Jets start dumping salaries


The Jets face a salary-cap mess in 2013.  They’ve commenced the process of cleaning up the mess by cutting ties with several players.

The team has announced that linebacker Calvin Pace, safety Eric Smith, and tackle Jason Smith have been cut.  Also, tight end Josh Baker (who is not a vested veteran) has been waived.

Pace arrived as a free agent in 2008.  Jason Smith was the second overall pick in the 2009 draft, and the Rams traded him to the Jets for former starting right tackle Wayne Hunter.  Eric Smith was a third-round pick in 2006.

The fact that linebacker Bart Scott isn’t on the list suggests that the Jets are trying to work out a reduced contract in lieu of putting him on the open market — and possibly thrusting him into the arms of former Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, who is now the defensive coordinator in Buffalo.

Pace and the Smiths become instant free agents.  Baker will be subject to the waiver process.

Per Rich Cimini of, the moves clear $24.2 million in cap space.

13 responses to “Jets start dumping salaries

  1. Bart Scott is a lot better than people realize. His job isn’t of the glory variety.

    Too bad some people have no clue, including most of the NY beat writers.

    Giants fan here…so no, not a homer.

  2. Buffalo has not done anything to deserve Bart Scott. He’s way more talk than walk at this point in his career.

  3. Tommy, you clearly haven’t watched the Jets play the last 2 seasons. Scott is ok at the point of attack, but has limited mobility to get to the outside in pursuit, and can’t cover a TE to save his life. He’s also not much of a locker room guy.

    With Harris not being able to cover TE’s or RB’s out of the backfield, the Jets need to get younger and more athletic at the position. Its why they drafted Davis last season.

    Handwriting was on the wall for Scott before the season ever began. He’d have been expensive to cut, wouldn’t take a pay cut, and it cost the Jets literally nothing to cut him here this offseason, while giving them decent cap savings (like 4-5 mil)

  4. Malachio. Exactly, and his poor play counts against the Jets record. They need to show some gusto, cut him and then find a rookie, or anyone else who hasn’t proven they suck.

  5. For all those that don’t have a clue: Sanchez would count 17+ Million against the 13 cap if cut or traded before June. If the Jets keep him he will only count 12+ Million. DO the math…It’s cheaper to keep her, I mean him.

  6. Everyone knows the Jets can’t cut the one guy who deserves to be cut – Sanchez – after the extension Wrecks and Tannenbaum gave him in an effort to boost his confidence.

    Of course right after that they brought in another QB to undermine his confidence – Tebow – who they never let play.

    So since they’re paying his salary one way or another, they’re hoping Sanchez now responds to even more pressure and performs.

    Maybe Wrecks will try to help by guaranteeing that Sanchez will win yet another Super Bowl?

    As a Patriot fan I’m feeling like I should buy a Jet PSL to show my appreciation for the entertainment value Woody and company have provided (so long as they extend Wrecks’ contract next!)

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