Pats announce addition of Jason Vega


Nearly a month ago, reports emerged that the Patriots had signed CFL defensive lineman Jason Vega.

Today, the Patriots announced the transaction.

The former Winnipeg Blue Bomber joins former Toronto Argonauts defensive lineman Armond Armstead as new members of the Patriots.

The moves expand the pipeline of talent flowing from Canada to the U.S.  The Dolphins hit a home run a few years back with Cameron Wake.  This year, the Bears found their new head coach in Montreal.

And if these latest moves don’t work out, it will be time to — yes — blame Canada.

10 responses to “Pats announce addition of Jason Vega

  1. Pats only have 4 or 5 picks so this allows then to get a few extra bodies into camp.

    Very excited for Armond Armstead, I think he might be a beast (and a possible 3-4 end if he adds some weight).

  2. Why not? A guy who has proven himself in a legitimate football setting should get a chance. It’s not like the Pats are 100% set there.

    It’s not like Belicheck has the draft picks to get creative through that avenue.

  3. No Mullman what’s hilarious is your post. Hater’s like yourself have been writing that post for the last 9 years….all to no avail.

    BTW- FYI – the Pats have the 2nd youngest defense in the league, they have the 2nd highest number of significant contributors 25 or under (Seattle is number one) They are $18MM under the cap and have the ability to conservatively restructure/extend just 3 contracts to create another $18MM if they choose

    Bottom Line – they’ve been writing the Pats obituary now for many years, yet the one thing we know for certain is that the Pat will win the AFCE and go into the playoffs with as good a chance to go to a superbowl as any team in the playoffs. Deal with it, its not going to change soon

  4. Can ‘t understand how anyone would be critical of the these CFL signings. Seems like a prudent course of action if you think it will help your team.

    Alas, haters will always hate…especially concerning the Patriots.

  5. My dad (a lifelong Vikings fan and witness to their glory years) put it like this.

    It’s fun to contend every year. It’s all but impossible to win the Superbowl year after year.

    The Pats have managed to create a system where they are contending every year and never have to go through a cap purge (see Steelers and Ravens).

    The ultimate test to this will be once Brady is gone but the year of evidence with Matt Cassell suggests they will be just fine.

  6. buffalobills716 says:
    Feb 19, 2013 4:20 PM
    Those cheaters again?SMH

    Those jealous fans again.. SMH

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