PFT Live: Should Panthers start over at RB?

Mike Florio gives the Carolina Panthers their offseason to-do list. Mike believes the Panthers must dump running back, Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Florio also says that adding some talent at wide receiver is a high priority as well.

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4 responses to “PFT Live: Should Panthers start over at RB?

  1. What? Maybe one and get the other to restructure. But dumping both would make no sense right now. Tolbert isn’t an every down back and contrary to what you media types think, Cam should not be our leading rusher. The guy is a talented passer. Pick one and feed him the ball with a little Tolbert sprinkled in. But don’t dump both right now.

  2. Keep Williams. He came on strong in the latter part of the season. Stewart has had trouble staying healthy. With a more stable offensive line, Williams still has the speed to be a break away threat. Wide Receiver (or two) should be the main emphasis this year. Smith and Olson can’t continue to carry the total load.

  3. He’s right, dump both, but for picks and preferable to AFC teams. 12 mill tied up into those guys. If you don’t agree, then you probably miss Marty Hurney and think the Big Cat is still lucid.

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