Scott Mitchell: Lomas Brown lied to improve his position at ESPN

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Former Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell now believes that the bizarre boast from his old teammate Lomas Brown about purposely missing a block to get him hurt was nothing more than an attempt to get attention for himself as an analyst at ESPN.

Mitchell told the Detroit News that he thinks Brown’s whole story about allowing Packers defensive end Sean Jones to take a free shot at him was untrue.

I do think he did it to improve his position with ESPN,” Mitchell said. “That is probably the dumbest thing to do — to tell a story that isn’t true. It is an error in judgment and kind of stupid actually. I don’t think Lomas purposely tried to get me hurt.”

Brown’s story definitely wasn’t completely accurate: When Brown first made his claim on ESPN Radio, he got some details wrong, like the score and the time of the game when Mitchell was injured. Brown has since claimed that his memory was faulty and that the play he was remembering wasn’t the same play when Mitchell got hurt, although Brown still says there was a play when he purposely missed a block because he wanted Jones to injure Mitchell.

Despite that, Mitchell says Brown apologized and Mitchell accepted the apology, adding, “I have no malice towards Lomas.”

27 responses to “Scott Mitchell: Lomas Brown lied to improve his position at ESPN

  1. Who cares. It happened 20 years ago. Lomas is a good guy who made a dumb comment. True or not, it’s in the past and the guy he ended up hurting/or didn’t has forgiven him.

  2. In my experience, when someone says something like, “I have no malice towards…”, that person is either 100% in the clear or ready to sniff the embalming fluid.

  3. Scott Mitchell is absolutely right, Lomas Brown wasn’t being very smart when he said that.

    Mitchell may not have been a great QB when he played, but he’s certainly handling this very well for what has transpired!

  4. espn should only be used for watching live games. never watch the news programs and you won’t have this program. shocked they covered something other than NY or LA

  5. Anyone that has ever met Lomas Brown knows he’s a big Teddy Bear and a genuinely nice guy. Mitchell’s probably right—he over-embellished. Hearing words about him like “scumbag”, “stupid”, “blowhard”….jeez, let it go. He made an error, probably made for the sake of a better story, and it worked…obviously too well…let’s move on.

  6. “Mitchell may not have been a great QB when he played”…

    He looks pretty good in retrospect, trust me.

  7. ESPN is quickly becoming “Exceptionally Salacious Personal News”, but…agreed, live coverage of sports is still good.

  8. Why do they even need this guy? They have about 15 other analysts and I dont know anybody that says, man I cant wait to hear what lomas brown has to say today.

  9. Hmmm… Seems to me that Mitchell is pretending to take the high road while actually getting revenge. “You mess with my career, now I will mess with yours.”

  10. Brown should be gone from ESPN based on the quality of his work (or lack thereof) alone. The fact that Mitchell has chosen to take the high road thru all this, and actually forgiven Brown as well, ought to be celebrated…or at least mentioned…by the media.
    What Brown did was totally deplorable. He should be ostracized; not unlike what the media chose to do with John Rocker.

  11. ESPN is full of blow heart gasbags who are always trying to carve a name for themselves by making dumb statements–mny of which are borderline fabricated- going from the sublime– to the ridiculous. Brown is no exception from the rest of the lilliputian despots at ESPN.

  12. With all the choices available, does anybody actually still watch ESPN for football coverage? We’re forced to watch them for MNF but that’s it.

  13. Speaking of blowhard gasbags, one of the funniest things I heard this past postseason was when Trent Dilfer proclaimed Joe Flacco “now the greatest quarterback in Ravens’ history.” Dilfer obviously believed that distinction belonged to himself before he passed the torch to Flacco.
    Each and every NFL analyst at ESPN is full of themselves. Ron Jaworski is the worst. Pretty hard to watch. Lomas Brown is just plain terrible.
    Hard to believe that Ray Lewis is going to be an upgrade.

  14. Did it to improve his position at ESPN? That’d be like OJ admitting guilt to promote a new book. But I guess some people are stupid enough to try something like that. Great tactical move Lomas.

  15. “Lomas is a good guy who made a dumb comment”
    Its true that he made a dumb comment but what proof do you have that he is a good guy?it seems to me that good guys wouldnt allow their QBs to be purposely mashed into the ground and come back years later and brag about it.please inform us about the good deeds he has done in his life,inquiring minds want to know.

  16. This may not be the kind of “proof” you’re looking for, but I do know that Lomas IS a good guy. He was my neighbor for many years while he played for the Lions, and I always found him to be a very quiet and humble guy. He was always nice to me and everyone else in the neighborhood, as were his wife and three daughters.

    Maybe he is struggling with retirement and needed to get some attention besides what he gets on TV. You just never know how these guys will cope with not playing anymore. I don’t agree with how this situation went down, and I think he handled it poorly. I can criticize him for this story, but I can’t attack him personally.

  17. billh1947, I also personally know Lomas. You would be hard pressed to find a kinder, nicer man. Among his many charitable activities include a yearly free summer football camp for the inner-city kids of Detroit. He has also been a volunteer coach for middle school and high school football teams. He seems to always have something going on for kids.

    That said, his comments are hard to understand, and he handled the situation poorly.

    By the way, your cynical comment seems to indicate you are not such a nice guy.

  18. Given that ESPN currently resembles the National Enquirer more than real journalism, I tend to believe this.

    It’s sad, because it used to be a great network that consistently brought intelligence and inventiveness to its coverage. Now, it’s no different than a bunch of alpha males in a sports bar, high-fiving each other over every inane comment, and constant jockeying for attention.

  19. Lomas Brown is already part of the concussion lawsuit. He has said so several times. He has given examples of his faulty memory on the air. The question is, if his memory and judgment are really this bad due to brain damage does he really belong on the air?

    I’m not trying to be hard on him. It’s in his best interest in some ways not to be continually embarrassing himself especially on shows that encourage poor behavior and inflammatory remarks.

  20. Oh yeah, ESPN has way too many ex athletes trying to scrape another yearly salary. I only watch their games, never listen to their pre game talk with guys farting out of their mouths.

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