Teams will receive medical info to support Barkley’s decision not to throw

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The media knows that former USC quarterback Matt Barkley won’t throw at the Scouting Combine.  Today, teams will receive medical information from Dr. James Andrew to back up the apparent change of direction.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s indeed a medical decision.  Barkley suffered a Grade 3 shoulder separation during the 2012 season, and he’s not ready to throw.

Whether it’s intentional or not, the move is being interpreted by at least one team as a “double down” on Barkley’s March 27 Pro Day.  Still, the source is confident that Barkley will be bigger and have a stronger arm than anyone can imagine at his on-campus workout.

That said, there is some lingering confusion.  The story from Adam Schefter says that, when Barkley recently discussed his plans for the Combine, “he really meant that he will get to interview with NFL teams looking to draft a franchise quarterback.”  But when Barkley spoke last week on the issue, he reportedly said that he has been throwing and that he will throw at the Combine.

Still, if he hasn’t been cleared by his doctors to throw, he hasn’t been cleared by his doctors to throw.  The decision, we’re told was made over the weekend, when the doctors decided it would be safer to wait, in order to ensure that there are no setbacks.  Currently, Barkley is believed to be at 90 percent.

That said, doctors have a habit of applying whatever restrictions the patient wants them to apply.

Either way, it’ll all come down to Barkley’s Pro Day workout.

17 responses to “Teams will receive medical info to support Barkley’s decision not to throw

  1. He will be an ok backup in NFL. Any team that drafts him high deserves what they get.
    It is not his fault that he is overrated…but he is.

  2. Perhaps the doctors are telling Barkley to take it easy, but he comes across as a little too willing to take their advice. It also could be that the doctors are telling him what they know he wants to hear.

  3. So not only is this guy an average QB, but he is also a liar? Does he have a fake dead girlfriend we don’t know about too?

  4. Can someone please explain to me who the hell Dr. James Andrew is, and why he is apparently the only doctor in the world qualified enough to treat NFL (and high profile college) player’s injuries? Seriously, I’m tired of hearing this guys name, hoping he fades off as quickly as Drew Rosenhaus’ name eventually did.

  5. Probably not a safety issue, but rather that the doctors told him he wouldn’t be throwing at 100%. So better to not drop a deuce throwing at 85% and wait.

  6. Conversely, Barkley will receive financial info from GMs to support their decision to not draft him in the first round

  7. People are reading too much into this. Wait for his Pro Day and then decide if there are any red flags. Its the trend now that most qb who expect a first round draft don’t throw at the combine. None of the top qbs threw at the combine last year and how did they turn out?

  8. croc90 says:
    Feb 18, 2013 10:51 AM
    Coming back for an extra year always seems to hurt QBs.

    You’re right. Look at how it devastated Peyton and Eli Manning. Not to mention the ones that came out early that shouldn’t have. Ryan Leaf may be best example, but the list is long….

  9. Rough break since there are already quite a few red flags on Barkley even without an arm injury. He played on a team with great talent around him and frequently wasn’t jaw-droppingly good. Hard not to think of Leinart and Sanchez.

  10. I could see him going near the top of the 2nd to somewhere like Arizona or the Jets. Both of those teams have experience with USC quarterbacks. Seriously, 2nd round is probably a best case scenario even if he performs well at his Pro Day.

  11. Pro days are over rated. They are set up to make the potential draftee look good. Just ask the Jets about Sanchizes pro day or my team the Vikings about how they let Ponder and his trainers and agent fool them about his arm strength. Lol. Ha ha ha ha ha. Yep even Mel Kiper looked smarter than Rick Spielman on that pick.

  12. Unfortunate that he can’t throw, but it probably won’t change his evaluation much. Barkley lost his best opportunity to change the perception of him with the Senior Bowl week, the Combine isn’t enough of a stage to have him rise above Smith.

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