NFLPA still dealing with trust issues with league

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The NFLPA just held a conference call with the national media, and while they lacked concrete news on issues such as HGH testing or what the salary cap will be for the coming year, the one thing that’s abundantly clear is the two sides still don’t trust each other any farther than they can throw each other.

NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth said on the topic of HGH testing that players were willing to “expose themselves to an imperfect test,” but balked at the lack of an appeal in the current NFL proposal.

In response, league spokesman Greg Aiello just tweeted “Not true+he knows it.”

The lack of trust was mentioned several times during nearly an hour-long call, specifically on the topic of HGH testing (which both sides agree to in theory, but can’t figure out how to implement).

Much of that lack of trust seems to stem directly from Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the bounty case.

“If (players) don’t trust anyone on Park Avenue, it’s hard to get anything done,” Foxworth said. “If I wanted to get them to trust Roger, I couldn’t.”

Much of this is simply the saber-rattling that happens when labor unions and employers discuss things. NFLPA assistant executive director of external affairs George Atallah mentioned issues concerning equipment and training for youth football programs as examples of agreement between the sides.

But until the two sides can agree on something important at the adult level, it’s unclear if anything will ever be resolved.

12 responses to “NFLPA still dealing with trust issues with league

  1. The owners:

    1. Locked the players out.

    2. Stole from them by having a defacto cap in a year that each side agreed to have uncapped.

    3. Sat idly by while Goodell suspended players with no evidence of wrongdoing.

    And now the owners want cooperation from the players on HGH testing?

  2. NFLPA still dealing with trust issues with league

    The NFLPA members shouldn’t trust their Executive Director Maurice Smith. He sold out the players just so he could afford more hats.

  3. Other than the fact that The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person is an arrogant, pompous, tyrannical, arbitrary, biased, endlessly self-promoting egomaniac, and the union chief is, well, a union chief, there’s no reason for the two sides to distrust each other.

  4. kattykathy says:
    Feb 19, 2013 6:13 PM
    Nobody trusts roger Goodell.
    Not the players, the Refs, the fans, the vendors, NOBODY

    The owners sure do.

  5. Let’s tell the 100% truth here. There are two reasons why and they just need to admit it.

    1. They need time to get off HGH

    2. They want to undo some of the screw job that De Smith and their lawyers did when they got hosed by the owner’s lawyers!

  6. If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin. I love how big and fast the NFL is and it is partly because of HGH. Football is entertainment and the entertainers get paid well and know the risks. Once the NFL police catches up with HGH, a new way to cheat will already have arrived. I can’t wait till the day a 300lbs linemen runs a 4.4 forty!

  7. Hmmm, if they players don’t trust anyone on Park Ave. they could always go play somewhere else. Suck it up! Unions & Democrats, puke.

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