Larry Foote: Woodley criticism broke the code

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On Monday, we heard Steelers safety Ryan Clark say that criticisms of linebacker LaMarr Woodley’s work ethic from an anonymous teammate showed a “fracture” within the Steelers locker room.

Another veteran defensive player chimed in on Tuesday and agreed with Clark’s sentiment. Linebacker Larry Foote  said he thought that blasting another member of the team publicly deviated from the way that the Steelers have conducted their business for a long time and wondered if the quote — “He was awful. He tells us he works out, but we didn’t see it. He wasn’t in shape. That has to be a reason why he was always hurt.” – actually came from one of the team’s coaches.

That fits with another more general report that the Steelers want to see Woodley work harder this offseason and would fit better with Foote’s notion that Steelers players don’t slam one another publicly.

“I mean there have been fights in the locker room, there’s been stuff on the airplane that never got out and that’s the Steeler way,” Foote said on 93.7 The Fan, via “So I’ll be very surprised if a player really did that and hopefully his name don’t come up, or if he was, he’s one of the players that’s no longer here. I mean, you’re breaking the code when you do that. You’re breaking the code.”

Foote said he thinks Woodley will rebound in 2013, although it’s up in the air whether Foote will be around to see it. He’s an unrestricted free agent this offseason and may not return to a Steeler team that’s said goodbye to several veterans in recent years. If he does go, it will be up to Clark and others to make sure the Steeler way continues to be one they think is worthy of the franchise.

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  1. You think Ryan Clark upholds steeler tradition? Haha don’t make me laugh. He is over in ravens locker room after the Steelers lose playing grab azz with ed reed. Larry Foote went on to say that in the interview. And it was directed at Clark. Woodley and Foote confronted Clark about his chummy nature with the ravens. He’s been told about it. This is the fracture in the team. Not hating your opponent. Steelers need to get back to that. They used to have attitude and anger and passion. Now all you see is giggling and lawdy dawdy attitudes. That’s not the steeler way. This is why the Ratbirds have taken over the ad. North the last couple years. Get angry bring back the hate. That’s how you re-take the division back!

  2. I also hope the guy who said it is no longer on the team or at least someone who never plays. Honestly after his comments about Roethlisberger and Mendenhall a few years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if Harrison said it.

  3. So, while complaining about fractures in the organization, you also reveal that there were fights in the locker room and airplanes…I love this, you can not make this stuff up

  4. Things like this happen when expectations are not met….yes, even with the “great” Steelers organization.

  5. jarvis:
    It wouldn’t surprise me if NO ONE had said it. Radio, newsprint and TV superstar Ron Cook’s credibilty and intigrity are suspect, at best. The media’s rule of thumb in Pittsburgh when the offense stinks is to “blame the defense.” It’s been that way ever since the 2008 season.

  6. Would it be breaking the fan code if I said that Woodley sucked last year? Cause he did.

    What do you think ravenator – Woodley for Flacco straight up. One underacheiver for another. Though Woodley would start on Ravens D, Flacco’d ride the pine.

  7. “Fights in the locker room and stuff on the plane that never got out.”

    Well, it’s out now !!!

  8. All you haters tell me the last time we all heard this kind if stuff coming out of Pittsburgh?… It was the last time the Steelers were .500 or below. Answer this one for me now…. When was the last time the Steelers had a .500 or below record two seasons in a row? 1998-1999 before that it was 1985-1986. doesnt happen often!!! Anyone that thinks next season will not be a winning season in Pittsburgh is just hoping it to be true….someone like ravenator….but lets watch his team next season and their sub .500 performance!! The POS turn your friends in to save your azz Ray “classless” Lewis, gone; the soon to be heavily overpaid flacco at the helm of what’s left! Can’t wait to watch the big fall back to mediocrity. The good news ravenator the browns will still be in the division so you most likely wont be last in the division. Good luck you’re going to need it!

  9. Certainties in life:

    3.”Ravenator” posting on EVERY Steelers thread
    4.”NoFoolsdrool” following Ravenator around like a lost puppy attempting to bash him while looking equally moronic

  10. Code!!!Smode!!!Who really cares, if it is indeed one of the coaches, Tomlin needs to do his job and reprimand him. This thread won’t even matter come training camp. Steelers still win the division.

  11. The code that was broken is the disrespect to the fans, teammate and ownership. Someone blowing an assignement on the football field, having a fight on the airplane or disagreement in offense/defense philosophy should be kept in house. But there is simply no excuse for laziness in sports. You dont take your fans who pay big money for granted. A lack of effort is the biggest middle fin9er you can give ya fanbase…

  12. um…crown….i understand you are upset with ravenator and thats your perrogative. but im not sure how many “underachievers” become superbowl mvps and have more wins in their first 5 seasons than any qb in history. would joe start in pitt? you are probably right…he wouldnt. you guys have a good qb that you live. not saying one is better than the other by the way…you stick with who took you to the dance. that all being said i hope everything works out so the best rivalry in football can continue at its high level. i fully expect my ravens to be be contending and pitt should be back too. let the bashing over my post begin and go ravens!!

  13. Oh swell. I take off for a few days, then come back to find the Steelers in disarray (in the media, anyway) and myself agreeing with bobzilla, of all people.

    But bobzilla’s right … it wouldn’t be a surprise if no one said it. In fact, if a player had made those derisive comments about Woodley, his defensive teammates could sniff him out in about 10 minutes … then there would be hell to pay in the locker room. What player would put himself in line for that? If LeBeau or Butler had an issue with Woodley, they’d take it up with Woodley–assassination by media isn’t their style. And why create this kind of friction within a number-one defense?

    The offense is the issue and this drama seems to deflect from the real problem area.

  14. This is a chain of events to come. One guys shares his opinion to the public, next guy complains this should have never happened and people should not let it out of the locker room. NOTE: Clark should have kept his mouth shut. Next day, foote chimes in and says this should have never happened then ratting out a coach. NOTE: foote should have kept his mouth shut. Next you will hear from other players and then Woodley him self. This is going to drag out then the players will turn on each other. Sad to hear this happening to the steelers.

  15. @ jarvis1104 says: Feb 19, 2013 3:49 PM

    I honestly don’t see Harrison saying something like this, or airing dirty laundry to the media…even to Ron Cook. Mendy or Ben either.

    This seems like something a practice squad or player on his way would say, if at all.

    Always skeptical of the unnamed source.

  16. bigbenownsthenfl says:Feb 19, 2013 3:46 PM

    You think Ryan Clark upholds steeler tradition? Haha don’t make me laugh. He is over in ravens locker room after the Steelers lose playing grab azz with ed reed. Larry Foote went on to say that in the interview. And it was directed at Clark. Woodley and Foote confronted Clark about his chummy nature with the ravens. He’s been told about it. This is the fracture in the team.
    Oh really. That’s interesting because I’ve been watching Ryan Clark knock Ravens out of games for years now. Ask Ray Rice, or McGahee, Flacco, ect.. He gives 100% out there to suggest anything else is silly.

  17. I mean really – who cares about a “code”? Just shut up and play football. Leave the high school gossip behind.

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