Falcons don’t plan to use the franchise tag


As the second day of the franchise-tag fortnight comes to a conclusion, no tags have been applied.

And more than a few teams reportedly are inclined to keep it that way.

The latest no-tag team is the Falcons.  According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Falcons aren’t expected to use the franchise tag on any of the team’s upcoming free agents.

This means that cornerback Brent Grimes, tagged in 2012, will hit the market.  As will tackle Sam Baker and safety William Moore (pictured).

That said, the Falcons retain exclusive negotiating rights as to all of their free agents until March 9, at which time a three-day legal tampering window opens.

Of course, plenty of illegal tampering has been and will be happening.

8 responses to “Falcons don’t plan to use the franchise tag

  1. William Moore to KC and becomes part of the soon to be dominant team that Mr. Reid and Dorsey are assembling

  2. Brent Grimes is in the Top 10 corners in the league. Moore is Top 10 as well. The Falcons can’t keep them all and I expect huge paydays for these two, on the Falcons or elsewhere. Baker might be another story.

  3. I

    I think William Moore should be the top top priority for the falcons to get signed. He missed a few games last year but the falcons were in good shape at the end of the season. The guy hits like a truck and is a ball hawk. Sam Baker played his best football last year but prior to that he has been shaky. Free Agent market is loaded with tackles so I don’t think Sam will get big money in free agency with big names like Jake Long on the market. Grimes is the wildcard. He got tagged last year and then missed the entire season after week 1. Grimes is small and at times was abused by bigger receivers but can jump a mile in the air and make some insane interceptions. Coming off of nasty injury he is sure to lose a step. Asante and D Rob played decent last year at CB and if we tag grimes we would have to pay him 12 million. I would rather see him walk than pay him this kind of dough. Maybe we go after another CB via draft or FA but I think Brent is done in ATL unless they cut Dunta and keep grimes

  4. Moore is tough. If the Browns could sign him and draft Milliner…..oh boy. Haden and Milliner at CB, Moore and Ward at S. That would be incredibly solid.

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