Chiefs cut Steve Breaston, Kevin Boss

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A couple of veteran pieces in the Chiefs’ passing game are being sent packing from Kansas City.

The Chiefs announced today that they have released wide receiver Steve Breaston and tight end Kevin Boss.

After showing promise as a big-play receiver early in his career with the Cardinals, Breaston signed a five-year, $23 million contract with the Chiefs in 2011. But Breaston was just OK in 2011, with 61 catches for 785 yards, and in 2012 he was largely phased out of the offense, catching just seven passes for 74 yards.

Still, Breaston is a 29-year-old who has talent, and he’ll have suitors in free agency. A logical landing spot could be Pittsburgh: That’s Breaston’s hometown, the Steelers are likely to look for a receiver after Mike Wallace signs elsewhere, and Breaston was a favorite of Todd Haley, who coached him in both Arizona and Kansas City and is now the Steelers’ offensive coordinator.

Boss has been a starter for both the Giants and the Raiders and was expected to be a starter for the Chiefs as well, but he played in just two games for the Chiefs last season before being lost for the season with a concussion. His future is uncertain.

33 responses to “Chiefs cut Steve Breaston, Kevin Boss

  1. Breatson would be a nice fit in Pitt but it would be nice to see him in Miami for the right place, the Fins need a tight end also but I dont think Kevin Boss is the answer.

  2. I was thinking breaston because of the haley connection as well, but unless its a vet min deal, someone will pay him more that the steelers would be willing or able.

  3. I hate to say it but Boss may be done…

    As a Giants fan, I remember him handling concussion after concussion, which only continued after he went to the Raiders and Chiefs.

    If he can take more shots, he’ll find a job somewhere.

    Good luck to both!

  4. No QB = lack luster results! Breaston is a solid receiver, hope he goes somewhere with a QB.

  5. An obvious landing spot is Pittsburgh? Try an obvious landing spot for Breaston is any team willing to give a 29 year old receiver who had 7 catches last year, a job…

  6. This just can’t be true cause every chiefs fan I’ve encountered the last 2 years has mentioned how the “Killer B’s”(bowe, breaston & baldwin) will be the best WR’s in the league. HAHAHAHA!

  7. It all went downhill for Boss after getting concussed in the season finale against San Diego a year ago. He dove headfirst for a touchdown catch that capped a Raiders comeback. He got crunched making the catch. The whole stadium knew he was done. Everything went silent.

    I feel really bad for the guy, and hope he lands on his feet somewhere. He was a great post-Zach Miller rebound for Raider Nation. Everybody loved chanting “LIKE A BOSS!” after he’d make a third down catch.

  8. But Breaston was just OK in 2011, with 61 catches for 785 yards, and in 2012 he was largely phased out of the offense, catching just seven passes for 74 yards.


    Yeah, and do you remember who was throwing him the ball last year?? So I guess the Cards should cut Fitz (71 catches, 798 yards) because his production was way down as well.

    Breaston is a pretty good receiver but is in the same quarterback boat as Fitz is. It’s amazing how good a receiver can be when someone halfway decent can get them the ball.

  9. Breaston is the typical Steelers pre-draft FA quiet signing that makes sense before filling a need at the same position going into April. Plus, he has return capabilities and knows of Haley’s system. I could see Breaston in the Black and Gold shortly.

  10. Breaston should have been part of the greatest play in college football history when Michigan played Nebraska in the Alamo bowl. If only Michigans TE pitched him the ball…i will never forget that

  11. Boss is now concussion prone (5 since he’s left new York) as much as we need another TE opposite Bennett Giants will pass on him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he calls it quits.

  12. I just want to know what kept Breaston in RAC’s doghouse all last season. It was unfathomable why they were running who dat practice squad guys out there when they had a WR with playoff/SB experience riding the pine.

  13. If Breaston was decent, he maybe wanted in SD. We all know Meachum or Royal didn’t live up to their contracts. Breaston could be #3 or #4 with Vincent Brown on the line up with Floyd and Alexander and #1 and #2 or whatever.

  14. Kevin Boss’s contributions to the Raiders was 28 catches for 368 yards and 3 TDs. I fail to see how that qualifies as “great”. He was a concussion looking for a place to happen when he got to Oakland. He needs to hang it up before he ends up sitting around half-comatose drooling into a cup.

  15. Breaston would flourish up in Buffalo playing opposite Stevie Johnson. He’d make #2 Receiver money and have a shot to revive his career. He still has another 3-5 years left in him.

  16. Breaston looks similar to Stevie Johnson on the field. I wonder if the Bills will think so too.

  17. Too many concussions for Kevin Boss. Good kid. Good ballplayer. Let’s hope he hangs them up before there are serious consequences that could adversely effect the rest of his life.

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