Goal-line technology coming to the wrong kind of football

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As the NFL slides behind other sports when it comes to ensuring that its players are clean, pro football could be falling behind another kind of football when it come to ensuring that its calls are.

FIFA will be implementing goal-line technology for the 2014 World Cup.

The specific method hasn’t been determined; the system could be based on cameras or on magnetic sensors.  Still, it’s good to see any sport embrace the many available technologies in the hopes of getting calls right.

So when will the NFL do the same?  It can’t be hard for the NFL to come up with a device that will create objective evidence of any portion of the ball kissing or crossing the plane of the goal line.

With each passing year, the NFL’s failure to come up with a way to ensure that the critical question of whether a touchdown has been scored has been answered correctly becomes more glaring.

25 responses to “Goal-line technology coming to the wrong kind of football

  1. Blimey – who’d have thought someone could use FIFA as being an example of the forward-thinking embracing of modern technology!

    Most sensible people would hold the NFL up as bastions of techno-wizardry compared to ‘real’ football…

  2. To be fair, its a little easier in the NFL. Any part of the ball has to break the plain of the endzone. In FIFA, the entire ball has to cross.

  3. Well, the NFL has hours and hours of reviews. Soccer doesn’t. I would say NFL is more fair than soccer when it comes to results, but again, soccer does not stop.

    The kick off and it’s play till 45min.

  4. Sounds in theory to be easier to implement in the NFL than in FIFA, but you’d be wrong.

    The ball has to break the plane, but the ball and sensors do not know if a player was down before or after he broke the plane, so they’d have to go to review anyways and come up with the same results as simply ignoring the technology and going to review regardless.

    Therefore, it is cheaper and more time efficient to just review it and not make the extra step that will need to be reviewed anyways.

  5. You can’t use it on first downs since no such “any point of the ball” rule exists. I think overall they should leave it as-is. I am sick of this world getting so perfect that its no longer entertaining. Sometimes little things like the drama of it all can be fun.

    The Seattle/Pack game got more people talking about the NFL this year than any other game. Why change that?

  6. soccer is simpler because all that is in question is a ball crossing the line, in football a players body being down is also in question, so idk how a censor can determine that part also.

    this would only solve plays such as vinny testaverde’s phantom qb sneak td against seattle in the late 90s

  7. It would be nice to have it in the NFL, but not having it isn’t really a big deal. Since they review TD’s anyway, and it’s really not THAT hard to tell if the ball crossed the plain or not, kind of a non issue. Glad they got it in soccer since they don’t have time fore replays like we do in football

  8. Easier said than done.

    A lot of times in the NFL, it’s not only about the ball crossing the plane, but whether or not the receiver/runner has possession of the ball as it is crossing the plane.

    Having a sensor only solves a fraction of the problem (even though I really don’t see it as a big problem at all).

  9. It would help if they had a buzzer that went off so they could review the tape.

    That way, if the ball is lost in the pile, and they can see the knees. They can match up the knee (or whatever) to when the buzzer signaled the ball crossed the plane.

    Don’t see how it would make it any worse if that’s how they use it.

  10. I am so sorry Florio, there are other sports in the world and that “wrong kind” my friend happens to be the most popular sport in the world.

  11. Would never work in American football, because American players don’t fake injuries when trying to gain advantage in advancing the ball.

    Oh, wait.

  12. buffalobills716 says:
    Feb 19, 2013 4:07 PM
    Please we need it,so cheaters New England Patriots wont be getting away with wins and super bowls. Seriously
    Yes, because if it were active during the Bills run, they might have won one of those Super Bowls.

  13. Absolute non-issue. I don’t think we need it. Maybe the “football scientists” are concentrating on a technology to make safer helmets instead of wasting time and resources on creating some type of gadget to let us be able to see something that is only an issue on less than 1/10th of one percent of all plays.

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