Female kicker to take part in regional scouting combine


St. Louis Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein took advantage of the NFL’s newly implemented regional scouting combine process a year ago to help gain notice out of Division II Missouri Western State University.

He made an impression as the Rams elected to pick Zuerlein in the sixth round of last year’s NFL Draft.

This year, another kicker is hoping to use the regional scouting combine to boost their profile. Although this one shouldn’t have any problem standing out from the crowd for a different reason.

According to Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com, Lauren Silberman will become the first female player to participate in a regional combine when she kicks on March 2-3 at the regional site in New Jersey. Silberman played club soccer at Wisconsin before entering the business world.

The New York City native will take part in one of 10 regional combines leading up to a super-regional combine to be held in Dallas in April.

“The opportunity to attend this event could not be more exciting. Getting to meet interesting people and perfect my technique from others could not be more rewarding. … Regardless of the outcome of the tryout, I hope there is a way I can contribute and strengthen the league,” Silberman said.

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  1. Im all for it, but what happens when Jacoby Jones breaks a kick-off for a big return with just the kicker to beat…is he gonna lower his shoulder and hit the trick stick?

  2. Isn’t it funny how the one sport where a woman could feasibly play is the most violent sport we have? No way a woman could compete in the NBA or NHL and extremely unlikely in the MLB. But I don’t see why a woman couldn’t be a placekicker. Don’t expect her to make any tackles on kickoffs.. but most kickers in the league don’t either anyways!

  3. I dont see why not..if a mort anderson in his later years could make it on the football field i’m sure a fit 28 year old woman could.

    doubt it will happen though

  4. Men aren’t allowed to play in the WNBA or College Softball, but women can force their way into whatever they want. Why would they let a woman play in the NFL?

    But even so, if a coach is looking for a distraction and a media-circus he would sign her to kick for his team.

    Would anyone honestly like to see her in the NFL? The world would be just a little brighter if she could overcome adversity and play a man’s game. There are people starving to death in this world, why should anyone care that this woman may not get a fair opportunity to play a man’s game? A game so violent that, some of the most athletic men in the world may sustain permanent damage as a result of playing it.

  5. The redskins will sign her..and logicalvoices will say she is the top 3 kicker in the league and will help kick the to a Lombardi next year

  6. I’m inclined to say that this is no game for a lady but then again, with what Goodell’s done to the NFL she shouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt at all.

    Can you imagine though the flurry of flags that would be thrown if she was pancaked or tackled just because she was a woman?

  7. Good luck! If her passion in placed in the game and not in womens rights, good for her…That being said I think its a really stupid idea, because in football as a kicker, there are times where you have to attempt to make tackles, and there are dudes who will take this girl out of the game in one hit and set womens rights back 30 years.

    This cant end well.

  8. She gets a kicked blocked. It lands in her hands and 5 men ranging in weight from 245 to 385 lbs dogpile on her carcass: lawsuits, medical care, more lawsuits and lifelong crippling shame and hopeless pill addictions for the dogs involved.

    Women are too smart to play football (Lingerie Football League excluded.)

  9. Yeah I don’t see her getting a job.

    She’s accurate but has a very weak leg. So unless a team were to draft her for kicks 40 yards or closer there’s not much point.

    Unless a team was considering her as a boost to ticket sales.

  10. I’ve seen a lot of the kickers in the women’s semi-pro leagues across the country. While the majority are far behind the men in terms of leg strength there have been a few who have the equivalent of college level leg strength. I don’t think any have the leg for the NFL, but it’s not as far off as most people would think.

  11. Finally Necessary Roughness becomes a reality. If she looks like Kathy Ireland I hope the Dolphins sign her.

  12. There are several reasons why she can’t and won’t get to the NFL. We talk all the time about how the NFL is not a boy’s game but a man’s game. She obviously is not a man.

    With that said, I wish her well. I don’t know if she already plays in that women’s professional league but if she does not I hope it gets her in there or helps her standing within whatever female league she is in. I hope she can hit them from 45-55 yards out. If she can do that then I’m sure she will have a better leg than a few of the ones going to it.

  13. “This is an extremely high pressure kick, and it is week 6, meaning she could experience the period-symptoms she displayed in a crushing week 2 loss, missing the kick wide right and then crying and devouring a gallon of ice cream at mid field.”

  14. If, by some crazy chance she ends up playing in the NFL, maybe, just maybe she won’t be able to boot the ball into the end zone and maybe the teams she plays against will be able to run the ball back more than take a knee.
    We would return back to the good ol’ days of kick off returns while embracing new times with a chick playing.

  15. Ok so most people are stating the obvious like her having to make tackles or grab a blocked kick and getting pancaked….but what about before and after the game in the locker room? I don’t see a team creating a separate locker room for her to dress and undress or shower

  16. The ghost of George Preston Marshall-” When the WNBA allows men to play basketball, I’ll hire a female placekicker!”

    First the scab ref, now a kicker…. Maybe some of you college boys should try out for the school softball team, just to make a point…

  17. While this is a great feel good story it’s a waste of time and potential nightmare if the near impossible happens.
    I mean what is the point of having a people at the combine that isn’t going to get picked up by a team let alone be drafted?
    IF and it’s a massive IF she manages to get on a roster can you imagine the problems? Hazing is bad enough between the “boys” you throw a female in there and all hell breaks loose. What if she takes and misses a FG or does a kickoff, is she meant to tackle a full grown male athlete running at speed?

  18. What dressing room would she use? That’s not a small issue.

    Would all stadiums have to upgrade/change/add to their locker room areas? Just the teams on her schedule? How would that get financed in a way that doesn’t give every OTHER team an advantage?

    Equality (assuming it’s possible) is one thing, but the NFL is a business.

  19. The more I watch this league, the more I am convinced they are traveling the path of Barnum & Bailey circus. So much about creating news, about being Politically Correct. Concussions. Unions. Arrests. PED’s. Whatever happened to good ole football?

  20. Waiting for Florio’s “Silberman Rule” article where he starts calling for the league office to require each team try out a female kicker during the off season. You know, to be fair and all.

  21. People used to say the same things about Danica. Let her try out. At the very least, she will be a marketing coup for a team that signs her and she will single-handedly sell the most jerseys in the NFL.

  22. She wouldn’t necessarily have to make tackles. Look at my Colts. Pat McAfee does all the kickoffs and Adam Vinatieri kicks field goals and XP. It really could be only about her leg. The rest of her may be inconsequential.

  23. I agree with the comment about men cant play against women so why should she be allowed to play a mans game if she really wants to play tell her to play for the lingerie league!!!! only makes sense

  24. I remember a woman from the WMLS trying out as a kicker for the Chiefs years ago… when there still was a thing as the Women’s Major League Soccer in the U.S. She didn’t make the team, but the Chiefs gave her a tryout.

    And with the photo op of Goddell sitting with that little girl football phenom in the super bowl, I’ve got a feeling the Goddell’s not opposed to the idea of women players in the league.

    However, this woman has to make a team. If she can’t, well, that’s football for you. She’ll have plenty of male counterparts who also can’t make a team to keep her company.

    I wish her well. It would be interesting to see. If it happens.

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