Falcons making contingency plans for Gonzalez

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Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff said last week on NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk that he thought tight end Tony Gonzalez’s return was still a “50/50” proposition.

And while they’re not going to rush him, they’d obviously prefer to know something for planning purposes.

“Simply stated, the sooner we know the better and yet there are no deadlines on this for Tony,” Dimitroff told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Tony needs to come to his decision and be at peace with his decision.”

Dimitroff and his scouting staff will be taking a close look at the class of college tight ends in Indianapolis this week for a potential long-term fit, but if Gonzalez wasn’t going to play, they might be more inclined to look at a free agent for a more immediate contribution.

But Dimitroff made it clear Gonzalez was his preference.

“We have evolved and have been quite outspoken about our interest in having Tony back,” Dimitroff said. “He’s still a very adept and athletic tight end in our minds and can continue to help us win a lot of games. But again, it’s ultimately up to Tony to make that decision for himself and his family.”

If Gonzalez makes them wait too long, they could miss out on potential targets, which would require adjusting the offense. They could use wide receiver Harry Douglas more out of the slot, but Gonzalez is such a problematic matchup that replacing him is going to be nearly impossible no matter how they try.

10 responses to “Falcons making contingency plans for Gonzalez

  1. The days of being a good ‘regular’ season team are out the window with Gonzo’s retirement…

  2. Tony is by far the best option they have. I understand he needs time to decide but he owes them the respect of letting them know before the combine. Worst case scenario he needs to let them know at least 2-3 weeks before the draft.

  3. If T Gonz does retire, they should go for Dustin Keller. By no means is he a T Gonz, but he is a solid catcher and will get you yards after the catch.

  4. Go after P. Harvin from the vikes… Jones, White, and Harvin. Draft a young RB get rid of Turner and this offense won’t need a TE of Gonzalez caliber.

  5. Gonzo’s career up to now has solidified him as the best TE ever(Gates and Gronk might have something to say about that once all is said and done). However, as my handle suggests, I hope he “pulls a Favre” and wavers long enough for the free agency period to end and the Falcons don’t try to make a run at Delanie Walker. (Did I mention Delanie is injured? wink-wink)

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