Eagles’ G.M.: Combine won’t do much to change the draft board


Football fans and members of the media will obsess over the Scouting Combine for the next week, but Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman says we shouldn’t.

Asked in an interview on the team’s website how much the Combine will change the Eagles’ draft board, Roseman answered, “I hope not much.”

Roseman added that the Eagles’ scouts have already watched a lot of tape on a lot of college players, and that he doesn’t want to allow one fast 40-yard dash to outweigh what they’ve seen players produce on the field.

“It really shouldn’t change drastically,” Roseman said. “I think some of the problems you get into is you get into the Senior Bowl, you get into the Combine and all of a sudden your board changes drastically. It’s got to be back on the tape.”

Roseman says the Eagles will pick the best players available, rather than drafting for need. And the best players are the ones who have looked good in a helmet and shoulder pads, not in shorts and T-shirts.

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  1. Combine doesn’t change the “draft board”. Twitter does. One draft dork tweets some misinformation from an “anonymous scout”, and the whole herd rush to change their rankings.

  2. “Roseman says the Eagles will pick the best players available, rather than drafting for need.”

    Danny Watkins supports this statement and article

  3. Does anybody really believe NFL GM’s change their draft board because of a Tweet?

    There is a difference between NFL GMs and some dork who puts together mock drafts.

  4. Good point. When you’re terrible at every position, you might as well pick the best player available, I guess.

  5. thegreatgabbert,

    Funny you said that. I know a few of those draftniks online and 90% of the time when someone says they talked to NFL scouts they did not or they got a blurb from an agent. I have a good buddy in the media and he has always told me that those who have NFL connections and talk to teams like Mayock, Brandt, and others who are just Twitter and website folks and not work for the big networks talk to NFL teams all the time and they never put out there that they just talked to a scout.

    People on many of these draft websites are way off in their projections and just a big hoax. If you believe half of what they say then you likely would fall for what Teo did. Only about 7-8 of them are actually legit and very good while also having good NFL connections.

  6. Based on most of thier recent picks I’m pretty sure the Eagles just throw a dart at a list of names while drafting.

  7. Of course it won’t because your organizations strategy is set in stone.

    Draft a player who can’t play!!!

    With the whatever pick in the draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Mike All-Hype out of Nowhere State.

    Example 1-A. JPP > Brandon Graham…

  8. I know there is not a lot of football news, but quoting Howie Roseman about the draft?

    Why don’t we ask our wives and girlfriends what they think about the draft too?

  9. “Danny Watkins supports this statement and article”

    According to Lurie that was on Reid (not sure if I buy it) and Roseman just drafted Fletcher Cox who had a fantastic year and was probably the best defensive rookie not named Luke Kuechly even though the media barely mentioned him.

  10. I’m not surprised. The Eagles say this every year, and personally I think it’s pretty sound strategy. They base their decisions on the tape they’ve watched and the games they’ve seen these young players in, not whether or not they run faster in a timed sprint than someone else, or can bench a certain wait more times than other people.

    The combine is interesting when it comes to comparing raw skills of one player against another, but a wide receiver with speed might not be able to catch or run routes. A defensive end who can bench 250 lbs 35 times might not have the technique to get around a lineman quick enough. A corner back with a high vertical jump might not be able to cover their zone properly.

    It’s exciting when an already highly valued player has an incredible combine, and it makes stories when a presumably great player is a bust during the workouts. In the end, though, it all comes down to playing football, and watching games shows how these guys play.

  11. Whoever said Brandan Graham as a bust here is wrong.. i thought the same thing and i was wrong…Profootball focus graded him as the 2nd best de in the nfc east to JPP and BG didnt start til after babin was released. Fletcher cox last years first round was graded as one of the top.dt. they actually just started drafting respectively.

  12. I love the trolls that think “Well they fired the Coach/GM/VP and got rid of Joe Banner, but I assume it’s business as usual so I’ll continue with my ridiculous stereotypes and out-dated comments about the team”

    Solid effort trolls.

  13. Public never gets to know team’s draft boards. Only the media draft boards. So, for all intents and purposes, “draft board” has only one meaning, and that isn’t the one that is drawn up in secret in “war rooms”.

  14. Let’s watch the Chiefs and the Eagles for the next few years and see who has the last laugh. My money is on the Chiefs and I’ve been an Eagles fan since the 50’s.

  15. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only Roseman supporter out there. We’ll see after this draft class whether it was really him or Andy. I hope we can trade back because we need an entire secondary and probably a QB.

  16. Nate Allen (round 2), Daniel Te’o-Nesheim (round 3), Danny Watkins (round 1), Jaiquawn Jarrett (round 2), Curtis Marsh (round 3) all sounds like best players available to me.

    Keep up the good work!

    31 other NFL teams

  17. Brandon Graham suffered big injuries as setbacks and also had to tranlate from OLB to DE, now with an expected move back to his natural position as 3-4 OLB where he was a stud in college and why the Eagles traded up cause of talent I expect a breakout year from him

  18. kidcreatine says: Feb 19, 2013 7:07 PM

    Nate Allen (round 2), Daniel Te’o-Nesheim (round 3), Danny Watkins (round 1), Jaiquawn Jarrett (round 2), Curtis Marsh (round 3) all sounds like best players available to me.

    Keep up the good work!

    31 other NFL teams


    Enter 2013.

    -Signed Society.

  19. Roseman didn’t pick Watkins and Jarrett trolls Andy Reid picked those busts. The last draft was Roseman’s hopefully with Tom Gamble from San Fran’s help this draft will be even better

  20. With the whatever pick in the draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Mike All-Hype out of Nowhere State.

    Example 1-A. JPP > Brandon Graham…

    JPP was a reach who made good, Jints were both lucky AND good on that one. JPP actually was the guy from Nowhere State. The day of that particular draft, If the Eagles had picked JPP, Iggles Fans would have scratched their heads and immediately equated him to that guy Ray Rhodes picked as the next Charles Haley at DE, another bust from a different era, and a guy Mike Mamula laughs at.

    Brandon Graham came out of Michigan, I believe, and had a very good collegiate career. He was a big-time prospect. Problem is, he was miscast in the Eagles DEE, then got injured. He is not a total bust, however, he is not a real first – rounder, either. Eagles were praised at the time for picking him, by some folks who supposedly know better, but obviously don’t. He’s not a Jaiquan Jarrett. BTW, Curtis Marsh is still around, and might even start, some day.

  21. well maybe the eagles should just stay away from the combine. They must feel that speed, agility, strength, athleticism, intelligence, and a personal interview can not translate to production on a football field…just give them film, they will do great with that alone.

  22. Mike Mamula? What about Jon Harris? I remember they drafted him in the first round and the ESPN draft crew didnt have any footage or information on Jon Harris. Even Jon said he wasnt home that day because he thought he would go late the second day.

  23. Every position on the roster is a position of need for the Eagles, so drafting best player available is a viable strategy lol

    And I’m an Eagles fan!

  24. If Roseman really wants to do the smart thing, He’ll sit back and let Tom Gamble handle the draft, his input in the 49ers last few drafts speaks for itself.

  25. He’s making a “common sense” statement now, but everyone knows that when they actually start drafting, “common sense” goes out the window.

  26. Anyone who believes the Jeff Lurie BS that Howie didn’t make selections in the last 2 Eagles drafts needs to take off their “eagles green-colored” glasses. Get real, people. Howie Roseman was responsible for Danny Watkins, Nate Allen, etc. If you believe that they were all Reid picks, you haven’t been paying attention. I’m just glad Tom Gamble is on board now so they can actually select real players. You know, pros.

  27. Who needs this Warren Sapp guy, did you see that Mike Mamula kid doing those bench presses! After all these years I still can’t believe they screwed that up.

  28. “We’re a team that thought Mike Vick was a good investment and now has a depth chart of him, Foles, and Dixon, so, cmon, wel clearly don’t have a clue.”

  29. Lets get Rid of the bench press test. The guys that rack out the most never do sh*t in the NFL. They should replace it with a questionaire about carrying guns on planes, trains, ships and in nightclubs.

  30. Just for the record.

    Howie Roseman was in a power struggle with Reid as far as personell decisions.. Andy is the worst tallent evaluator in the league. He got lucky with DeSean and LeSean..
    It has been documented by the team owner that the only draft that Roseman is 100% accountable for is the 2012 draft.

    I think COX, Kendrick, Curry, Foles, Boykin
    is one hell of a starting point for a GM’s first draft.

    keep sending the hate, i’ll keep knockin you down.

  31. I don’t like Roseman one bit. To the above..myeagle can’twin….Curry, Boykin and Foles haven’t really proven much to date….Frankly Curry to me is a major disapointment. Most of Comcast Sports do not like Foles. Boykin isn’t even Mediocore. Kendrick was OK….B- Cox gets a honest A-

  32. Well maybe they should pay a little bit more attention to the combine then they have been. If they did JPP would be playing for the Eagles and not the Giants.

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