Da’Quan Bowers’ lawyer confident he’ll be “fully exonerated”

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Although Buccaneers defensive end Da’Quan Bowers has been charged with a felony weapons offense that carries a sentence of 3.5 to 15 years in prison, his attorney sounded an optimistic note in making a statement about the case today.

“After a full and fair investigation of the facts and circumstances regarding this registered firearm Mr. Bowers will be fully exonerated,” attorney Dennis Coppin wrote in an email to the Tampa Tribune.

But while Coppin might think his client will be cleared, the Queens District Attorney’s Office says Bowers already admitted that he was carrying a handgun at LaGuardia Airport. And while Bowers believed he was doing the right thing by alerting authorities when he realized he had a gun in his carry-on bag, the fact remains that New York City is the wrong place to get caught carrying a handgun — as Plaxico Burress found out the hard way.

The Buccaneers released a statement saying they’re aware of Bowers’ arrest and are withholding comment until they know all the facts.

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  1. I hope the judge has leeway. I can’t imagine having to sentence a guy to jail for 3.5 years if the story is that he left his loaded gun in his carry on luggage, realized it prior to being searched and declared his mistake.

    My point isn’t about the facts of this case just that there are circumstances that call for discretion by someone in authority. Some laws don’t allow for such judgement.

  2. For those complaining about Bower’s getting punished for doing the right thing.

    Plaxico Burress turned himself in after the incident two days later. Police didn’t extend a warrant for arrest until they found out about the incident on the news.

    Bowers turns in his gun rather than get on the plane with it and they cuff him anyway.

    Again reason #85002390 not to trust the police. Even when you do their job. They still throw the book at you.

  3. Gun in NY + no permit from NY = screwed. He won’t do as much time as Plax but if he thinks he’ll pay a fine and get put on probation, he’s in for a rude awakening.

  4. I don’t know, the guy realizes he makes a mistake and notifies the authorities, basically doing the right thing. If he gets punished, what message does that send? basically don’t say anything and hope you don’t get caught?

    its like telling your kids not to lie and then punish them when they decide tell the truth.

  5. Although this was a stupid mistake by Bowers, comparing this situation to what Plaxico Burres did is apples and oranges. Burres brought a loaded handgun (stuck in the waistband of his pants) into a crowded night club in Manhatten and it discharged, injuring him and where it could have injured or killed other people. DaQuan’s hand gun was unloaded (no round in the chamber or magazine in the gun), and he alerted the ticket agent that he had forgotten about the weapon in his carry on before he got to TSA security. In the big scheme of things Bowers what Bowers did is small potatoes. I think they will fine him substantially and send him on his way.

  6. Wait a minute. If I am correct, Da’Quan is not a resident of New York. Did he buy the gun in New York? Oh, no wait, he must have driven to New York with his gun. Um, wait. New York dosen’t have reciprocal conceal carry laws. Now how in the hell did he get it to New York, on a plane trip up there?

    There are some unanswered questions. Don’t ya think?

  7. Why is he carrying a loaded gun around to begin with — anywhere in NY? I’m guessing he doesn’t have a concealed carry permit there…

    Taking a loaded gun onto a plane presents its own set of problems — regardless of what state you are in, and regardless of whether it was “an accident” or not.

    Also, reports now say that authorities found the gun in his carry-on — that doesn’t sound like self-reporting to me.

    This isn’t just one bad decision, it’s a series of bad decisions. Hard to fathom what goes through these guys’ minds.

  8. The gun wasn’t loaded. The bullets were in the same bag(which NY considers a loaded gun) and he took it to the airport authority’s to tell them. He didn’t try to sneak it on the plane or attempt to hide anything. Only in New York are you arrested for doing the right thing. Still shouldn’t have had the gun.

  9. It maybe illegal to carry a gun, but you can fly with one. He should have unloaded it and checked the bag. Is it illegal to own a gun in NY?

  10. Whats the point of having these gun laws if we they aren’t goint to enforce them? Weather it was a mistake or not does it really matter? He commited a crime so he should have to serve his time just like any other regular joe.

  11. At the time Plaxico was charged, the law was relatively new. Nobody had ever been prosecuted to the extent of the 3 year mandatory minimum; everybody charged had been allowed to plead to a lesser charge, and highest sentence received was a year and a half. They chose to make an example out of Plaxico, but they did give him a break in the sense that they didn’t go for the 3 year minimum.

    Bowers will undoubtedly be given a break too, but it’s hard to see him not doing some time given NY’s position on guns.

    On the bright side, he’ll likely get to skip OTA’s and training campin 2014….

  12. Any relation to Barry Switzer? I remember Switzer being fined more by Jerry Jones than anything else; and I think Switzer got caught in the TSA line…..

  13. It maybe illegal to carry a gun, but you can fly with one. He should have unloaded it and checked the bag. Is it illegal to own a gun in NY?


    Tough to get the bags to the airport without carrying them. The laws are generally framed around carrying and possession, not ownership.

  14. If you carry guns all the time, its possible you could forget. He tried to do the right thing and got burned away.

    I don’t see how you can flip out about this, but be pro-gun rights, because if more states okay concealed carry, this will happen a lot more by accident.

  15. Here in NYC, there isn’t any excuses for carrying an unpermitted pistol. That he also had ammunition in the same container as the pistol, it gets classified as a loaded gun. Doesn’t matter that at the time the bullets weren’t actually in the gun. Furthermore, there is a mandatory minimum for this crime. It used to be one year, now I think it’s three. Meaning, if he’s convicted, the judge has NO DISCRETION. The minimum sentence is mandatory. (Doesn’t matter that wherever he lives that the gun was legally purchased or licensed).

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