Cowboys roll out new bus, which is as you’d imagine

Because Indianapolis is a convention city, with miles of over-street walkways connecting buildings, it’s possible to navigate the Combine in a convenient, low-key manner.

Of course, the Cowboys travel in a very Cowboys style.

According to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys have replaced their old luxury bus with a new luxury bus, one which costs between $1.5 million and $2.5 million.

The bus is a fixture at league functions, emblazoned with the Cowboys logo. That makes the driver a celebrity in some circles, such as when an overnight stop in a small town in New Mexico ended with fans circling the bus in the morning, taking pictures.

“People were there with kids in their Cowboys pajamas wanting to take pictures of me and the bus,” driver Emory Tyler said. “I know I’m not a celebrity, but people want my autograph anyway. A lot.”

The people inside it are more accustomed to such treatment. The new bus (the old one had more than 2,000,000 miles on the odometer) was christened at the Super Bowl this year, and became the holding room where Larry Allen awaited word on his Hall of Fame selection.

This week, it becomes a headquarters-on-wheels for owner Jerry Jones and his staff, suitable for the kind of subtle entrances America’s Team is used to making.

Photo credit: Magnolia Banner-News.