Revis explains why trade rumors left him speechless

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Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was “speechless” upon hearing the rumors and reports that the Jets are considering trading him.

Revis was not speechless when the topic came up during a recent interview with Andrea Kremer of NFL Network.

“I was speechless because I didn’t get a phone call,” Revis said in comments distributed by NFLN, via Rich Cimini of  “I know it’s a business – just call me.  Don’t have it lingering out there.  I need answers and I’m not getting any.  Just the fact that that was put out there instead of contacting your best player.  If that’s how you want to do business, then that’s fine.”

As Cimini points out, that’s all NFL Network has released from an interview that will air on Monday night’s Total Access.  It’s therefore not known at this point whether Revis addressed the call he got the next day from Jets G.M. John Idzik.

Idzik disclosed the communication during an appearance on Pro Football Talk.  “I reached out to Darrelle and I made sure he knew exactly where we were coming from and that this is my first day on the job,” Idzik said, “and our message to everyone was, ‘Give us a chance to get to know each other and introduce ourselves to each other.’  A lot of the people in the building you know through football circles but you’ve never worked along side each other.  So give us that chance and give us the chance to go through our current roster, ultimately that’s the basis of comparison to whatever you may contemplate doing.  We haven’t taken that first step and that’s what I relayed to Darrelle.”

Given that Revis regards himself (accurately) as the team’s “best player,” he may have been hoping for something a little less equivocal from the man who’ll decide whether a full-blown effort to trade Revis will happen.

We’ll find out tonight whether Revis shared with Kremer any specific reaction to Idzik’s call.

UPDATE 1:29 p.m. ET:  We’ve noticed on Twitter that folks are taking the phrase “I need answers and I’m not getting any” out of context.  Revis was talking about his reaction at the time he heard of the trade rumors; he was not addressing his current state of mind.  (And, yes, this is one of the few examples of a situation in which a claim that comments were “taken out of context” would actually be correct.  The words are being lifted from the broader quote in a way that alters their inherent meaning.)

32 responses to “Revis explains why trade rumors left him speechless

  1. As the team’s best player, you get paid a lot of money. Other than that, you deserve nothing. If you want to hear about possible trades before anyone else, give up some of your salary in exchange for the right to know. Otherwise, shut your pie hole.

  2. With all the complaining about his contracts … including holdouts and threats of holdouts … he’s really not one to be offended. Try treating others with respect before you demand it for yourself.

  3. Well what do you expent Revis? If your not holding out or demanding a new contract every other year, then you injured every year between contract demands. You are talented but clearly your selfish and fragile. Can you blame the team for shopping you and getting some return for you.

  4. Overpaid cornerbacks are sometimes exciting to watch.
    It’s not a position that wins games, though.
    If all a team has is a good cornerback, they should get as much as possible for him and get the pieces that DO win games.
    Teams are generally more successful with talent in the skill positions and average cornerbacks than with the opposite.

  5. I believe they will end up trading him. They aren’t a playoff team with him. They need a lot of players to rebuild, and there are teams out there with $$ under the cap that would stand a much better chance of being a playoff team with a true “shutdown CB”

  6. He’s 100% correct right in this case. It is a business, but even in business you try to preserve relationships by keeping people in the loop. And while every player is theoretically on the block for the right price, there’s a big difference between that and actively shopping a guy.

  7. Sounds like Revis is isolated on some sort of island out there.

    Yeah, sorry, it’s a Monday.

  8. Revis, during the last several years of your prime you used your contract situation to hold the teams ‘feet to the fire’ so to speak. Now considering your current health situation, you don’t hold nearly as much leverage as you used to.

    The teams decision to play the same games with you, that you played with them, shouldn’t come as a shock to you at all. If it does, then you clearly are delusional as to how this whole thing works.

  9. The number of truly untouchable guys on teams can be counted on one hand – if that. And they would all be QBs.

    Not sure why any NFL player would ever consider themselves untouchable.

  10. Revis to the 49ers makes too much sense , with the poor crop of QB’s in the draft, Alex Smith to the Jets as part of the trade.

  11. I like Revis and believe players should be paid as much as they can get. However, it is difficult to gage what amount of money would satisfy him for the duration of contract. It seems like every year he is going through a contract dispute. He is a great player and deserves what he is worth.

  12. Why do the Jets have to tell him what they’re thinking of doing? And I can’t stand that he calls himself the best player on the team, true or not. PrimaDona

  13. I love darrelle but he played this game twice with the jets and now that the tables have turned he wants answers? sorry not buying it, a business goes both ways and fresh off an acl tear you can’t always get what you want

  14. Why do I enjoy seeing this franchise implode? Oh, that’s right. It is because I hate the Jets.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, Mr. Revis, you are a member of a team. It is not the New York Revises.

  15. I think Alex Smith goes to the Pats…We’re already hearing talk about the end of Brady’s career there. Brady’s playoff performances have been lacking last 5 years.

  16. You know, I never even knew what Revis’ voice sounded like or even if he could speak when Mangini was their HC. I don’t even dislike RR, but he HAS to realize that he can’t keep pumping all his players full of sunshine all the time because they get too full of themselves.

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