Marcus Lattimore says doctors will be “shocked” by his progess at combine


University of South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore may not be able to take part in drills this week at the NFL combine, but that isn’t stopping him from trying to impress his future employers.

Lattimore is just four months removed from a gruesome knee injury suffered in a game against Tennessee in October. Lattimore dislocated his right knee and tore several ligaments when a Tennessee defender hit him squarely on his planted leg. He has still not been able to begin running just yet but has said he plans to be ready for the start of the season in September.

Lattimore plans to show NFL doctors just how well he is progressing this week.

[They] will be shocked.  I can tell you that,” Lattimore said on 107.5 The Game, via Brian McConchie of WACH-TV in Columbia, S.C.

Lattimore is expected to attend the combine despite being unable to go through workouts. He’ll be able to meet with teams and go through medical exams to try and assuage any fears teams may have in drafting him. Dr. James Andrews is expected to join Lattimore in Indianapolis to be available to answer any questions teams have about Lattimore’s recovery.

Lattimore also said he plans to start running next Monday after the combine.

“It’s game on,” Lattimore said.

It’s the second straight off-season Lattimore has had to rehab from a serious knee injury. He was widely considered to be a first-round draft pick before the injury in October. If he’s able to convince doctors he’s progressing well in his recovery, it could go a long way toward restoring some of this draft stock in time for the NFL draft in April.

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  1. I honestly hope that he does. I think AP will change the mindset about rehabbing from knee injuries. Of course I understand that every person is different and that every knee injury is different. People once thought that a four minute mile could not be broken for men nor a five minute mile for women. Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile in 1954, Diane Leather broke the five minute mile 23 days after Bannister got the record, and John Landy also broke the four minute mile 46 days after Bannister first set the record. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. Best of luck to him. That injury was one of the most gruesome things I have seen in a football game

    Classy and engaging kid who speaks like someone beyond his years so he should have no issues with the interviews. Hope the team lucky enough to get him does not push him back before his knee is firmly ready. Guy could easily be a bigger version of AD.

  3. Marcus has the potential to be a steal by the time the draft comes around. Outside of his injuries, he’s a game-changing running back. Hopefully his career follows the trajectory of Willis McGahee and Fred Taylor. I really hope my team (Tennessee Titans) takes a chance on him.

  4. Wish this guy luck. He looked like a rare talent while at the real USC (university of south carolina).

    I’m sure some team will take him, he’ll sit a year like Willis McGahee and go on to have a successful career.

  5. You’re a bbbaaaaaddddd man, Lattimore! Seriously, bigtime props to this kid for his work ethic but most of all his courage…how many kids would even want to continue their career after what he’s been through?

  6. Good for him, he was truly something special before the injuries and I hope he has a long and great career in the NFL. It looked like he glided on the field when he was running.

  7. Good for him! I hope that he does well…Recent developments really seem to be helping these guys after such serious injuries. Hail Lattimore! The NFL needs guys with names like that!

  8. I hope he heals up and has a strong career, I really do. But that was the most gruesome hit I’ve ever seen. AP is a freak of nature, I’m not sure anybody could replicate the recovery and success that he had.

  9. Fast recoveries are usually the result of foreign chemicals given by Doctor’s. This man, just Adrian Peterson and Ray lewis, does not posess super human healing powers like Wolverine.

  10. Good luck, Marcus. I still think he should have gone back for his senior year, and come out next year as a top-five pick (more money), but it isn’t my career.

    One thing that I hope does NOT happen is him rushing back too quickly. Adrian Peterson’s unbelievable comeback from injury is going to be the measuring stick by which all future comebacks are compared. However, AP is not just another normal professional athlete. Hope Lattimore takes his time, and fully heals.

  11. AP and Marcus are cut from the same cloth. I watched AP at Oklahoma, people knew he was a stud as a freshman. Lattimore could have gone to the NFL right after high school. This kid will be a beast.

  12. If willis mcgahee can get drafted 23rd after his January injury, and Lattimore is walking already, I’d be surprised if he makes it out of the 1st.

  13. I can see Green Bay reaching for him late in round 1. They haven’t had a 1st Round Draft Pick stay on the field since Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji were drafted so allowing Lattimore to come in and slowly assimilate into the offense wouldn’t be a big deal.

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