Mike McCoy: Rivers a great guy to have as “face” of franchise

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The Chargers changed coaches and general managers since the end of the 2012 season, but not everything is new in San Diego.

Philip Rivers is still the quarterback and the team still sees him as the face of their franchise. That was the word from coach Mike McCoy during an interview with KOA in Denver. McCoy said that you need to have a franchise quarterback to be competitive in the NFL and he left no doubt that he thinks Rivers fills that role for his team.

“I think Philip’s gonna do a great job with us. We’re very fortunate to have him here. A very talented player and a great guy to have as the face of your franchise,” McCoy said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com.

There wasn’t much doubt that the Chargers were going to stick with Rivers in 2013 as McCoy wasn’t shy about saying that the prospect of working with the quarterback helped convince him to take the San Diego job. There’s work to be done — Rivers has turned the ball over 47 times the last two seasons — but McCoy obviously feels that he’ll be able to get Rivers back to his previous heights.

22 responses to “Mike McCoy: Rivers a great guy to have as “face” of franchise

  1. “Rivers is a great guy to have as the face of your franchise.”


    “Tebow is going to run the wildcat for us”

  2. Before the chargers let important players like Sproles and VJax go Rivers was playing great ball, with less talent on that roster he was forced to do more which led to INTs. I think with some more help on offense he can get the job done. I would have taken him in Miami before we drafted 17, I can’t wait for the season to start!

  3. I love all the hater football fans “Crying” about a “Cry Baby.” If you call Rivers punking Cutler “crying” then I love it when he does so. Otherwise you’re talking out of your butt.

    At least 25 of the 32 teams would drop their QB this minute for Rivers.

    The biggest Irony is there is a Jet fan trying to talk smack about Rivers…. really dude. Cmoooooon mannnn.

  4. Wow, amazing haters about the “crybaby” not sure where him being a crybaby comes from.

    He plays with emotion much like a lot of quaterbacks, he wasn’t a crybaby playing in an AFC championship game following a previous week of 2 knee surgeries.

    He wasn’t a crybaby when the now fire GM gave away Sproles, Turner, VJ, among others.

    All Rivers has done is bring his lunchpale to work and get flattened behind a weak offensive line.

    I like to see you posters talkin about him being a crybaby take the hits he does

  5. As a Raiders fan, I’ve got no respect for McCoy after what he pulled on Reggie last year. I was so excited when he took the Chargers job.

  6. Rivers has lost his best receivers due to injury and/or hold out in the past and still played at a Pro Bowl level. What he had then that he hasn’t had the past two seasons was decent protection. Upgrading the OL must be the Chargers’ top priority this off-season. It’s impossible to accurately make conclusions about Rivers until this happens, until he plays behind an OL he has faith in again. He is still in the prime age for an NFL QB.

  7. give this guy some WRs.
    I cant believe they let him flounder like they do.,

    Can anyone thats not a Charger fan name a receiver on the squad?

    denario Alexander was the only one catching passes for this guy.

  8. Denario Alexander. Vincent Brown. Antonio Gates. Malcom Floyd. Build a top OL, get these four on the field together, and Rivers will be a top 5 QB again.

  9. kcflake | Feb 19, 2013, 1:35 PM PST
    Can’t wait to see the Chiefs own the Chargers next year.
    After a 2-14 season? LOL.

    Rivers>any QB KC has.

  10. Manning x 2, Roethlisberger, Rogers, Brady, Flacco, Ryan, RG3, Kappetnick, Luck, Tannehill, Brees, Wilson, take any of the above before Rivers. Then u have Newton, Cutler, Dalton, Romo, Stafford, Schaub, Bradford, who I would lump Rivers with, your math is off sdb0ltz.

  11. Far be it from me to say anything complimentary about Rivers, but Smith surrounded him with garbage. His line was dismal. Mathews is a bust. Meachem and Royal are glorified kick returners. Gates had his worst year since he was a rookie. Philip has coughed up the ball almost 50 times in the past two seasons, and while that’s been enjoyable, it’s not all on him.

  12. Rivers is surrounded by a thick blanket of supporters and apologists. They blame the lack of quality receivers and offensive linemen for his woes.
    There are more than a few NFL QB’s who have the exact same issues who don’t throw all the picks.
    Something has happened to him in the last two years. He has undeniable talent, but lacks the confidence he used to have. And it does not ALL come from running for his life and slow receivers.
    We need to get to the root of the problem and quit making all these boilerplate excuses.
    He needs someone to intensely work with him and get him back to pre-2010 levels. Maybe McCoy is that guy. We’ll see.

  13. Was there really anyone that doubted Rivers was gonna be the guy? I hate his guts, but he’s damn talented.

  14. great competitor with talent at the QB position, what is not to like? ive never seen him as a crybaby. his facial expressions were all about competitiveness and fight, not crying. his big issue is that he tries to make up for loss of surrounding talent all on his own primarily by forcing passes. get that under control and he gets back on the list of top NFL qbs.

  15. notor23 says:
    Feb 19, 2013 4:42 PM
    Give me Cutler any day of the week over Rivers… All Rivers does is whine and throw picks.
    Rivers has 7 LESS picks than Cutler in 23 more game played. What an uninformed statement. The O-line is the reason for the recent interceptions. Fix it and Rivers will make average receivers look great and play at a pro-bowl level again. It will happen.

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