantage of their option.

It now appears at least one of those names is off the table. Per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins will not use the franchise tag on Smith.

Smith is looking for a large payday in free agency. The franchise tag would have guaranteed Smith approximately $10 million next season. Smith started all 16 games for the Dolphins last season. He recorded 59 tackles with two interceptions and three forced fumbles.

27 responses to “Report: Dolphins will not use franchise tag on Sean Smith

  1. I would love to see this guy wearing vikings purple next year. Perfect fit for leslie fraziers system. When we drafted chris cook the vikings wanted a sean smith type player. Now they can just get sean smith.

  2. Smith is a talented CB, a player that could really help my bucs and our league worst secondary. Trade Eric Wright for a bag of doritos and a nice cold beer ( increases our cap room ) and sign Smith who is a better shutdown CB then Wright and wont fiend adderall and let his team down. Sign Smith, after we choose our selection with the 13th pick ( Im thinking its either going to be Dion Jordan or that guy that is getting compared to Pierre Paul ) we trade back into the end of the first round and select Xaiver Rhodes.

  3. He is not worth half of what the tag money would be. He should be much better than he is. Brandon Marshall had a bunch of drops while with the Dolphins but Smith as a CB was not far behind. He is often in a position to make plays but he rarely makes them. He has size and athleticism but he just can’t catch.

  4. The guy has 5 career interceptions since being drafted and has never posted more than 59 tackles in a season. Hes big and fast but thats about it. So tell me why does he deserve a big contract.

  5. i love when people have no clue what they are talking about. Sean Smith is a beast. In no way can a corners credibility be based on INTs and tackles…the idea is to play so the ball doesnt go your way. come to philly sean smith…get 24 back in tune with his game and be the proven best corner in the league allowing him to play the 2s

  6. You guys that want Sean Smith obviously are not watching dolphin games, don’t let the size fool you…. This guy is a very average corner at best, I was a fan of his in college but he hasn’t transitioned to the pro game because hes a strictly zone corner, doesn’t turn his hips, gets caught in the cookie jar to often, bad hand to eye coordination, and miss times 90% of his jumps…. put it this way hes always in position to make a play and never does, Every D-coordinator thats come here the last few years has done everything possible to make him a star but he just cant catch a football, dude should have 20picks seriously… watch the film

  7. as a dolphins fan this is great news. there is no way on earth sean stone-hands smith is worth 10 mil. I hope we can bring him back because I do think he is a solid starter, and if he can find some hands be great corner, but not at 8-10 million like hes asking for.

  8. As long as you have talent and are at an age when teams still believe you have potential, you’ll get paid in this league by somebody.

  9. Smith is a solid cover corner to press big receivers, but he’s helpless against small quick-twitch guys.

    He was thrown at more than any other CB in the league, per Football Focus, despite not having an elite corner on the other side. In fact, often with sub-par guys like Nolan Carroll. That speaks volumes. Teams didn’t game plan around him…they game planned AT him.

    Perhaps they wouldn’t if he didn’t drop their mistakes.

  10. As a Dolphin fan and watching every game he has played……. he is an average player. Not a game changer and that is what you want out of a “franchise” player. He’ll have games where he will shut down a great player and too many games where relative unknowns will blow him up for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns. Around $6M is all I would give for him. Otherwise draft a replacement.

  11. Sean Smith is big and slow making cuts with receivers out of their breaks. He therefore plays soft and gets beat like a drum on first downs. Perhaps he would have made a better safety. That said he’s not an $8m to $10m CB.

  12. I love all these guys who think that smith will be such a great asset to their team, like we dolphins fans haven’t him struggle all this time. Just like eagle fans and asomugha, how he was so much better after getting paid, right? Good luck with smith, u can feel my pain when he singlehandedly knocks you from the chance of the playoffs, just like he did for us when we played at Indy last year.

  13. Smith is an above average corner who’s has very inconsistent play. Miami would be foolish to tag him or Jake Long, Long was a safe pick a few years ago, but the injuries & multiple surgeries says he’s not worth the tag amount. Miami needs to let Long & Smith walk draft a DB in the 1st Rd & go after the Saints LT Bushrod since New Orleans has no cap space to re-sign/tag him.

  14. Yeah, Smith should be better than he is. Yeah, he can’t catch.

    But let him go and you have one starting corner. And he’s coming off a serious back injury.

    That’s so Ireland.

  15. I don’t feel Shaun Smith is all world but you answered your own question…

    Hes big and fast but thats about it. So tell me why does he deserve a big contract.

    Um, Becasue he’s big and fast and matches up well with today’s receivers. That alone makes people overpay.

  16. In no way should Smith be getting large payday. He has been better, but Fins fans remember the multitude of “easy” pics and drops that could have changed the outcome of many games. See ya later Smith, your replacement will be just as good or better.

  17. I agree with all of you above. He hasn’t shown what it takes to deserve a big contract. He is an average good CB. Good luck and thanks for stopping bye.

  18. Any team would be foolish to pay him that much. The Ravens just won the Super Bowl and their two starting corners in that game were a special teams standout and a guy signed off the Titans practice squad.


  19. Smith is one of the best press corners in the league. That is not debatable. Week in and week out he’d line up against the best teams WR and handle them. He got in trouble when he was forced to play zone coverage because the DB on the opposite side of the field could not play man. In the right system, Smith can be elite. He is worth 8-10 million, just not for the Dolphins.

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