Jake Long mum on chances of staying in Miami


Dolphins tackle Jake Long had some good news to report on his health.

Long told Robert Klemko of USA Today that he’s feeling the best he has in years after having surgery to repair the triceps injury that ended his 2012 season. He had less optimism when it came to a question about his chances of staying with the Dolphins after free agency gets underway next month. That doesn’t mean there was any pessimism, however. Long kept it close to the vest on the topic of where he’ll be playing in 2013.

“You’ve got to talk to my agent about that one,” Long said. “That’s the business side. I just worry about the football. I know a great deal’s gonna get done one way or the other.”

There was a report near the end of January that Long is looking for “at least” $10 million a season in his next deal, something that was said to make the Dolphins pessimistic about their chances of keeping him. They could use the franchise tag, but the team may decide that Long’s shaky play of late doesn’t warrant that big a financial commitment either.

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  1. It’s hard to see an always injured,part time player like Jake Long getting a 10 million dollar a year contract.

  2. You cashed in to the tune of $55 mil guaranteed when the system paid based on draft status and not performance.

    It’s up to your team to figure out what you’ll take from Miami going forward. If the number is north of $9 mil (more than your performance warrants) then good luck in Chicago or wherever.

  3. He said the exact same thing in training camp last year… Gee, wonder if he’s trying to get more guaranteed money and excuse his mediocre play the past two years by saying he’s feeling the best he has in years.

  4. I wish he’d lower his pay expectations and stay in Miami. Somehow with the way he’s talking, i don’t think that’s gonna happen. He’s out for a decent second contract and i don’t think the Dolphins will pay him his high demand. Personally tho, i hope he stays. Nice guy.

  5. It’s amazing that none of Jeff Ireland’s picks are worth being resigned. What does that tell you Mr. Ross?

  6. “To paraphrase the late Sir Winston Churchill ” Never has a player been paid so much and accomplish so little””

    Jamarcus Russell might have something to say about that

  7. Jake Long made the ProBowl 4/5 years… he was a great pick. The only way he isn’t considered a great pick is if Matt Ryan wins a Superbowl (or maybe multiple playoff games in one season).

    I have his jersey in my collection. I have man-love for Jake, but I love the Dolphins more.

    Jake, with all due respect, says every offseason that he feels the best he’s felt in years. It could be his catch phrase.

    Jonathan Martin filled in nicely for Jake.

    I’d like to see them use the tag on him. Sean Smith isn’t worth the tag… he’s gone. Who else would merit it?

    Tag him, see if he plays a healthy season, re-evaluate next offseason. Maybe he has an Adrian Peterson-esque recovery (wishful thinking) in which case you haven’t let walk a guy who has played at the highest level for a LT.

  8. Wish the Lions would make a run at him and keep the fith pick for a defensive player. $10 million is too much but I don’t think anyone will pay him that.

    Long is still young and only a few years removed from being one of the best LT’s in the game. He’d be a nice replacement for Backus and would allow Reif to play RT.

  9. freepretzels says:
    Feb 19, 2013 1:04 PM
    Do the Dolphins have a replacement that can step in?

    Getting rid of Long is well and good, but if you got no one else, then you haven’t gotten anywhere.


    Jonathan Martin, the team’s second round pick from a year ago. He was drafted as a right tackle but moved over to the left side in Long’s absence due to injury and played just as well there, if not better.

    So, yeah, they have a replacement for Long on the left, they just may not have a replacement for Martin on the right if he were to move over.

  10. What’s with all the Detroit Lions fans here?

    Their team at the moment doesn’t have enough cap room to sign their 2013 draft picks, yet they want to talk about signing a $10+ million per year left tackle?

  11. Why didn’t They try to trade him before last year for a pick? It’s not like they were going to be a playoff team.

  12. Jake made some pro bowls, but reality is, he slowed down a lot the last 3 years and his unit was bottom of the barrel overall with protection and run blocking….

    Pro bowl didn’t translate to freeing up the offense with good protection and he was a revolving door this year….

    when you can cut the guy and get 3 new guys… why not?

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