Harvin has no comment about trade talk

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The Vikings have tiptoed around the topic of whether receiver Percy Harvin will be on the team in 2013.  Harvin has opted to take a different approach.

He’s not talking.  (Other than to say he’s not talking.)

I got nothing to say about any of that,” Harvin tells Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Harvin has been keeping a very low profile in recent weeks.  Murphy tracked Harvin down at his Florida home through a search of public records.

It’s a far cry from Harvin asking to be dealt to a new team.  But it’s an equally far cry from Harvin renewing his vows with the Vikings.

And if anyone wants to explore the possibility of doing a deal for Harvin, the opportunity will be coming in Indy, starting very soon.

45 responses to “Harvin has no comment about trade talk

  1. He is worth giving up a late #2 or a #3
    But his attitude will prevent teams from giving up a #1 .

    There just isn’t a market for a T.O. cancer type

  2. I hate the offseason. I’ve read at least 10 articles on this and there hasn’t been any new info since the first one. Come on draft.

  3. Unbelievable that we’re going to lose a talent like this. Our management and coaching staff needs to take a long hard look in the mirror to understand how and why this happened.

  4. Harvin not wanting to talk about trade means just one thing. He wants a new deal and of course more money from the Vikings.

    Just pay the man and lace it up with a bunch of incentives to get the most out of him!

  5. This won’t end well. Every time a team tries to court him, he’ll say”Not right now, I have a headache”

  6. I really have a hard time believing that all that can be said about Percy Harvin is that he gets migraines and has a bad attitude. In the fantasy football era… That’s really all you people have to say about this man? We want to forget that he was rookie of the year? We want to forget that he is a top receiver in this league. He also blocks like its fun to him. He also runs with the ball. He is a top return man in this league too. I have a hard time believing that Percy Harvin is only known for attitude and headaches. A real hard time.

  7. Harvin has been keeping a very low profile in recent weeks. Murphy tracked Harvin down at his Florida home through a search of public records.

    OMG. What an invasion of privacy here. Harvin tried to keep a low profile and the guy showed up at his home to bug him during the off-season!!!!

  8. I’d be so mad if some news reporter tracked me down at my home to ask me if I’m getting traded. I think his answer is a lot more classy than the one I would’ve given.

  9. There’s no way they trade this kid. His “off the field issues” are being overplayed during one of the slowest months of the year to be an NFL fan.

    I’m telling you. He’s going to be punishing the defensive backs of the NFC North for another 6 seasons. Suck it up and hope for an ankle tackle.

  10. bmore44 says: Feb 19, 2013 7:55 PM

    Who wants to pay for a guy who has headaches all time?


    Not too long after we landed on the moon, Percy Harvin addressed his sleep apnea. He hasn’t had a migraine since.

    Way to stay updated on subjects you’re commenting on.

  11. He’s not talking because he was told by his agent that if he doesn’t want to jeopardize his chances at being traded and/or getting paid, he needs to keep his mouth shut. It’s really that simple…

  12. All these morons that think a 2nd or 3rd rounder is going to get harvin don’t know football. He was in the MVP race before his ankle. The Vikings are not handling this well but don’t be fooled this guy is the best returner in football and a top ten receiver. He is not a cancer . His teammates love him and he has a huge heart and is fearless not to mention he runs a 4.3. 1st rounder minimum for him . If u can’t get that don’t trade him . The Vikings know they have no receivers if he goes . I say cut John Carlson and take his 25 million and give it to Percy .. Carlson is a bum.

  13. I don’t mean to sound cheap, but I mean we just gave the team a billion dollars, I don’t think now is the time to turn into the Minnesota Twins and get all…um…Jersey…on us…

    C’mon maaaan, PAY PERCY!

    That being said, we ran the table with the hardest schedule at the end of the year, we will be just fine without him I just like watching him play especially on kickoffs. Jarius Wright is a better vertical reciever built in the mold of Percy so, we already have his replacement thats why Percy wanted out last year, we knew it at the time its cuz we drafted Jarius Wright.

    Just dont get cheap

  14. If someone could slip him some truth serum, he would say that there is no way he is returning to the Vikings because their QB sucks. Plain and simple, he wants to make plays and he realizes that the Vikings reached way too high to grab Ponder when Ponder can’t throw the ball.

    Now the Viking fans will bitch and complain but Harvin isn’t coming back, no how, no way.

    Start by drafting a real Qb and at least the Vikings will be heading in the right direction.

  15. I have a real hard time believing anything negative about my favorite player.
    A hard time.
    A real hard time.

    Did I say real hard time?

  16. If he cant get along with a mild tempered coach like Frazier then I cant see him getting along with anyone. And dont forget this is the same kid who is suspended from the Virginia high school league activities because of his attitude eventhough he set 5 track and field records his junior year. This is the type of guy where its all about him and not the team.

  17. Adrian Peterson is hands down the funnest player to watch with the ball in their hands. Percy Harvin is probably in the top 5. He is the best YAC WR in the NFL and when he does play tailback he’s better than most RB’s in the league.

    Guy is a blast to watch an a stellar player. People that talk only about his migraine history and volatile personality are the TMZ types and aren’t true football fans. This guy is a freaking baller.

    Vikings might not be the best team out there with the best offense, but having Harvin and Peterson rolling on the same team makes them fun to watch.

  18. Pay the man already vikes. He plays his heart out on the field and is only a problem in the locker room cause musgrave only runs bubblr screens. Run percy deep once an awhile, kids defanitly got the speed to blow the top off of a defense

  19. sorry, vikings fans. the guy has never had even a 1000 yd season, he averages something like 12 yards a catch, and a handful of tds a year. and for that average roi, you get annual lockerroom headache.

    why do minn fans think they should get anythng higher than a 3rd round pick? the leverage is on the bidding teams. our offer is too low? eff you then, he’s your problem. if he even comes around to play for you.

  20. The Vikings made a deal with the devil when they drafted this well known but talented malcontent. And uninformed Viking fans bragged for years about how they stole him so late in the first round. But character counts as most of us know, and now it is time to pay the piper.

  21. I am a Vikings fan. I remember how much everyone cheered when we drafted Percy in 2009. I was not amongst the majority. I get it…Christian Ponder is not a very good quarterback. I want to believe he will become a franchise caliber QB, but I told myself that with Tavaris Jackson and refuse to drink the hometown Kool-Aid again. He’s just not that good.

    That being said, it doesn’t justify signing a selfish malcontent who is a flashy slot guy. He has an electric game for every two he disappears in. You know why he doesn’t run deep? It’s because he frequently drops passes that are beyond catchable. He can’t run the full route-tree and isn’t a number one wideout. Yet, he is wanting to be paid Calvin Johnson/Fitz money. It’s laughable. The Vikes are backed into a corner here. They’re trying to get value for a guy they don’t want and don’t wanna pay, but everyone knows it. He’s never played a full 16 game season, and IS a locker room cancer. It’s a pipedream, but I say trade him to the Jets for Darelle Revis. They can’t afford him, and it would are in a similar situation as the Vikings…oh wait…Revis wants top dollar because he actually is one of the best players at his position. BTW…Vikings went 5-2 without Percy Harvin to finish the year…he’s not worth the money or the “headache”.

  22. I belive both the Vikes & Percy are keeping things close to the vest! None of the parties want to burn any bridges!! The Vikes may have some feelers out, But in the end they resign Harvin to a four year deal!! And heres why? if the Vikes pick-up just one F.A wide out like a Jennings, Wallace, Bowe or even Cruz!! Just look at the match up nightmares! With Percy,one of the aforementioned WR the TE we have and let’s not forget A.D carring the rock!! Thats stout! Percy won’t want to miss out on riding that train!!

  23. Not sure what the big deal is about Harvin’s attitude. He’s not half the problem guys like TO or Chad Johnson or Randy Moss were. He had an outburst once on the sidelines during a game last year.

    He also comes to play every week, and is dynamite with a football in his hands. The Vikings either need to re-sign him to a long-term deal, or trade him for a top-15 pick. Yes, he’s that good.

  24. Why does Percy have the reputation of being a cancer? That makes no sense. If you listen to every interview of the Viking players, they ALL WANT HIM BACK. Why would every single player want him back if he was such a cancer? That makes no sense.

    The guy is extremely talented and I wish people would stop looking at statistics as black and white to tell the entire story. If you want to look at statistics, look at the variables. Look at his YAC. Look at who he’s had for a QB. As a matter of fact, about 70% of his receiving yards were YAC. That tells me more of the story than “he’s never had 1,000 yards season”. You are not going to have a lot of that with a run-heavy offense. Why don’t you look at all of his yards (receving, rushing and returning)? He was #1 or #2 in the league at the point of his injury this past year. In fact he was leading the league in receptions at one point as well. I would take Harvin on my team any day and would gladly give up a 1st or 2nd rounder for him.

  25. Good for you Percy, keep your mouth shut. Open it up, media will twist and turn what you say every way they want, and hurts your value for yourself. Trade is dependent on your GM anyway. Enjoy your Florida sun.

  26. He’s going to Seattle for Flynn and a draft pic. Bevell knows what he’s capable of. Seahawks are not afraid to pick up Viking players. (Oh, and Flynn will tie a pay cut in exchange for competing for the starting job)

  27. skolvikessguy says:
    He’s never played a full 16 game season, and IS a locker room cancer
    As a Viking fan I want to ask you how do you know if he’s a cancer in the locker room? It seems ALL the players seem to like him and want him on the team. Also, he HAS played in all 16 games in the 2011 season. 15 games in 2010 and 14 games in 2009. So I’m not sure your point when it comes to the amount of games he’s played.

    The fact is the media has blown this out of proportion. Harvin has done nothing wrong and any issues he has had with the Vikings, he has kept to himself. It’s the media speculating what is going on.

    In other words, everyone needs to get off this guy’s back. He’s done nothing wrong. His production is among the league’s best when you consider what he does after he has the ball in his hands.

  28. A second round pick is not enough for Harvin. Sign him to a new contract. I’m not sure why Harvin would be upset about playing with Ponder because before he injured his ankle people were talking about him for MVP. He was raking up the numbers. The Vikings have Percy over a barrel though because he is under contract for another season and can be franchised twice. Ask Mike Wallace how that feels Percy. The Vikings need him. They also need a #1 WR. They need to go all in for Bowe, Jennings, or Wallace. The Vikings have the players in place on offense to be explosive. What they need is a proper backup QB. 2 new LB’s. A safety and 1 more corner. Then they can make a serious run at the title. If they could trade anyone on the team I would prefer it to be Musgrave.

  29. This guy makes great cuts, he is a downfield threat, he can run, return punts, he can do it all.

    And in his humble opinion, he does it all while walking on water!

    He doesn’t have an issue with Ponder. He has an issue with his ego. Play your contract and shut up.

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