Alberto Riveron leaving referee post to become senior director of officials


The NFL recently named Dean Blandino as their new vice president of officiating and now they have a new senior director of officials as well.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Alberto Riveron will give up his refereeing job to move into the off-field post. Riveron had been a referee since the 2008 season, moving up to the lead job after four years as a side judge.

Riveron gained some notoriety during the 2009 season when he incorrectly ruled that Jaguars wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker caught a touchdown that then-officiating head Mike Periera later said should have been ruled an incompletion. He worked a Wild Card game this year and was the referee for the AFC Championship Game in 2012 that saw the Patriots advance to the Super Bowl with a 23-20 win over the Ravens.

Former V.P. of officiating Carl Johnson is moving back to a referee job as the league’s first full-time official in 2013 in a reverse trip from office to field to the one Riveron is making.

7 responses to “Alberto Riveron leaving referee post to become senior director of officials

  1. Awful official. Sounds like they’re masking a demotion/firing with a cushy desk job instead.

  2. So one of the worst officials in the league, with very little experience, is becoming the director of officials? Yep, that sounds about right.

  3. Wow, this guy wasn’t even an adequate ref, and now he’s the director. Peter principle at work.

  4. This is actually a bummer as he was my favorite official. I cant really pass judgement on who was better or worse, but i always thought he had the most unique delivery of announcing calls.

    Plus when the league was celebrating certain cultures, hed do the calls in Spanish!

    I liked that guy. Good dude.

  5. Riveron was also the first referee to call a penalty entirely in Spanish for Hispanic Heritage Month.

    As for how good a ref he was… I think last year showed us that the veteran “real officials” weren’t a whole lot better than the lockout replacements who only had a crash course in NFL rules.

  6. Good luck Alberto. You were a great referee. I wish you could stay on the field as I liked your calls minus the Lee Evans drop in the endzone, which I thought was a TD. But I moved on from that! Buenas suerte!!!!!

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