Nate Burleson urged Jahvid Best to retire

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The future of Lions running back Jahvid Best remains uncertain, as Best has still not been cleared to return to the field, a year and a half after the latest of his multiple concussions. But Lions receiver Nate Burleson is certain what he’d do if he were in Best’s position.

Burleson said on NFL Total Access that he urged Best to retire, saying Best has reached the point where the risks outweigh the rewards.

“I just told him, ‘Honestly I’d rather see you healthy at 65 than healthy at 25,’” Burleson said. “I just told him that if it was me I would shut it down. You’ve got so much more life to live, and even though I would love to have you on the field, I don’t want it to risk anything that has to do with your brain or possibly your post career.”

Best hasn’t made any final decisions, but Burleson seems to think Best’s career is over.

“The reason I’m talking in past tense is because he’s going through a different type of concussion,” Burleson said of Best. “He didn’t have a ton of them, but the ones that he did have they were really powerful.”

Burleson raved about Best’s talent, but from all indications, Best is never going to put that talent to use on a football field again.

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  1. That’s a real shame. The very short time Best was on the field, he showed real punch. I think his second or third career game he had nearly 150 total yards and three TDs. Could’ve been a beast.

    Maybe he should hang it up instead of trying to mount another comeback if it means prolonging his life.

  2. There’s a price to everything, including taking a health risk associated with living out one’s dream and providing for whatever one needs to provide for.

    My advice to Best is to get healthy as soon as he can and resume his playing career as soon as he possibly can without significant risk as suggested by his doctors and in accordance with his own personal viewpoints regarding risk tolerance.

    So see you on the field this year at some point hopefully?

  3. Not sure how it works if he “retires”, but…
    “7/30/2010: Signed a five-year, $9.8 million contract. The deal contains $7.1 million guaranteed. Another $2.9 million is available through incentives. 2013: $876,000, 2014: $856,500, 2015: Free Agent”

    With $7.1 guaranteed he should be sitting pretty good for the rest of his life if he’s smart with his money.

  4. The Lions were crazy for taking him so high in the draft.

    Please Javhid, do yourself, and your brain, a favor and hang em up

  5. Such a shame because this guy was a great football player and could’ve been a real difference maker. But this is nothing to mess around with. Anybody who’s seen the play from college where he does a flip into the end zone and lands awkwardly on his back and head where his body just stiffens up – it’s frightening.

    IF – and that’s a big IF – he decides to come back, the Lions would be smart to move his position. Kid’s an athletic freak – maybe they could teach him to play CB? Something where he’s delivering the blow instead of receiving it. But I just don’t see any of it happening.

  6. Jahvid should do what he thinks is best. This is a guy that has been playing football since he was a little kid. It cannot be easy to give up on a dream like that once you have reached the pinnacle of your profession only to see it ripped away from you by fate.

    Yes, he may be hurting his future. But, sometimes to have to take great risks to get great rewards. Good luck to him.

  7. Not worth being the next Dave Duerson or Junior Seau. This type of brain trauma isn’t something you recover from.

    You can get surgery to fix a broken knee. You can’t fix a broken brain. He’s got a Berkeley education. It’s time to move on to the next phase of his life.

  8. thestrategyexpert – There is a fine line between pursuing life’s dreams in an controleed environment versus wreckleess pursuit of whatever.

    Best showed a lot of promise but unfortunately it did not work out. Thank God he has friends like Burleson and hopefully the NFL can kick in some disability.

    Difficult to walk from the best gig in town, but being able to remember it is probably worth walking now.

  9. Mr. Best, please heed the advice of Mr. Burleson. Not just for your own good but for the good of future NFL players who, like you, will have this difficult choice to make. You could be the shining example of the correct course of action. Rather than a mere statistic. Discretion is the better part of valor.

  10. jwcarlson: 7.1 mil is not a lifetime of money. The Govt is taking half off the top in taxes + 10 % and then all the other little set backs that go with having family. Most notably family!

  11. Agree with Burleson but would want to see what the DR’s say about the chances of re-injury being any more prevelant or worse than the rest of the RB’s in the NFL before making that decision.

  12. Another great draft move by the Lions, trading up for a guy whose concussion history was so extensive IN COLLEGE that he barely saw the field for them.

    I feel for Best, though. Hopefully he realizes what’s really important in life.

  13. $7.1m isn’t lifetime money? Seriously? How’s the weather on your planet?

    Most of us will never make $1m in our lifetimes, but will end up no worse than lower middle class.

    Don’t tell me $7.1m isn’t anything but lifetime money because it is.

  14. If you’re smart $7 mill is A LOT. Add up how much you have made in the past 10 yrs….is it even $1 million? If so you’re doing well. The Lions did him a favor for retirement. And at his age he may get another job being a RB coach, consultant, analyst or anything like that. I wouldn’t risk life over continuing the career. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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