With Fred Davis still on the mend, no tag expected in D.C.


As Florio mentioned in yesterday’s franchise tag omnibus, there’s no indication the Redskins are going to be using the tag this year.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post points to the fact general manager Bruce Allen said the team wanted to wait “until later in the spring” to gauge the health of tight end Fred Davis, meaning the next two weeks won’t likely be the right time to commit around $6.5 million to a guy coming off a torn Achilles.

The Redskins still need to carve out around $4 million in cap space before the start of free agency (March 12), making it that much more unlikely they’ll get in the tag business again this year.

7 responses to “With Fred Davis still on the mend, no tag expected in D.C.

  1. He has talent, but it’s time to evolve and become the top TE in the sport for Fred. Personally this is my last chance with him. Either he has an impactful Shannon Sharpe-esque season or he can hit the bricks and cease being a Washington Redskin.

  2. Too expensive for what he offers. He’s one bong hit away from suspension AND he’s coming off an injury. Logan Paulsen has shown a ton of promise. I say go with Paulsen and milk the last football Cooley has to offer. Both guys will be cheap. Let Davis and that bum Niles Paul go then maybe draft an additional TE in the later rounds. Gotta be careful with what little cap space we have (since Mara screwed us and antitrust prevents us from doing much about it)

  3. I agree it’s a make or break season for Fred. it’s gonna take more than a few flashes in the pan this year

  4. Chris Cooley is making the leauge minimum for vets and I believe he still has some left in the tank. Plus he loves playing for the Skins, he turned down better offers from other teams just to have a chance to (maybe if a TE went down) play for the Skins again. Play Cooley, he is hungry.

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