Mayock sees four options for Chiefs at No. 1


On Monday, preeminent draft guru Mike Mayock participated in a pre-Combine conference call that lasted more than 2.5 hours.  Tirelessly answering question after question, Mayock demonstrated once again a computerized recall of names and teams and needs.

With plenty of interest focused on what will happen at the top of the draft, Mayock eventually was asked to identify the players he believes to be worthy of the first overall pick, held by the Chiefs.

Mayock said there are four:  Alabama guard Chance Warmack; North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper; Texas A&M tackle Luke Joeckel; and Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher.

Warmack is Mayock’s preference.  “People will tell me I’m crazy, that a guard can’t go No. 1,” Mayock explained.  “I think he’s the best player in the draft, so I would argue that.”

The list doesn’t create the kind of sizzle to which we’ve become accustomed at the top of the draft.  And for good reason.  There are no quarterbacks regarded as worthy of being the first overall pick this year.

Mayock realizes that the Chiefs’ needs could be influenced by their decision regarding tackle Branden Albert (who could actually move to guard if a guy like Joeckel is drafted with the first pick).  Still, Chiefs coach Andy Reid learned the hard way in 2012 the importance of having a high-end offensive live.  With a cluster of high-quality blockers at the top of the draft and a rookie wage scale to keep the total cost far less than what it would be to sign Albert to a long-term deal, the Chiefs could opt for the lineman whom they decide they like the most.

And then they’d hope that the rest of the teams agree with G.M. John Dorsey’s assessment that none of the quarterbacks merit a first-round selection.   Which would push all of the quarterbacks to the Chiefs at the top of round two.

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  1. Some team(s) will still reach on one or more of the QB’s. No way at top of draft, but I could easily see somebody trading up from the early second round to the mid-20’s in the first. Foolish with the QB draft class, but it will happen.

  2. Brandon Albert is a proven and talented LT. He deserves a new contract, and he deserves to play LT. He won’t move to guard.

    Just like any QB, Joeckel is no sure thing. If they let Albert walk and Joeckel is a bust, then the team is made worse when it didn’t have to be.

  3. I dont see the Kansas City Chiefs picking up another Offensive Linemen again.

    The Kansas City Chiefs need a quarterback and I see the Kansas City Chiefs using that 1 overall pick in the 2013 draft to pick up Geno Smith.

    Its time for the Kansas City Chiefs to make the right move…Not a stupid move that will cost there GM and Head coach be placed on the HOT SEAT just like Scott Poili was

  4. A local radio host made a good point last week. Would you really trade Brandon Albert and the 1st pick in the draft for Joeckel? In essence that is what you are doing.

  5. I would definitely grab Jockel; offensive tackles tend to pan out at a MUCH better rate than other positions.

    You could probably get Albert for a reasonable price with the market this year, but you’d still be paying left tackle money to a guard.

  6. Linemen have gone from underrated to overrated in recent years. Joe thomas has been great for the browns but he hasn’t improved the team,you think the dolphins would be better off with matt ryan than the jake long pick? How about the levi brown pick for the cardinals? Jason smith for the rams? It’s not a slam dunk picking linemen,i’d rather take a gamble on a qb than a lineman if my team is picking first overall

  7. I would hate to see the Chiefs waste a #1 overall pick on just one player I would rather they use it to pick up more draft pick within the top 100 this is a deep draft for picking up quality linemen on both sides of the ball that is so crucial to future success if the QB of the future isn’t in this draft don’t go reaching for him and hoping there’s one in this draft…

  8. As a guy who watched Andy Reid draft here in Philly for the last 13 years, I can almost guarantee you you’re getting a big fat dude with the #1 pick (i.e. an o-lineman).

    And based on Reid’s track record in Philly, odds are good it won’t be one of the guys listed above. It’ll be a dude who was a park ranger for the last five years or something.

  9. Maybe I should clarify what I posted: is a left tackle going to sign a guard-level contract and play guard when he could go get left tackle money from a much better team?

  10. another reason mayock needs to be more exposed than nfl network. die hard eagles and irish fan here…i know the pain of a swiss cheese o line like reid does and the importance of having a top notch tackle. but warmack is a beast. he was the best player on the feild in the national championship game and his size and speed combo is freakish. pulls like a pro already.

  11. As a KC Chiefs fan, I am sure Joeckel and Warmack are Great but when was the last time a team won the Super Bowl because of a Left tackle or a Guard. It has Never happened. Miami took jake Long and Cleveland took Joe Thomas and both teams have barely sniffed the playoffs.

  12. The Chiefs new GM John Dorsey and Coach Andy Reid are smart guys and will make the right decisions. They will not screw it up like Pioli and Haley did year after year.

    My hope is they trade out of the top pick and take a solid defensive player, trade back into the 1st round and take a QB and re-sign both D Bowe and B Albert.

  13. 2008 draft, Miami took Jake Long and left Matt Ryan on the board for Atlanta. That should tell you all you need to know about drafting O-linemen when you really need a franchise QB.

    SO there is no RGIII or Luck in this draft, so what. If you need a franchise QB you get him, no matter if it’s a reach. (Just make damn sure you are getting a franchise QB and not a Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf). Don’t wait til the 2nd round and then be forced to take whoever is left over. Get your guy up front.

  14. While I agree there is no doubt the Chiefs should trade out of number 1 spot, name the team that wants to move up to #1 and for who? No team is one offensive Tackle away to give up the farm for the #1 pick with no clear-cut game-changing #1.

  15. Love the comments about trading out of the #1. In order to trade out you have to have someone who wants to trade into that spot and there is simply no one that will do that. No one player is worth that spot. It’s a bad year to have the #1 pick while at the same time needing a top ranked QB!

  16. Wow that’s dumb.


    The O-line is done. A guard 1st overall? That is unbelievably stupid

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