Revis says desire to not pay him “might be a situation” in New York

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The full interview with Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has aired on NFL Network.  And in lieu of actually remembering to, you know, turn on NFL Network, I need only to scan the Twitter accounts of the various media members who did.

Revis said that, as we reported from the get-go, coach Rex Ryan has no desire to trade the 2007 first-round pick.  Specifically, Revis said Ryan called and indicated his desire to keep Revis with the team.

Revis also senses that the interest in trading him comes from owner Woody Johnson.  And Revis believes that it’s possible Johnson simply doesn’t want to pay Revis.

“That might be a situation,” Revis said.  “That might be something.”

Privately, Revis has gone farther than “might.”  As previously reported, Revis realizes that Johnson simply doesn’t want to give Revis market value, which based on his 2010 contract extension the Jets will have to do in 2013, since they can’t use the franchise tag.

It will be difficult for the Jets to trade Revis until other teams know Revis can run and cut and do all the things a cornerback must do.  If a trade is going to happen, that needs to occur before the draft.

And if a trade goes down, that means Revis will get paid, by someone.

51 responses to “Revis says desire to not pay him “might be a situation” in New York

  1. The East coast hype machine was in full effect for this guy. He gets paid and ‘oink’ – injured. Revis Island my arse.

  2. Revis,

    Before you start taking about getting paid and next contract you might want to show the Jets and the rest of the league that your shredded knee can still lockdown NFL receivers.

    Because if that knee ain’t ready to play at that level prior to the injury the least of your worries will be being the highest paid DB.

  3. I used to be a huge revis fan (not even a jets fan) but when a guy holds out, gets paid, then holds out the next year, gets paid, misses majority of year with ACL, then demands to get paid again, that guy is just a straight up dick. The man is a beat but 1 player on defense is not worth that much hassle for a team that has so many wholes and could use the draft pick in a trade

  4. I believe cornerbacks have become a little over-valued.
    I think a market correction is on the way. Similar to the running back position.
    A great cornerback is nice to have, but not vital to winning a championship.
    See the Raiders with Nnamdi.
    He was good, but didn’t help them win a thing.
    A bad team with a great cornerback is still a bad team.

  5. I really, really, really hate Woody Johnson. He’s making James Dolan look like a good sports owner. I’m not spending a dime on the team until he sells the team.

  6. Revis is a turd. Let someone pay this guy $20mil and drag down their team with salary cap restraints. It’ll just be that much easier for my team to get back to the dance.

  7. Great player, but he’s not the difference between 6-10 and the superbowl. Let him leave if hes that greedy.

  8. This is a by-product of Rex Ryan’s major failing. He does so much butt kissing that it just keeps amassing it these players heads. Deadly, in a player that already has an over inflated ego.

    My two favorite jet plays in the last several years is one, of course the butt tackle. but #two was revis grabbing his hamstring after randy Moss had him by 15 yards…. for a TD.

  9. Yankees, New York. Don’t want to pay a guy because they believe he’s damaged goods and/or they’re being cheap.

    At least with Alex, I side with Cash, Hank and Hal. But these are the dumb Jets who dole out bloated contracts to marginal talents and refuse to pay their best players. The difference begins right there.

  10. Hey Revis come on down to New Orleans and play for the other coach Ryan….you won’t get the stupid money you want but you’ll get a ring. Only way the Jets are gettn to a Superbowl is buying a ticket

  11. Revis and Asomugha have both become a little over-valued for sure. As an Eagles fan I watched up close and personal how Nnamdi just got flat out burnt and beaten this season with such frequency….disturbing.

    Be careful what you pay a dude, and right now Patrick Peterson is the only guy I would pay the world for at corner. THE #1 cornerback in the NFL…starting this season and not ending any time soon…is that kid Peterson.

  12. Mevis really loves him some Mevis. That jets team needs to move on from the anti team guys or the locker room will never get fixed.

  13. I watch the Jets to watch Revis. I am a Giants fan and if no Revis, then no Jets until another player interests me.

    I loved Al Toon and a few others over the years.

    Hey Woody: Sell the team. Your fans deserve better…

  14. PAID?? For what? Revis. hasn’t hardly been on the field or done anything since his last contract dispute 2 years ago! Hey Revis, why don’t you at least live up to your existing contract before you ask for more $$ or hold out!! Hell, you should have to give money back!!!

    youre WAY OVER PAID for what you”ve given.

  15. This guy is just annoying. He just got a blockbuster deal like less than 3 years ago and now its not good enough? Not to mention he’s just coming off of a torn acl? Sounds to me like he’s scared he’s not going to be the same player and wants to cash in while the jets are kept in the dark about his ability to come back. Not worth the risk, jets. Force him to go a year without a paycheck. My guess is hell come crawling back after they call his bluff.

  16. This guy should just keep his mouth shut and be glad he is still on the Jets. If he wants to stay with the jets he should just thank his lucky stars and say, ” I hope I can prove I am still going to be one of the best backs out there to this team so they can resign me”.

    But instead we hear more Me-vis. Jets need to trade this guy, and as always is the case, someone will get a bargain, cause, he won’t be worth it. No corner is.

  17. Let him rot on the shelf for a year. He’s under contract. He can hold out and lose a playing year, then try and crawl back into the NFL with no stats and no bargaining chips. Players can get too big for the team. It happens. You could always just not collect your millions of dollars for playing a game, and sit on your a$$.

  18. God lord enough of this crap, the guy played what 18 games on his last deal and got paid to sit at him last year…should jets ask for that $$$ back???
    Shut up play and you’ll get paid

  19. Mr. Revis hasn’t been the same player for the last two seasons. He can’t stay on the field and that is an issue. I don’t think he’s worth the money at this point because of that. He needs to prove he can make it through a full season again. Plus i’m not a fan of how he handled getting a front loaded contract and then wanting a new deal after the front loaded part was over. He’s a me first player and you cant win with those type of guys. He should take a page out of the Vernon Davis handbook.

  20. He WAS paid and very very well. Most of the money was paid upfront and now he wants the same. Sorry, no symapthy.

  21. What happened to your last front loaded contract? Go ahead, hold out. Last time you had alot of leverage, this time your coming off a ACL tear. Better think twice.

  22. If anyone risks serious cap space on a injured primadona that throws tantrum like a 10 yr old over his allowance every few years then they get what they asked for. Let him sulk and pout and sit next season out just like you’d make the 10 yr old take a time out.

  23. Here’s the thing: The NYJ know 2 things. #1, Ryan made that D without Revis look decent last year. #2, they are probably going to be in cap hell for a few years and it will be tough to be competitive with the meh caliber of starting players they can’t cut due to salary (Sanchez, Holmes). They aren’t a “Revis” away from winning the SB as they may have believed they were the first time he held out. Plus he’s coming off an acl which will likely take him a full year to be back to normal production, Adrian Peterson’s 2012 aside. If I’m the NYJ decision makers, he has zero leverage with me. He better watch out or he will get Richard Seymour’ed.

  24. p.s. to say revis has a big head because of how rex pumped him up is just plain dumb. he’s the best player in the league at his position.

    to continue with the hamstring/moss thing is one of those snarky little things that opposing fans have to keep coming at to poke at somebody else’s team, like cheatergate. he didn’t grab his leg because he got beat (though moss was amazing at that point in his career), he got beat because he hurt his hamstring. if you want a controversy, he probably hurt it before that play and was asked to go on

  25. I can’t wait for the Darrelle Revis-Stevie Johnson re-match. Johnson is one of the few Receivers that has bested Revis almost every time he has faced the greedy DB. Revis-Island is just a myth, a story made up by the NYC Locals to intimidate visiting Receivers. Well, Johnson has de-bunked that myth, over and over. He did it using Ryan Fitzpatrick. Imagine what Johnson could do to Revis with a big armed QB like Flacco or Rodgers?? Revis should accept whatever the Jets are willing to give him. Quit being greedy!

  26. I think the jests should pay him $30M guaranteed. I mean really, he’s their best player right? What’s wrong with that?

    BTW- how many cornerbacks have a series of posed photos?

  27. This guy will be broke within 12 months of his last paycheck. We’ll be hearing about all the lawsuits and debt collectors that are wanting a piece of him.

  28. woody is correct. He should not pay you and you have been the most overrated CB over the past 3 years. This guy has been out a full year after holding the team hostage for huge contract. Now he’s received it the team hasn’t broken 8-8 and he’s sitting on the bench. Revis is part of the problem and not the solution.

    Sorry but in my mind their has been only ONE lockdown corner and that man is known as PRIME. .

  29. The theme in these posts seems to be pretty much the same; he has been overpaid on his current contract, based upon what he has delivered, and now wants a raise. Why a raise? Imagine that in the ‘real world’. Sorry boss I haven’t done much the last 2 years, but give me a raise anyway.

  30. I’m not sure what bothers me most, how I’ll informed most of you are that comment, or the fact that I’m having to defend the Jets. In a backwards sports system where the NFL is probably the only sports Franchise where they give you nothing at the beginning except promises with loopholes.Not only did Revis do his job on a team that didn’t add help in other positions and help them go to at least 2 afc championship games n the playoffs consecutively, he did so in that Division with Sanchez as Qb.The NFL makes u prove year after year and when u meet those incentives, now I’m a liability. The Jets n Raiders aren’t the same…Nnamdi was good on a bad team with a horrible series of draft sequences, The Jets had Sanchize. That team with ….Jeff Garcia at Qb could’ve done more. u go thru high school, playing for free, college playing for free and now He’s trying to secure his future n medical bills of the present and future N u say arguably the best representation of a shutdown corner doesn’t deserve to be paid by the team Who drafted him. He didn’t start off getting1st rd 1st pick Qb bust $, he busted his chops, and in a league where they try to paint a negative light as ur career starts to spiral down to avoid giving u the incentives Uve Played for, it shouldn’t matter what he’s asking for, his body of work has earned it and his Coach Wants him. This is about penny pinching owners who milk the best years out of players and then clutch their pocketbooks. Pay da Man before the cheifs scoop him up or the Patriots. Can u spell championship run. Woody Johnson can’t….

  31. Florio instead of shouting from your mountaintop that you don’t watch the nfl network, why don’t you scan every cable provider so you can tell your readers where to find NBC sports network

  32. When will these owners and franchises get it? These players have absolutely ZERO leverage to hold out or demand more money. These are NFL turds we’re talking about here. If they have to sit out a year or more and not get paid they’ll just be taking 20% loans for millions of dollars to make it rain in strip clubs and throw half a million dollar parties. They’d be reduced to begging an NFL to give them a second chance and pay him. Why do the teams constantly cave to these whining complaining idiots?

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